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August 21, 2020

California, Washington, Oregon, New York and other liberal bastions (primarily large cities therein) are losing population and revenue daily. Why? People who voted time and again to raise taxes recognize they can no longer afford to live in the environments they created. They can not continue to provide free health care and other social services to drug addicts and illegal aliens.

Other people, who want more acceptable uses for their income extortion taxes are filling moving vans headed for more user friendly points as well. Rather than frustrating themselves fighting the idiots by engaging in the lengthy process of changing the laws in their home states, they are moving to places where people express more sanity. Conservatives who can no longer stand abusive and ineffectual government intrusion are forced by common sense to move from these areas.

The big problem is that when liberals relocate they take their mindset with them. People who infiltrate our country by crossing our borders when nobody’s looking tend to maintain allegiance to their home countries. Likewise, the liberals fleeing their self-created situations continue to vote the same way in their new homes. They are leaving the third world environments they created only to change their new habitats into like situations. They’re liberals, therefore, they will do it right this time.

The socialism they’ve been trained to think they want is what they keep getting in small doses. They don’t care for it once they see the negative impact it has on them directly and they run from it. After years of public education followed, in many cases, by four years listening to more Marxist professors instill the virtues of Marxist/socialism and communism, it is hard to begin thinking and seeing for themselves for the first time. Once out of the public and ivy league indoctrination camps, they are fed more of the same Marxist propaganda through the constant bombardment of cable and online disinformation. They refuse to watch, read or otherwise expose themselves to facts or competing information.

It is unnatural to awaken from a deep sleep and immediately open ones eyes to sun light. It hurts! One has to adjust slowly. It is necessary to close ones eyes again or look away, glancing back briefly, turning away again then glancing again until the light (or the truth) can be seen with clarity. It is then accepted. Just as the eyes have to adjust and adapt to a bright light, the mind has to overcome decades of instilled indoctrination. It is not a rapid transformation.

Meanwhile, the Red states of the country, being invaded by Marxist trained know-naughts, begin to deteriorate. Democrat induced inverse gentrification begins to destroy otherwise serene suburban areas.

One current example to drive businesses and wealthy people (the tax base) away in a big hurry, is a bill by Reform California. Reform California proposed AB 2088 (aka prop 15). If passed, the bill would assess an income and wealth tax on businesses, individuals and families deemed “wealthy” for 10 years after leaving the state.

If this assembly bill becomes law, there will be an exodus from California of sane people, with or without wealth, knowing they will be next. Wealthy liberals will also flee as soon as their eyes adjust to the reality of what they’ve done to themselves and their neighbors. California will soon be known as the home of the homeless and the illegal alien surfers.


August 14, 2020

Any nine-year-old should be able to tell that Joe Biden, the former vice president, is incapable of completing a thought with words. He does it time and time again, even when he is reading from Teleprompters. His mind wanders as he reflects on things of long ago that may, or may not, have happened. Certainly, if they did happen, it’s plain to see that they did not occur as described. This is the man who is vying to replace the current president.

It was evident from the very beginning of his campaign that something was not right. Through the debates with his Democrat colleagues, he faltered, misstated facts and drifted from questions. He often ended his chances to speak by stammering through non-cohesive thoughts with incomplete sentences. Lacking any recognition of his faux pas he moved on with the assuredness of a deft political emissary.

The party let him slide. He had the name recognition and political clout of the skilled politician he once was. He was “likable Joe”, “lunch bucket Joe”. He and his team of professional pocket-pickers are able to raise large sums of money. Money is not only necessary but a fundamental objective for any candidate’s viability.

For him to remain in the arena, his handlers found it necessary for him to be backed by a woman; not just any woman mind you, but a woman of color. Damn the competence or accomplishments, bring in a person who meets the qualifications listed in the Manual of Marxist Identity Politics.

Enter Kamala Harris, stage left. The child of a mother born in India and a father from Jamaica, this bright and articulate woman checks all the identity boxes for the V.P. ticket. With contradiction, she fills other slots as well. Once a District Attorney for San Francisco and Attorney General for the State of California, she now backs anarchist and subversive groups such as Antifa and Black Lives Matter…a must for any Democrat. She put thousands of people in jail for smoking or possessing small amounts of marijuana. Then she laughingly admitted on air to smoking it herself. She even giggled that she inhaled.

Obviously, someone has to carry the now lame and feeble Uncle Joe to the debates, should he make it that far and if and when debates happen. Harris might be the one to do it. Heck, if Biden continues his rapid mental decline, the party could flip and give her the top spot.

