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September 16, 2015

California is once again taking the lead. Governor Moonbeam and his merry band of progressives must think they can derive enough money out of 2.6 million new driver licenses to offset their inane deficit spending.

By overwhelming Democrat vote in the legislature and the stroke of the governor’s pen, California will now issue driver licenses to people who have broken our immigration laws and who cannot prove who they really are. Much of the identification process is done by having another person stand with them in line and say to the DMV clerk, “Yup, that’s Ding or Abdullah, or Juan or Vladimir or Maria or Natasha. I’ve known him/her for years”. Often, even the “Yup” is in a language other than English.

Perhaps the new money will fund another study identifing why the delta smelt is still dying off despite the state bankrupting farmers and driving up food costs by reducing supply. Maybe some of the new revenue will make up for the parched earth of the central valley that is no longer producing tax revenue.

Let’s forego the issuing of driver licenses to individuals who cannot read street signs or understand traffic officers’ requests or commands for a moment. For now, let’s even overlook the number of accidents driving up your uninsured and underinsured motorist and medical payment premiums.

I hear or read daily about how a mother and her two daughters were mowed down in a crosswalk in San Diego by a latino driver who fled on foot. The local news stations spend 20 pecent of their nightly newscasts showing pictures of bloody accident scenes in which an illegal alien is involved.

They may be from Honduras, Guatamala, Mexico, China, Syria or Pakistan or England. It doesn’t matter. Obtaining a valid picture I.D. is not going to make them better, safer or more concerned drivers. They don’t want to be jailed or deported and often don’t care who they killed or maimed as long as they can stay here, even if it means returning to the shadows.

Along with the driver license is a card showing voter registration. It may not have a party ascribed, but it will allow them a voice in determining how the state, and our country is governed.

For those of you reading this who don’t vote because you feel your vote doesn’t count…it doesn’t if you don’t cast it. By not voting you are abdicating your future well being to the whims and influences of foreign nationals. And that, my friend, is how we get these laws.



March 7, 2015

Both of Obama’s signature Marxist moves, Obamacare and Amnesty-for-All, are due to face some strong headwinds this year. Court challenges will stall them for a time. Public opinion on the other hand, not so much.

A February Rasmussen Report shows that across a broad realm of Gruber’s finest, 26% believe that the president should have the ability to ignore adverse court decisions if he wants to. That figure is 43% among a self-defined Democrat subset. Another oblivious 15% cannot comprehend the consequences and are vulnerable to vote for elite legal disobedience. These blind and ignorant fools are willing to empower a tyrant!

Many of these idiots will be drawn to the polls with cigarettes and candy. As long as public schools turn out uneducated bobbleheads, it will only get worse. The promise of more free stuff will cause them to vote Democrat until they realize, if they ever do, that fair and equal really means subpar and indentured.

Get out the bailing buckets, folks. This ship is sinking fast.


August 12, 2014

Just as anybody with a modicum of intelligence knows, the Democrat Party is truly the racist party.  They keep calling others racist to keep the ignorant from looking at their actions. 

Yes, I recognize that he ran and won the position of mayor under the Republican flag.  That was necessary to gain support for the seat previously held by the term limited Rudy Giuliani.  One of Bloomberg’s major actions as Mayor of New York City was to change the term limit laws, thus allowing himself a third term.

Prior to the convenient party name change, Michael Bloomberg was, and still is a lifelong progressive Democrat at heart.  (With a net worth estimated at just a bit in excess of $34 billion, Bloomberg is just another “Dead Broke” Democrat).  He now claims to be a member of the Independent Party, showing that he has no loyalties other than to himself, another liberal progressive trait.

One, just one, blatant showing of former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s racism is his adamant fight against black Milwaukee County Sheriff, David Clarke.  Bloomberg has dumped $150,000 of his own dead broke dollars into the coffers of Clarke’s primary opponent, Lt. Chris Moews.  Moews is white!  Therefore, Bloomberg is a white racist.  Both are running under the Democrat Party.

Clarke-pro personal safety and self defense.
Moews-anti-gun, victim creator who is soft on hard crime

The reason for Bloomberg’s support must be liberal racism!


March 6, 2011

Democrats are in campaign mode once again.  Or, perhaps I should say still.  At any rate, they are now organizing to find out who died in the last few years.  It’s imperative that those people have their wants met at election time.  It was just unfortunate that they happened to die when they did.

The Democrats’ oldest chant is that Republicans are the party of the rich.  They happily hold up signs printed and paid for by the poor people they claim to represent.  Most people voting for Democrats choose not to see that most of the funding comes from the destitute actors, directors and producers in Hollywood and the ilk of multi-billionaires Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and George Soros.  Obama has also been courting the music industry with his Wednesday night concerts at the White House.  Not garage bands either; we’re talking about the big names, the people who schmooze with the actors, directors and producers from Hollywood and the likes of Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and George Soros.

Public sector employees are also pursued by campaigning progressive Democrats.  Government wage earners pay dues to unions which are used to support Democrats who support public sector unions.  It’s a back scratching thing.

The way many clear thinking individuals see it, unions have become the driving force of government.  They are not listed in the Constitution, that can be readily identified, as a fourth branch of government, but they have assumed a position more powerful than even the presidency.

Public sector employees are paid in full by taxpayers.  It matters naught if you are liberal, conservative, Democrat, Republican or Independent, your taxes are paying the salary and benefits of your neighbor who works in any government capacity.  While you’re working, he or she may be off on a five-week vacation that you can’t afford.  Perhaps your neighbor broke an arm.  You picked up the tab for the emergency room visit, resetting the bone, the cast, the pain meds and all follow-up visits.  If your neighbor is now retired, you may as well hand over your paycheck to him or her on Friday because you’re paying the retirement bill, in full.  That’s why so many liberals work for government agencies; they get more bang for your buck, then vote for more bang.

So, let’s take a trip around the park to understand how public sector unions work.  The following example is one person.   Let your own imagination project the numbers to cover tens of millions public sector union employees you are supporting in-part.  They are working for your local, county, state and federal government.  Let me state up front that this is not an example of all government employees, but it does cover a higher percentage than would be found in the private sector.

Bill (it could be Janet) is the person you encountered eight to ten years ago or maybe last week at the DMV or the planning department or the IRS.   Bill was slow-moving, unconcerned but adequately functional at his routine, by-the-book job.  Bill may speak many languages but had such a heavy foreign accent it required you to ask him to repeat in English two or three times.  Bill did his job but offered no ambition.  Bill could not be fired and replaced by someone with initiative because he belonged to a Public-Sector Trade Union whose acronym (PSTU) just happens to be the same as Partido Socialista Dos Trabalhadores Unificado (Portuguese: Unified Workers Socialist Party).

Bill is now retired after working for the government over 25 years.  Bill started working in the public sector right after high school at a pay scale roughly 15% – 20% higher than he could have earned doing a parallel job in for a private company.   During his time with the government, at minimum, Bill received a COLA (Cost of Living Adjustment) in the average amount of 2.3% every year, in both up and down economies.  At retirement, with benefits he earned almost one and a half times his private sector counterpart.  He received 3-5 weeks paid vacation and the medical costs for he and his family, except for a small co-pay, were covered.

Bill is mad now because he is being asked to contribute about half as much to his medical coverage as non-union workers always have done.  He’s not willing to do his share to help balance a budget that is out of control because too many people feel entitled.  He is willing to do what it takes to protect him, personally, at the expense of others.  Bill will riot in the streets holding signs printed by the poor.  Bill will vote for more entitlements no matter what the cost.  Democrats don’t need to campaign for Bill’s vote.