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July 13, 2016

I’m sure that even the ignorant, selfish, complacent, under-educated millenials have heard the story of how to boil a frog. But for those still not aware, here’s how it goes.

If you put a frog in boiling water, it will jump out. However, if you place a frog in room temperature water it will swim around happily. Turn up the heat slowly and the frog will not notice the difference. It will unwittingly accept new or changing environment until it is cooked to death in the boiling water.

This is what has happened over the past seven and a half years.

In 2007, I said that it was “time for a black man to be president, just not this black man” (meaning Obama). He scared me when he said he was going to “fundamentally transform America”. I didn’t believe then and I don’t believe now that America needed any fundamental change. Perhaps some adjusting or massaging in some areas, but not total and complete change.

The words of his wife bothered me even more. Her words: “We are going to have to change our conversation; we’re going to have to change our traditions, our history; we’re going to have to move into a different place as a nation.” — Michelle Obama, May 14, 2008

Those words, from them both, lit the flame under the nation’s frogs – us.

With each speech he gives regarding the nation, he slyly embeds some subliminal wording to inflame the most aggressive and radical activists. It’s part of his training and education as a community organizer. He does it well.

At first, he subtly pushed for more restraint on law enforcement. Then he, using his calculated oratory, fostered the notion that “standing up” to the unequal application of the law between whites and blacks would gain them respect. From there he has reiterated the perceived disparity again and again until some believe it necessary to engage every officer at every opportunity. When they do defy the authority, whether they’re right or wrong, it sets the stage not for dialog but adversarial aggravation.

Each time the President brings to the forefront old standards or history long past such as slavery and Jim Crow laws, it arouses an ire within the decendents of the oppressed. That resurfaced anger, though the issues were dealt with and corrected decades ago, again becomes an issue for immediate reconciliation and foments unnecessary disquiet.

As the pot continues to heat, we are now at the point where, to blacks, it is acceptable to fight the local authorities constantly. Often now, they are initiating unnecessary situations that can only turn out badly. Calling for the killing of police is sure to cause angst.

Sorry, gotta go now, Obama’s bringing in a new pot.



March 21, 2015

On Mar. 18, 2015, Obama proposed that it might be transformative if everybody was mandated to vote. (Anything, anything, that changes the structure of this great nation that he seems to dislike is a good thing in his mind.) He said it should be easier to vote, not harder. That pesky Constitution of ours might make mandatory voting a problem. But that doesn’t really seem to be a hurdle for him.

Yes, it would be great if more people took the time to absorb the information necessary to make a cognizant choice at the polls. However, the majority of people today are so self-absorbed that they don’t read the news or follow what happens in the political world. Reading is a real struggle for over 40% of high school graduates. And, how can they pay attention to informative programs when Triple-Headed Magnetic Robots from the Planet Zoom-Zoom is available on YouTube or the latest celebrity is trending on Facebook?

Obama wants them to vote because they are easily influenced. If party “D” tells them everybody will get free stuff and that party “R” is racist, bias, mean-spirited, wants to burn their churches and demean the women, then party “D” has captured a voter. That’s what he wants, nothing else.

He said, “Disproportionately, Americans who skip the polls on Election Day are younger, lower-income and more likely to be immigrants or minorities”. He speaks not, necessarily, about legal immigrants. He seems interested just in the low-income, low-information, low-motivation population who can be commanded by a few sound bites endlessly memed over twitter.

By contrast, I suggest that we make it a bit harder for people to vote since the ignorance of some can have a devastating effect on us all. Perhaps a civics test to acquire a voter registration card is in order. Definitely, proof of citizenship should be enforced.

Why should our elections be decided by those who only want to take money and benefits from various government agencies?  Right now they outnumber those whose performance and tax contributions fund the government. It is one reason for the continued deficit that is driving us toward the bankruptcy of Greece and struggles of Italy with spending at 115% of GDP.  Why should our elections be influenced by foreigners who may return to their home country once the election outcome is announced?

The money that goes into elections is simply to manipulate the pliable minds of the uninformed, thus undecided. Making voting mandatory will not reduce the billions spent on elections, it could well increase it. The need to make some people accept lies and to dominate the mush minds of many can be costly. The greatest marketing tool known is saturation, because there is an implied credibility with repetition.

