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May 23, 2018

Barack Obama was and is wholly invested in a legacy. He wants to be remembered for the greatness he believes he is. He received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009 “for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples”. This award, given to him before his presidential valet had the opportunity to shine his shoes the first time, is the good part of his legacy. It will now and forever be remembered that the Nobel Prize is meaningless.

His second and truly only earned legacy is that he embedded anti-Americans throughout the government and intensified the abilities and opportunities for those already entrenched in subversion to continue their work. Additionally, he co-opted the majority of left-of-center/radical news organizations on behalf of his Marxist/socialist ideals. They all (government and media) remain in place to antagonize and hinder Donald Trump and to filter and divert truth from the American people.

The second legacy is one that should be of greatest concern to any person wishing to partake of and enjoy the American dream, for it is that legacy that destroys any hope of achieving lofty goals unless you are among the very elite. For those of us who are less fortunate, subjection/servitude/total domination is the future if this trend continues. Our children, grandchildren and beyond, thanks to the efforts of Barack Obama, will never recognize the full freedoms granted by our Constitution and subsequent Bill of Rights.

Now, after he has been out of office for almost a year and a half, the American people are learning of much more anti-American dealings the former president and his minions set in place. Going well beyond the IRS idling conservative not-for-profit organizations and the EPA destroying farms and businesses with inane regulations and encouraging illegitimate entitlement recipients, the subversive activities recently discovered and yet coming to the light of day are most distressing.

Those of us who watch, listen to and read accounts not produced by the anti-American media are learning about “spies” embedded in a presidential campaign to find a way to discredit the candidate by any means possible. This is particularly troubling to our democratic republic. Any misstatement or perceived inaccuracy now appears to be spun to criminalize the campaign and take down an entire administration.

President Obama’s true legacy is multi-fold, none of which is good for the country. That legacy can be collectively summarized as insurrection detrimental to the nation we know. Time will present the Obama reign in the true light it deserves unless the history destroyers twist the truth through their influential established and social media outlets.

And, it is apparently an ongoing effort. Beyond his dictatorial use of Executive Orders, now former President Obama continues to undermine his duly elected successor’s successful reversal of the ills perpetrated by a cabal of subversive Marxists. The better the country and the people of the country become, the harder the cabal of Marxists charge and the nastier they become. But, hey, it’s a legacy!



January 8, 2016

Let me preface this rant with the honest statement that I am 100% in favor of legitimate background checks for firearm owners.  However, I do not believe that funneling tainted, biased, adverse information about medical patients to the government is ever legitimate.

The recent and expected spate of executive orders includes allowing doctors the ability to prevent some patients from obtaining firearms. While this sounds fine on the surface it, as per so many rights restricting laws, regulations and executive edicts, is so loosely written that it is ripe for abuse.

First, let’s take the doctors who are adverse to gun ownership. Any doctor, no matter what his or her training or particular discipline, can now declare a patient a threat or incompetent. If a patient is on a medication previously prescribed by that or another physician it may be a limiting factor. We know that synthetic pharmaceuticals are often prescribed that have potential side effects. Those potential side effects might, in themselves, provide excuse for some doctors to report the patient as incompetent to possess a firearm whether or not the patient experiences any side effects.

If a doctor is of an anti-gun mindset the prescription sets up the perfect situation to prevent an otherwise sane and capable person from obtaining or possessing the ability to protect oneself. The patient may never be able to access the information behind his or her background check rejection and is thus unable to refute it.

Second, we have trained and capable active duty and military veterans who may express to their doctor that they tend to flinch when hearing a car backfire or other loud noises. Such a statement could subject these men and women to a diagnosis of PTSD and rule them ineligible to own firearms without further explanation.

Third, we have patriotic combat veterans who might be classified under the Marxist’s fiat eruption as potential terrorists. The Department of Homeland Security report (IA-0257-09)  contains the phrasing “returning veterans possess combat skills and experience that are attractive to right-wing extremists. DHS/I&A is concerned that right-wing extremists will attempt to recruit and radicalize returning veterans in order to boost their violent capabilities.”

