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November 17, 2014

Obama is a team player. His team, aka cabinet, is good at playing the game, really, really good. His second string, the mainstream media is also a force of reckoning.

Obama isn’t surrounded by yes men. He is the yes man surrounded by decision and policy makers. Anyone who has paid even a bit of attention to the government since 2008 must see that he is not one to make decisions. This man cannot tie his shoes in the morning before consulting with, and deriving a majority opinion from, his cabinet on whether to tie them right over left or left over right this day. Sometimes he wears loafers because he’s not sure if they’re joking with him.

On Osama Bin Ladin…after missing not less than three opportunities over six months, it still took him 16 hours to okay the SEAL operation. Due to the time-lapse, the strike team nearly lost the window again. Perhaps Valerie Jarrett’s phone was on charge and she could not respond any sooner.

On Benghazi…the team took on the truth with the vigor of the Dallas Cowboys offensive line. Susan Rice, at center stage, lied like a five year old with purple smeared across her face and hands claiming she knows nothing about any empty jelly jar. Perhaps the dog did it! Not just once did she do it. She practically made a career out of that one lie. (In all honesty, she undoubtedly cemented her career with it).

Together, the team has kept Eric Holder out of jail for almost six years now. Congress should be held in contempt for not calling for an independent prosecutor after he lied to the Fast and Furious investigative committee. Beyond that, however, the targeting of news agencies and reporters for disclosing the DOJ’s criminal activities has been well covered up by the team and second stringers.

Obamacare…well if you haven’t seen FoxNews in the past two weeks, you are probably unaware of Jonathan Gruber and the duplicitous misdirection he orchestrated to have the government take control of one-sixth of the nation’s economy. For that lack of information, you can thank the second string. This, along with swelling the Welfare rolls, are essential steps in the president’s quest to bankrupt the nation.

They may not be working for the people of America, but you can’t say they’re not working together.


August 29, 2014

Being a president is a tremendous burden. President Obama is plagued with decisions hourly; Profess the urgency of passing a $787 billion dollar Spending Stimulus Bill…and…go to Hawaii for vacation, follow up on the IRS scandal…or play golf, investigate Fast and Furious…or play golf or Benghazi…head to Vegas to raise funds. Most recently he has had to decide whether to put together a strategy to protect the people of Iraq and Syria and perhaps also the United States from ISIS…or raise funds. He chose fundraising.

It must be terrible to have to decide between raising money from fellow Marxists or playing a couple rounds of golf. This man is up to the task, though. He always chooses the best thing for him on any particular day. Today he’s raising money. He probably chose to bilk his comrades in Rhode Island and New York because he just came off a vacation where golf allowed him to shake the trauma of an American journalist beheaded by his Islamic jihadist pals overseas.


November 4, 2013

Regular readers of this blog know that one of my all time favorite novels is 1984 by George Orwell. It was particularly fascinating to me back in the late ‘50s when I first read it and the direct parallel with today’s politics is equally seducing.

Of course, when I first encountered the book, it was for the pleasure of reading pure fiction. I did, however, at the time and oft thereafter question, “what if”. Over the decades, I have often seen comparisons to the work. Today the book reads more like an honest news account than most of the broadcast or printed reporting.

1. “Ignorance Is Strength.” Have you ever noticed how ignorant people have a great deal of strength in their convictions?” George Orwell.
Below are a few more quotes from Orwell’s works.  I have included the parallels of today.  If you cannot see the connection, or refuse to accept what is happening, perhaps the quote above aptly describes your intellect and information levels.

2. Anyone who challenges the prevailing orthodoxy finds himself silenced with surprising effectiveness. (George Orwell)
Have you been called a racist yet because your take on right and wrong varies from that of our current administration?  If it is not Bush’s fault, then you simply cannot stand to have a man of color in the White House. Certainly, these can be the only reasons for not accepting the fundamental change of the nation promised by this president.  Being called a racist is much like the accusing question, “Have you ever been caught cheating on your spouse yet”?