The DNC has laid the perfect minefield!

Think about that! The MSM has a penchant to twist and turn everything Trump says, or has ever said, into a negative or derogatory statement. He must muster any ability he has to remain silent. He can’t. Even a positive reference to the first woman of color as the nominee for president will be aired and re-aired, by snippet, to sound demeaning. They will make it into a slur, not only for her, but every woman, Indian and Jamaican. Of course, by projection, they will turn it into his global hatred for all people other than his own family.

This may not be enough for the party, though. It may be necessary to eliminate Joe from the ticket at the last minute. We’ve been baited, now the switch is in the works. Look for one of two things to happen. Either Joe is replaced as the presidential nominee by someone capable of completing a sentence with continuity or Kamala takes the top of the ticket by default. If this happens, she might even name Pelosi as her V.P.. Perfect! The two woman ticket. These changes could happen either before or after the election. In any scenario, Joe Biden is not projected to fulfill a full four year term should Democrats win in November.

A vote for Biden/Harris is a vote for…well, someone.


June 3, 2020

In an interview for FOX News, Tucker Carlson asked Governor Phil Murphy of New Jersey why he allowed liquor stores to remain open while forbidding churches to do the same. “By what authority did you nullify the Bill of Rights in issuing this order? How do you have the power to do that?” Murphy’s response was a flippant, “That’s above my pay grade, Tucker,” adding that “he wasn’t thinking of the Bill of Rights when we did this.” He was unconcerned about the Constitution that he pledged under oath to uphold. He only asserted powers not vested in him without regard for his “pay grade” limitations.

Most of us have heard the term Draconian many times of late. This term is generally used by conservatives to describe the edicts and actions of lawmakers and governors authoritatively micromanaging the behavior of the citizens in the states and communities they are elected to govern. Some of those in charge are committing offenses against their own state’s and our federal government’s constitutions in doing so.

For those unfamiliar, Draco, the root from which the term Draconian is derived, was the first recorded…wait for it…democratic legislator of Athens, Greece back in the 7th century. The Athenian lawgiver wrote laws so unduly harsh that they used death as punishment for both minor offenses and serious crimes. This was at first considered a step up from the unwritten laws under which many were punished. However, it soon became apparent that this authoritarian leadership was applied unjustly and inequitably between those of means and those without.

With the virus as a background, many in government have taken the opportunity to rule with the mindset and authority of Draco. To some governors and mayors this means absolute, unquestioned and unquestionable authority.

Right off the top, names that have made big news repeatedly of late include: Whitmer, DiBlassio, Lightfoot, Inslee, Pelosi, Wolf, Newsome, Garcetti, Cooper, Northam, Cuomo, Cooper, Lujan Grisham and Murphy. All of whom belong to the party that wants to control both houses of Congress and the Presidency. In addition to ravaging state and local governments, they will and are doing everything possible to attain full and unconditional control of our federal government. Both Machiavelli and Draco would be proud of the way these self-serving elected officials conduct themselves while issuing fiats having little to do with health or well-being.

Democrat governors inflate Covid-19 deaths within their states to breed greater fear allowing them to keep excessive restrictions in place and draw extra funds from federal government to prop up their poorly managed and failing economies. In their minds, a subdued and recessive economy is beneficial to their villainous goals. Keeping people fearful and unproductive is the best way to guarantee that. Any recovery will assure Trump’s re-election.

The authoritarianism shown by the elected Democrats (read: Marxist/socialists) in limited congressional majority is not democratic and goes against everything the founders tried to build for Americans. We should be in far greater fear of their dastardly efforts to restrict our constitutionally guaranteed rights and freedoms than a virus that only kills a relatively small percentage of people.


May 8, 2020

This is classic negotiating. Generally, what we have is two political parties that both want different things. Both want the best. One party wants the best for the people of the nation while the other wants the best for the party to which they belong. The only way to get what is wanted is to start from scratch.

When you have nothing, anything starts to look rosy. We, as people and as a nation, now have virtually nothing.

*There are few jobs – We cannot go to work, we cannot be productive.

*Children are no longer being indoctrinated in public schools – an unintended consequence.

*Bills are piling up, both personally and nationally.

*Businesses are closed – some will never reopen.

*We have little personal contact with friends and family.

*We cannot congregate in groups larger than ten people.

*We must stay 6′ apart at all times.

*We are forbade, or at the very least strongly discouraged from, leaving our homes (in some locales citizens are cited, fined and even arrested for doing just that).