Also within the above linked document are the irrational administration fears that people concerned with illegal immigration, increasing federal power, restrictions on firearms, abortion and the loss of U.S. sovereignty could be mentally ill for holding extremist views. In other words, if you believe differently from the current administration, you are a right-wing extremist and must be controlled.

Yes, I am in favor of comprehensive background checks. I also believe that every citizen has the Second Amendment right to protect themselves against terrorists and extremists even if those extremists are government officials. I am not in favor of government regulating citizens by using executive dictates to undermine the U.S. Constitution.


December 15, 2014

Whether you agree with or disagree with the broadening power the federal government is assuming almost daily, you must think to the future. The nuclear option the Senate now employs works well when it is used for something with which you agree. It will, however, work against your ideals just as quickly.

You might favor the ballsy overreaching executive orders of this president, but what happens when the next president, with whom you disagree, uses the same usurped authority? What prohibits the next president from unfairly endowing himself or herself with greater jurisdiction and seizing more of your rights, privileges and property by executive order?

Future Attorneys General might also selectively enforce laws duly voted on and passed by congress. They could just as likely forgive favored associations, politicians or political party injustices resulting in precedent for ongoing defaulting or disregarding the law.

What happens when the president, with his or her party controlling both houses of Congress, nominates agenda bound, partisan, politically driven “wing” radicals to the Supreme Court…for life? Might they garner favor of the president with servant like submission of their rulings?  Perhaps they, too, might rule unchecked and defiantly out of contempt when there is a change in the dominant party or chief executive?

The founders created a government with three co-equal branches to assure there would be slow and deliberative debate before implementing new laws, regulations, taxes, etc.  They foresaw local and regional justices having the opportunity to settle matters before a panel of nine ruled with an irrevocable decision.

Two legislative branches exist for the sole purpose of protracted and reasoned debate when consensus cannot be reached immediately. Bills are meant to be passed back and forth between the two houses, massaged and amended as necessary until agreement is reached. They are then forwarded to the president for final signature. The process is intentionally slow to avoid irreconcilable mistakes (aka unintended consequences).

In their proposal, the chief executive has the power of line item veto to correct any misgivings of bills reaching him or her for signature. Recommending amendments to bills before affixing his or her signature making them law is also an option accorded to the chief executive. They did not want the executive or legislative or the judicial branch to have unlimited, excessive or undue influence over the others or the citizenry.

The average lifespan of democracies, historically, is about 200 years. Given that our Constitution was ratified in 1788, our republic now covers 226 years. As a nation, we are in the throes of death. Radical adjustments must be made soon to save what we have or we have to prepare to accept the consequences of inaction.


September 8, 2014

Illegal Latino immigrants are becoming Americanized faster than many credit them. Activists have turned against Obama for putting politics before action on their cause. They seem blind to the fact that he always puts politics, or golf, before any serious action.

This time the illegal immigrant activists want Obama to act on their amnesty before the November elections. Obama, knowing that the American public is against his despotic edicts, doesn’t want his own party base amassed against him for losing even more congressional seats.

Just like their American counterparts who want the government to provide everything for their happiness, they can’t believe President Obama would leave them quaking in fear of deportation for another nine weeks until the election. They know that the only way they can expect deportation might be actually attempting to assassinate the weasel, but it’s a good excuse for a minor uprising.

Can you imagine robbing a bank and blaming a liberal judge for your incarceration because his docket is full…for another nine weeks? You robbed the bank, but you want to be exonerated now, without trial, because you don’t like being confined. And, your release from incarceration puts you at the front of the line for Welfare, transportation assistance, housing allowance…

The decision has already been made folks. You won’t be deported. You’re free to stay and partake of all the same government give-aways that taxpaying Americans get. The President just needs to play a few more rounds of golf, collect a bunch more campaign money and perhaps sneak in a short vacation before making the announcement.

After that, maybe he’ll have time to concentrate on the radical Islamic jihadists (ISIS) crossing the southern border with you.