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January 26, 2017

Anyone seeing the few newscasts or many YouTube videos of the “demonstrations” in D.C. over the past weekend has to feel bad for the tolerant left. They are so out of touch with reality, so uncaring and abusive that they don’t care what or whom they destroy.

In particular there is one video of men in black destroying the windows of a Starbucks. One CNN video showed customers inside, ducking behind tables and fearing for their lives not knowing what might happen next. That makes the demonstration a terrorist act in almost anybody’s book.

The thing I find particularly funny is that Starbucks President and CEO, Kevin Johnson and Chairman of the Board, Howard Schultz are a couple of the most democracy defiant progressive liberals and Trump haters on the planet. Starbucks is, and has been, the socialist icon and hangout of the past three decades.

These idiots were simply destroying property and they didn’t care if it was repressive government property or that of like minded individuals. It was opportunity not unlike Ferguson or Baltimore or anywhere that progressives can gather to cause mayhem and destruction.

According to some accounts they were paid by Soros step down organizations to cause disruption, chaos and engage police. Starbucks is one of the many progressive owned enterprises that donates large sums of what could be employee profit sharing to the radical Soros groups.

The “demonstrators” just act with Twitter fed mob mentality. They are angered by their own lives. They will probably be the politicians or professors of the future. I seriously doubt that there is a private sector income earner in the group. In fact, I question if there are any income earners in the group at all, even those currently drawing a wage from the public sector.

All this took place during and shortly after the inauguration. There was no time to see if any of the policies of the new administration would be to their liking or benefit. It was all caused because the whining vagina did not receive her crown. It was scripted and directed by the same people who drove the government for the past eight years.  At least that won’t happen any more.



July 18, 2016

Thanks in large part to our Community Organizer in Chief, ambushing police and riots are now commonplace. Violence abounds. There is unrest in every pocket and every major city across the nation and it is seemingly being promoted by our current administration and endorsed by his justice department.

Each time there is an incident in which innocents are killed, President Obummer addresses the nation and two things happen. First, there is an insincere placating to the families involved. Second, and almost within the same sentence, comes a statement about how Muslims or blacks (depending on the specific situation) have been oppressed since the beginning of time and therefore righteously rebelling against white men and police is justified and acceptable. He is effectively granting permission for violence and killing.

There are other forces contributing as well. If it isn’t directly political as in Hillary escaping an FBI criminal investigation where Director Comey publicly justified indictment yet set her free without such recommendation or Donald Trump hurling true but volatile remarks, it’s Black Lives Matter projecting animus toward law enforcement or the New Black Panther Party (one of the president’s favorites along with The Muslim Brotherhood) calling for the killing of all whites and cops. As soon as that settles, our president finds the words to enflame another situation.

This happened in Dallas recently because of two incidents involving police officers and black men. I have reviewed the publicly available videos of the shootings in both Baton Rouge. LA and St. Paul, MN. According to the footage made public, both might be considered questionable shootings. But that assessment is made on limited information.  I was not there for either and felt no fear for my own life.  We’ll know more as time develops the stories.

As of this writing, the police death toll in Dallas is five with seven other officers wounded. The gunman wearing an armored vest. An ambush in Baton Rouge has left three police officers dead and several wounded.

Police patrol and do their job enforcing laws with trepidation now because approaching any suspect can mean their death or maiming. Simply being on the street has seen 8+ of America’s brave lose their lives in the past two weeks. Thus, they act quickly and with angst. The reasonable concern for their own lives causes rapid aggression and reaction without forethought. The recent spate of ambushes can only cause quicker to reaction to a sudden movement or refusal to comply with their commands.

Radicals are taking over in anarchy, without forethought but with direction and guidance, subtle or outright, from the leaders of national organizations local authorities and our president and his justice department.

At least one report says that Democrat Cleveland Mayor, Frank G. Jackson, has issued a “Stand Down” order to his police force during the Republican convention. Essentially, he has given protesters permission to riot in the streets. It worked so well in Baltimore!

And, like Baltimore, this usually results in looting and burning local businesses. Tens of thousands of dollars in unnecessary destruction is likely to occur in Cleveland. The anarchy is escalating and currently looks like it will not stop soon. The disregard for law and order generally associated with third world and socialist and monarchal governed (redundancy acknowledged) countries is here.


February 27, 2016

The next and following generations will see a much different world than the one known up until now. Well, up until a decade or so ago. I don’t envy what is coming. The current crop of youth are bouncing with joy about socialism coming to America. They don’t know socialism, but they’ve heard good things about it from the leaders of the party. So here’s another side of it.

Not only are your guns in jeopardy now but many other rights and privileges are under attack by the panel advising President Obama about potential mental disorders. The panel recently recommended that “doctors” begin screening every patient over the age of twelve for any potential mental or social problems. A simple statement like, “I feel scared at school” might be the trick to get a child labeled incompetent.

In case you’ve missed the Newspeak about guns, the verbiage has changed in the past few years from gun control to gun safety. Safety trumps rights and privileges. You see, if you’re talking about safety you’re showing concern for the people, not control of them. This was another pitter-patter mini-step toward overriding the 2nd Amendment.