*When we do go out in public, we are told to cover our faces.

*We are told not to touch surfaces or other people.

*We are to be “tested” by having blood drawn and carry a card identifying our status.

*Churches must maintain record of congregants.

*And the list goes on…

Due to a laboratory created (at least enhanced) virus, we are forced to relinquish our rights as citizens and as people in general. We are subjected to the edicts of government officials “for our own good”. The majority of former productive, independent and self-reliant individuals are now dependent on federal, state and local authorities for our welfare and well being. Subsistence payments are slow coming yet welcomed with smiles when they arrive.

When they, the medical and political authorities, allow us to return to our natural state it will be a revised natural state with fewer rights and privileges and more authority over our lives. This is nothing more than conditioning; the social engineering many of us have watched develop over the past decade or so. We are now starting with nothing. They will tell us what we need, can have and can do. They will tell us where, how and when we can do it. And we will appreciate all we are allowed because that life will be so much better than the one we live right now. It will not be what we’ve had because that was excessive and unnecessary. Austerity is in the future. Socialism, authoritarianism is our future now.

As of this writing, federal spending is rapidly approaching 117% of the GDP <link>. That spending will progress and grow very rapidly as the tax base continues to dwindle. At best, the spending will continue and even escalate as businesses reopen and slowly begin to once again pay into the federal coffers.

Of the two major political parties of this nation, one is conservative and wanting to adhere to the Constitution, curtail unnecessary spending by building a broad tax base, taxing lightly but sufficiently to underwrite the limited spending. The other is liberal with your earnings and wants to raise tax on everything in order to spend lavishly on programs that keep us all under government control.

There will be a rebound from the current situation. However, the direction of that rebound will undoubtedly not be on a course desired or expected by the majority of God and America loving patriots. Be aware, be very aware that “We the People” have been manipulated since long before the beginning of this latest crisis. The current situation is being over-amplified to present an opportunity for the dark forces to move harshly and swiftly.

Vote wisely!


May 6, 2020

By now, everyone has had the opportunity to review and complete the 2020 census. The census is, or at least was originally, generated to identify the number of elected government officials required to do an adequate job of representing the citizens of America. This year, as in recent years, there will be no question regarding the citizenship status of the persons filling in the form or those living within the dwellings covered by the forms. Therefore, why bother completing the form?

From “The first censuses counted the population and provided information on population by county. In 1790, the census also categorized white males by age: those under age 16 and those age 16 and older. Over the years, Congress has authorized additional questions, enabling us to better understand the nation’s inhabitants and their activities and needs. In fact, one of the nation’s founders, James Madison, suggested that the census takers ask additional questions that would help lawmakers better understand the needs of the nation.”

Since the first few enumerations, many questions have been added as Madison indicated might be necessary. Some of the questions that appeared temporarily were used for statistical purposes not related to government representation. E.g. Where was this person born? For the purpose of representation today, it is not vital to know where the person was born eight, twenty or fifty years ago. However, some questions that no longer appear on the census that are relevant include veteran status and service dates. This might be useful to the government for the allocation of funds to Veterans Services such as medical centers, disability benefits, etc.

One question that has been asked throughout the ages is the sex of the respondent and household members. This year, as in the past, the choices are male and female. This one is sure to raise eyebrows in today’s world. There are many people who choose not to identify in a normal or binary fashion. They will be lost when they cannot fill in one of two boxes. There are, however, more than thirty choices for race/ethnicity.

The one question that is not on the 2020 census that appeared on the last two decennial data collections is arguably one of the most important. That question is: Is this person a citizen of the United States?

For many taxpayers, this is a very important question. Why do we apportion a limited number of elected officials to represent foreign nationals and allocate social benefits to aliens who are possibly terrorists or other subversives?

It is disturbing to me and many patriotic citizens of this country that we do not have an accurate count of the number of people who are in this country illegally. The census should fill in that void. If the question of citizenship or legal status appeared on this document we would have a much better sense of that.

There are reasons why a person is in the country at the time of census. They might be here on Permanent Resident (aka, Green Card) status which allows foreign citizens the right and opportunity to work in the United States. They might be here with legitimate visas for work, study, teaching, travel or any of a number of reasons. Shouldn’t we have a count of those still within the limits of their visas and those who have overstayed the time, opportunity or authority granted by such? Shouldn’t the census give us an idea of the number of legitimate voters in a district, state or within our nation?

Is the decennial census still relevant to the needs of the country today, or is it simply another tool that has been purposefully outdated by our elected officials for political purposes?