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December 18, 2016

Liberals constantly show their dementia through their actions. If it’s not taxing workers through health care it’s taxing them at the store or through utility usage. To liberals in government, any amount of money a person or family earns in excess of absolute necessity is “disposable”. Disposable income is surplus income which is best used by liberals in government.

As a young navy recruit, I was advised, “If it moves, salute it. If it doesn’t move, paint it”.

For liberals in government the saying is “If it exists, tax it. If it doesn’t, create it, label it and tax it”. The left simply cannot understand that extracting money from the economy for studies to satisfy the predetermined outcomes of those studies ruins the lives of millions of people. Then, they promote more taxes on the “rich” (that’s anybody with any disposable money) to help those they impoverished through excess taxation. *Note the potential downward spiraling cycle.

New York City’s mayor Bloomberg put a tax on sugary drinks of 16oz or larger. Why? Because they exist and he wanted more money for the city to waste. In addition to the gasoline tax (which, by the way, is greater per gallon than the profit oil companies make), some states have tried to add a mileage tax to the use of personally owned vehicles. Why? Because they exist.

Governor “Moonbeam” Brown of California has a bill on his desk creating a tax on bovine flatulence. For those of you who prefer colloquial vernacular that would be termed cow farts. Yes, cow farts – your average, everyday, run-of-the-mill livestock gas passing! Why? Because ranchers and farmers try to derive a living by providing food and drink to the public through cattle ranching and dairy farming. They exist, therefore there must be a tax. The federal EPA is also trying to drive ranchers and farmers out of business with their own version of the tax.

California has already diverted the agricultural water supply away from the central valley where they once grew crops that supplied the United States and many other foreign countries with fruits and vegetables. Those growers now own barren soil rather than producing nourishing food stuffs. They still pay taxes on the useless land at the highest rate of potential use, they just can’t maximize or even realize the use for which they pay the taxes. After generations of production but with no income and land of little value, some families have simply allowed the state to claim the family farm.

I guess the good news might be there is talk of California seceding from the union. That would mean a savings of billions of federal dollars for the rest of the nation. Well, that is, unless liberals in congress vote to grant foreign aid to the newly formed country and continue taxing the rest of us to pay for it.


August 13, 2015

I have to question if the EPA (Environment Pollution Agency?) blunder really was an accident.

This administration has done almost everything possible (with 17 months left, I’m sure we’ll see more) to destroy our country from the inside. The economy is trashed, racial unrest is rising to 1960s levels, poverty is growing faster than the weeds in your back yard and businesses are closing or moving offshore quicker than you can say escalating taxes and excess regulations.

They, the same they who caused the excess pollution, belong to a bureaucracy that makes unreasonable and unobtainable demands on businesses, then fines them into bankruptcy for non-compliance. They are the ones who extort payment from ranchers who divert natural water catches on their own property to useful reservoirs. They are the ones who took a perfectly good standing waste basin and dumped it into an otherwise pristine tributary to the Animas river.

The Animas and it’s adjoining offshoots are (or were) used for fishing, swimming, boating, rafting and other recreation.  The Animas feeds into reservoirs and treatment plants that supply drinking water for thousands of people.  The affected area extends into New Mexico, Lake Powell in Utah and beyond.

Since the 1890s the Gold King mine has leached measurable but relatively minute amounts of toxins into the environment.  This was a man caused inland Exxon Valdez equivalent. This “accident” allowed over 3 million gallons of arsenic, lead, zinc and other heavy metals to poison a river and disrupt life for thousands of residents and tourists. It destroyed the natural habitat for untold wildlife species for decades forth.

“It is not just a scenic destination,” State Senator Ellen Roberts said. “It is where people literally raise their children. It is where the farmers and ranchers feed their livestock, which in turn feeds the people. We’re isolated from Denver through the mountains, and we are pretty resourceful people. But if you take away our water supply, we’re left with virtually no way to move forward.”

I suppose we might call this a crisis that must not go to waste. The EPA will request more money for cleanup. The riverside towns and mom and pop businesses  river will lose revenue. The rich will get a bit richer and the poor will have a bit less.  A few more people rely on the government for assistance and Socialism takes another step forward.

I must ask, “Was it done to the Animas or was it done out of animus”?