If you even mention that you’re feeling “down” to your primary care physician it could trigger the word depression which is Med-speak for “needs medication and supervision”. Obviously, if you are prescribed a psychotropic pharmaceutical and you agree to take it, it’s because you now recognize you might be a threat to yourself or others. Therefore, any weapons in your possession must be removed for your safety and the safety of others. When diagnosed and prescribed a behavioral, mind or mood altering drug and you don’t readily ingest it, you are defiant and possibly angry. Thus, any weapons in your possession must be removed for your safety and the safety of others.

Leading questions will be asked and you must be cautious how you answer them. Non medical questions are now routinely asked on medical forms. They give headway for the reason to diagnose you as a potential threat that must be handled appropriately. “Do you regularly wear seat belts?” “Are there guns in your home?” “Are there smoke detectors in your home?” “Are there children in your home?” “Do you attend worship services regularly?”  These and other questions have nothing to do with your physical health but they do help build a data base for “official use”.

The power elite don’t want you, the ignorant, attention deficit and under-educated masses to know that they want to control every aspect of your life, so they change the terms to sound more friendly. They want to take guns out of the hands of the people so there is little resistance when the brown shirts of the National Security Force take over.

In the eyes of socialist rulers, Utopia can only exist when there are only two classes a classless society.   (Find the incongruity in the previous sentence to fully understand socialism.)


November 19, 2015

Everything Obama has done he has done to make America weaker and more vulnerable. He is giving everybody of the world an opportunity to partake of the remaining wealth of our nation. This is why he refuses to deport criminals, allows sanctuary cities, restricts the authority and jurisdiction of the Border Patrol and I.C.E.

He has said that he will veto any proposal to increase scrutiny of refugees from Syria and Iraq with the words, “This legislation would introduce unnecessary and impractical requirements that would unacceptably hamper our efforts to assist some of the most vulnerable people in the world.”

America, once a super power, is now diminished and diminishing. He has “retired” our most knowledgeable and capable Admirals and Generals to make room for Obama compliant minions. He refuses to listen to the few experienced commanders remaining at the Pentagon, Department of Defense and in the field.

Why not veto the vetting of “refugees” with headlines like “8 Syrians caught at Texas Border”  and “Honduras arrests five Syrians headed to US with stolen passports” and “In first six weeks of FY2016 we resettled 827 Somalis; all but one are Muslim” ? Makes sense to me.


Political Cartoons by Bob Gorrell

Now understand, I have nothing against people coming to this country to escape the mayhem in their homeland. I don’t understand why they run rather than defending themselves and their homes. Instead, they’re evacuating in numbers that would make up multiple military divisions (10,000 – 20,000 soldiers each). Certainly enough to put up a good resistance. But that may be just me.

What bothers me, and bothers me a lot, is that we have no way of telling who they are or whether they want to be here just to do us harm. Paris was very accommodating to Muslims until the disguised radicals among them started killing French citizens by the scores.

For years now I have ranted about people coming here uninvited and without verifiable documentation to prove that they are not cartel members, assassins, drug dealers, gang members or terrorists. It is now time to cast blind acceptance aside and start weeding the Garden of Complacency. Our lives depend on it!


July 24, 2015

Secretary of Education Arne Duncan wants to start indoctrinating your kids and grandkids as early as possible. K-12 apparently isn’t doing the job. Head Start is a failure and Early Head still doesn’t capture all the minds.

Head Start, a preschool program began in 1965 as one of Lyndon B. Johnson’s “War on Poverty” progressive reforms and was initially promoted as the answer to early childhood development and education; a way for children from low-income families to get a leg up on basic socialization and learning skills.

Now morphed to $8 billion+ per year, the program’s 50 year history at best shows only statistically debatable positive results. Low-income inner city kids continue to drop out of school and join gangs and transition to other entitlement programs at roughly the same demographically proportional rate as those without the early childhood opportunities. Data showing that enrollees who do better with life skills or economic or academic advancement are offset by arrest and incarceration rates of others. There is a statistically insignificant difference between Head Start graduates and their unprogrammed counterparts.

Head Start began as an eight week summer program to prepare children for the transition from home life into the public school system. By 1994, the program mutated to include “Early” Head Start which incorporates children from infant to age 3 as well as pre-schoolers.

Apparently there are still a few defiant children who see the world from a brighter perspective.  They don’t want to be victims or government serfs. They refuse to accept the indoctrination and become prosperous free thinkers. This is not good for progressives (Socialists by another term). So…

Secretary of Education Arne Duncan recently proposed a more direct way of socially engineering our future population. His proposal, not unlike that of Hitler or Mao or other dictators, is to house, feed, medicate and brainwash the most vulnerable children from birth. Enveloping and subliminally imprinting a socialist program from the earliest moment of cognition while eliminating any outside input will surely change the societal makeup.

( 13 May, 2015) – Education Secretary Arne Duncan on Tuesday proposed the idea of public boarding schools, saying there are “just certain kids we should have 24/7.”
“One idea that I threw out … is the idea of public boarding schools,” Duncan said at the National Summit on Youth Violence Prevention in Crystal City, Va. “That’s a little bit of a different idea–a controversial idea–but the question is do we have some children where there’s not a mom, there’s not a dad, there’s not a grandma, there’s just nobody at home?”
“There’s just certain kids we should have 24/7 to really create a safe environment and give them a chance to be successful,” he said.

Just one more example of that fundamental change you voted for…twice.