3. “Newspeak was the official language … The purpose of Newspeak was not only to provide a medium of expression for the world-view and mental habits … but to make all other modes of thought impossible. It was intended that when Newspeak had been adopted once and for all and Oldspeak forgotten, a heretical thought should be literally unthinkable.” George Orwell.
According to Janet Napolitano, there is no threat from radical Islam or Muslim terrorists there are only “man-caused disasters” into which we must send troops. She also expresses an equal or greater fear about our combat trained military and cautions law enforcement to be aware of patriotism displays such as flags, bumper stickers, tattoos, etc.

4. “The nationalist not only does not disapprove of atrocities committed by his own side, but he has a remarkable capacity for not even hearing about them:” George Orwell
Can you say Fast and Furious, Benghazi, NSA spying on virtually all Americans and many foreign leaders without warrant or reason, the IRS filtering availability of NPO status to almost all right leaning applicants thus limiting their fund raising ability in 2012. To Orwell, the nationalist is the defender of Obamacare, NSA domestic spying, IRS partisanship, Eric Holder and the Department of Selective Justice.

5. “Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.” –George Orwell
“Barack knows that we are going to have to make sacrifices; we are going to have to change our conversation; we’re going to have to change our traditions, our history; we’re going to have to move into a different place as a nation.” Michelle Obama, May 14, 2008 San Juan, Puerto Rico   An identical thought just different wording. What more need be said?

6. “During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.” – George Orwell
“I can make a firm pledge. Under my plan, no family making less than $250,000 a year will see any form of tax increase. Not your income tax, not your payroll tax, not your capital gains taxes, not any of your taxes.”  Barack Obama – Dover NH, Sept 12, 2008    Um, uh, yeah well there is that Obamacare thing that affects every American, even those on Medicare and Welfare.

“If you like your doctor, you’re going to be able to keep your doctor.  If you like your plan, keep your plan.”  Barack Obama March 19, 2010   That may even have been true before HHS, under his dictum, stepped in and made ridiculous demands on insurers to have 50 year-old males pay for birth control, maternity care and mammograms and 18 year-old girls paying for prostate cancer screenings.

“Our current best assessment, based on the information that we have at present, is that, in fact, what this began as, it was a spontaneous – not a premeditated – response to what had transpired in Cairo. In Cairo, as you know, a few hours earlier, there was a violent protest that was undertaken in reaction to this very offensive video that was disseminated.  Susan Rice on “This Week.”   Radical Muslims (non-extent in Janet Napolitano’s world) carrying rocket launchers in their back pockets got pissed because of a Youtube video.  Yeah, right!  It’s time for a revolutionary act.


June 15, 2013

It’s just one brownie theft after another.  While everybody is looking at the major scandals, because that’s where Obama wants your attention, the triple-chocolate brownie is being taken from your lunch sack again.

Yes, the Fast and Furious, Benghazi, AP, EPA, NSA, IRS issues and lying before congressional investigative committees are all important.  The hacking of work and home phone lines and computers used by legitimate news reporters (Attkisson and Rosen) in the name of national security has meaning, too.  All pale in comparison, however, to what you are also not hearing about through the Obamadoring news outlets.  If it doesn’t send a thrill up Chris Mathews’ leg, it isn’t worth reporting.

One must surmise that we simply don’t have enough radical Islamic jihadists arriving through our porous southern border cloaked in darkness.  Since we don’t support enough people abroad with our tax dollars, the President of the United States of America and his State Department are making plans to import refugees from Syria and other Middle Eastern hot spots.

Worry naught however.  Each and every one of the potential bomb toters will be thoroughly vetted upon entering our country to take part in our Welfare and Obamacare systems.  They will be treated with the same diligence by the DOJ and DHS as the 29-year-old Edward Snowden.  Well, maybe they won’t all be given a Top-Secret security clearance, but I’m sure any who choose to will tour the White House. Perhaps some will even be displayed along side the President when he addresses the Teleprompter American public just like the useful mourning Newtown families.

