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August 29, 2014

Being a president is a tremendous burden. President Obama is plagued with decisions hourly; Profess the urgency of passing a $787 billion dollar Spending Stimulus Bill…and…go to Hawaii for vacation, follow up on the IRS scandal…or play golf, investigate Fast and Furious…or play golf or Benghazi…head to Vegas to raise funds. Most recently he has had to decide whether to put together a strategy to protect the people of Iraq and Syria and perhaps also the United States from ISIS…or raise funds. He chose fundraising.

It must be terrible to have to decide between raising money from fellow Marxists or playing a couple rounds of golf. This man is up to the task, though. He always chooses the best thing for him on any particular day. Today he’s raising money. He probably chose to bilk his comrades in Rhode Island and New York because he just came off a vacation where golf allowed him to shake the trauma of an American journalist beheaded by his Islamic jihadist pals overseas.