July 21, 2015

For years now, I have been ranting about the rules, regulations, edicts and other mandates made by the government (3 administrations) that do more harm than good for the environment, human dignity or mankind in general. Now it is beyond nervous laughter. It’s serious.

There is a very wide gap between reasoned conservation and ludicrous power wielding. Yet, the ignorant enthusiasm of environmentalists and government know-naughts allows them to jump that chasm with closed eyes.

Forests throughout the West burn violently each year sending almost as much pollution into the air as the fleets of jets and limos headed for an Al Gore spearheaded global warming convention. The fires kill wildlife, cause some to flee their natural habitat and make some furry creatures invade residential areas or regions where there is no food to sustain life. Beyond the immediate, it takes decades for the devastated territories to regain their life sustaining camouflage and nourishment. Why? Simply because a few misguided individuals believe that thinning trees and clearing a forest floor disrupts nature and harms the natural ecosystem.

Thus, brush clearing is prohibited in many areas. Thank you to the EPA and the dunderheads who lobby for untenable environmental controls.

Water conservation activists campaigned heartily for low flow shower heads and low volume toilets to save the valued and limited supply. Yeah, that’s working well. In order to get the shampoo out of your hair, you now have to stand and let the water gently trickle across your scalp for about a day and a half. Then after rinsing, according to the instructions on the shampoo bottle, you must repeat.

And the toilets today. Low volume = double flush. That means about one and a half times the water it used to take. Additionally, after the second flush and fill you have to use a brush and clean the bowl. That may mean an additional flush to clean the brush. Low volume toilets are working well, too.

Singer, Sheryl Crow, once suggested at a global warming affair that a “one square” restriction be imposed for every porcelain throne event. She failed to grasp the concept of water needed to clean the crap off your hands after using the one square. Eh, that can be written off as an unintended consequence. Save a tree, lose an agricultural field.

So now, according to The, the Department of Energy (DOE) is proposing a 3.1 gallon limit on each dishwasher load. The link above illustrates the results of ignorant government bureaucrats setting unreachable goals and mandating their compliance.

I don’t care if you cause sparks to fly and wires melt at every wind driven or solar powered electrical generating station in the nation to super-heat the water for your dishwasher. After killing the bacteria you need to rinse it away or consume it in the future.


July 4, 2015

President Obama rides Air Force One across the country to personally enjoy each water sucking golf course in the drought ridden west.  First Lady Michelle jaunts around the globe with her entourage in as many as 5 carbon spewing jets.  However, the EPA wants to restrict the use of your back yard BBQ because it pollutes the air.

Yep, searing flesh outdoors for tasty and enjoyable nourishment is destroying the environment and must be curtailed. And fireworks…you don’t want to hear about the ongoing damage done to the quality of air in your neighborhood by one night of the brilliant celebratory displays. It’s incredible.

Enjoy the freedom granted when independence from an overbearing elitist government was adopted on July 4, 1776. This may be your last uninhibited opportunity.  The fundamental transformation is underway and our traditions and history are changing.

Oh, how far we’ve come!


May 3, 2015

Muslims, just like liberals, are manifestations of contradiction. The single example I chose for this brief comparison is the Muslim practice of bacha bazi. The term bacha bazi translates to “playing with young boys”. Bacha bazi is practiced throughout Muslim countries most pronouncedly in Pakistan and Afghanistan. The friendly translation serves as a polite cover for sodomizing young boys by those of wealth and power. The custom is also favored among jihadis. Bacha bazi also allows for the sale of prepubescent children for the practice of prostitution.

It’s practiced, it’s accepted, it’s even encouraged. Yet, homosexuality between two consenting adults is prohibited and reason for death by stoning for both of the engaging parties. Good for the rulers, death for others.

This I see as nothing less than liberals legislating costly and unnecessary and unmanageable regulations upon businesses and individuals then finding myriad reasons for exempting themselves from compliance.

Another comparable liberal incongruity might be the way they mandate taxation for the masses. Liberal voters often champion raising taxes to make the world a happier place, then avoid the payments when due. *See John Kerry, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Charlie Rangel, Timothy Geithner, Bill Richardson, Eric Holder, Tom Daschle, Claire McCaskill… And, I won’t even start on the socialist left Hollywood elite.

The major, and perhaps only, difference between the sodomizing Muslims and our own American liberals might be that the Muslims selectively procure their individual victims. The socialist progressive liberals here in the United States just indiscriminently back door all of us.