So now we have the government spying on patriotic citizens but ignoring Mosques suspected of radicalizing Muslims.  Top officials in the administration claim not to know what their subordinates do during the work day.  The FBI Director doesn’t even know who he put in charge of the IRS investigation, how many agents are working to find the truth or what, if anything, has been found to this point. 

The IRS, the people who fine and slander you if you cannot produce proof of a work related four dollar deduction to your income tax, cannot substantiate their multi-million dollar parties with original receipts.  None of the Directors, Secretaries, Bureau Chiefs or other overpaid presidential marionettes can remember the gender of their first-born when questioned by a congressional investigative committee.

“We the People” are simply asked to surrender our personal protection and have trust and faith in the most transparent administration in the history of the United States.

I could be wrong, but it all looks like subversion and treason to me.    


May 22, 2013

Let’s forget all about Fast and Furious and amnesty and entitlements for people who have stolen their way into the country.  We need not be attentive to the AP or FoxNews reporters individually and collectively spied upon or trampling on freedom of the press.  Benghazi?  Not a problem, “What difference, at this point, does it make?”  Let us not be bothered by whatever still lurks under the desk in the oval office.  This time it’s probably not Monica. 

Oh hell, let’s just consign to oblivion everything in the founding documents and everything we’ve known about liberty in the past.  It’s all gone.  We have ignorantly relinquished, through our personal votes, everything the founders of this nation gave us as citizens.  Not everyone chose to shoot themselves in the foot, but now we all walk with a limp because of those who did.

Can we now agree there is little left of the America in which we’ve been proud?  We have survived through good periods and tough times, Republican and Democrat administrations.  It is time to revert to what made this nation the global leader in the first place and we must no longer shrink from being a strong and free society.  It is time for “We the People” to regain control of the behemoth government currently usurping our wealth, freedoms and opportunities.  Our government is not only affecting the well-being of our nation, it is destroying the morale of almost every individual within, even those who voted for the change. 

If you think, even for one second, that a government can gather every bit of information about your life for use against you when needed and not be bothered by that you are not American.  You are not one who enjoys rights, freedoms, and self created opportunities.  You are one who wants someone else to think and do for you as you muddle your way through life as an ignorant, uncaring bondservant.  You willingly forfeit all prerogatives to protest for equality or humanity.

Click on the link below for more on how we have carelessly relinquished our rights and freedoms and put our personal lives in jeopardy through our votes.

If you think that the current or any future governments getting away with the illegal and frightening moves we’ve seen in the past four and a half years won’t affect you, you must be in the throes of death as you read this or as you hear it read to you.  If the government can specifically target individuals and make their lives miserable just because the individuals do not share, completely, the political views and goals of the nation’s leader, we are all subjects of tyranny.

Granted, the practice started long, long ago.  Underhanded government over reach occupied center stage during the Watergate trials exactly forty years ago this month.  The American public on both sides of the political aisle were outraged at what executive power could produce.  It cost Richard M. Nixon the presidency and it was nothing, by comparison, to what is happening right now.  What is happening is right out of the Cloward/Piven playbook – overwhelm the system, destroy the nation.

When the Department of Homeland Security contracts for huge blocks of ammunition deliberately making it difficult, at best, for citizens and even some local police departments to obtain a practical few rounds, it should alarm “We the People”.  However, if you have willingly forfeited all prerogatives through compliance or complacency, you deserve what you get. 

Today, as currently scheduled, Lois Lerner the head of the IRS tax-exempt division intends to invoke the Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Affairs.  The Fifth Amendment provides that U.S. citizens may not be compelled to incriminate or testify against themselves while under oath.

By invoking the Fifth Amendment, Ms. Lerner is not only protecting herself, she is shielding her superiors from indictment.  This is a very convenient use of the Constitution when there is a political or personal benefit, by those whose goal it is to destroy that very document.

By today’s standard, Nixon did virtually nothing. The poor guy got the proverbial shaft.