Once again, Obama has it all wrong!


September 26, 2014

Eric Holder has tendered his resignation to the president and the world in time for Obama to nominate another conniving, deceitful conspirator while Harry Reid and progressive Democrats still hold power in the Senate. While everything else is put on hold until after the elections, the lawbreakers cannot afford to bet against Republicans, liberal or conservative, taking the majority. Obama must have someone in place to cover his tracks and obfuscate any investigations. He’ll be sorry to see his felonious comrade leave.

There has been talk of changing guard at the highest and most corrupt legal office in the land. I’m a bit confused as to why it has taken so long, unless…

By waiting to announce until now, it has given Valerie Jarrett (please excuse my parapraxis) President Obama the opportunity to understand exactly who his handlers want in place and how he must sell the new Marxist to the nation. Also, by waiting until this late date, it allows Obama to declare it a crisis not to have an Attorney General in place.

Look for him to make the declaration as early as Veteran’s Day, when congress is out for the holiday to put a new malefactor in place for the interim. At the very latest, there will be a new face behind the desk before January, 2015. That will make it easier for the public to accept Harry’s predestined confirmation. To show diversity from the racist ways of the past perhaps, just maybe, a ranking member of the Muslim Brotherhood is the pick.

Holder must leave soon. It is imperative that he be a civilian at the time indictments begin landing on the desks of agency Secretaries and Cabinet members. Just as with Lois Lerner and Hillary Clinton, being out of the office provides a barrier; another plane of distance from the felony under investigation.


September 10, 2014

Progressivism – The art of eroding all that is known as proper and back-filling the void with change for the sake of change. Political progressivism is, by logic, anarchism.

American progressives’ primary goal, stated or not, is to eliminate the Constitution that restricts the power and scope of the federal government. Progressive goals include removing states rights, personal rights, privileges, wealth and property replacing them with strong central government Utopian ideals. This is the plan which Obama follows.

His strong, often inappropriate and unnecessary, use of Executive Privilege, Executive Orders and presidential dictums indicate exactly what President Obama meant in 2008 when he said, “We are going to fundamentally change America.”

Because this proclamation came after his declaration, “It’s time to fundamentally change the way that we do business in Washington”, the enamored throngs tied the two believing he was simply rewording his earlier speech. And, in effect, the two were tied.

He is now doing business in Washington as any despot would. He is end-running congress at every opportunity.  His Secretaries and department heads constantly order their underlings to walk across the line of right and proper and his Attorney General selects cases to prosecute by political and racial motives only and not by law. All of these things undermine the intent of the founding fathers and the bounds of the Constitution.

Unless immediately contested in court, an Executive Order becomes precedent setting law upon which future cases are adjudicated. Obama depends on slow court action allowing him time to carry out transformations that take years for the courts to limit or reverse.

Beginning early in his second term, Obama began signing new, or amending existing, Executive Orders allowing the Executive Branch to take complete control over:

Transportation, including roadways and waterways and vehicles and vessels thereon – 10990
All of the nation’s communication media, public and private (Air waves, cell and Internet service) – 10995
Electrical power, natural gas, car fuel, petroleum, coal, and minerals – 10997
Every civilian, may order them to join a labor brigade or work under government supervision – 11000
Health, education, and welfare-related societal functions – 11001
Track all persons through a national registry operated by the Postmaster General – 11002
All airports and to commandeer all aircraft, private or commercial – 11003
Relocate every population of Americans according to the whims of the government – 11004
Take over all railroads, all inland waterways, and all public storage facilities – 11005
11311 gives the Justice Department authority to enforce all Executive Orders, institute industrial support, control all aliens in the country, operate all penal and correctional institutions and establish judicial and legislative liaison
All mechanisms of the production and distribution of energy, wages, salaries, credit, and the flow of currency in American financial institutions during a national emergency -11921
Executive Order 13524 allows INTERPOL to conduct law enforcement activities and enforce international law within the U.S. without regard for our Constitution.
Every means of communication, including radio, television, and internet, given an emergency situation, such as a war or a threat of war – 13618

These actions allow the intentional defiance of rights and powers granted to the states and citizens by the Constitution. They presuppose power for an autocratic government with a simple declaration of Martial Law.


February 9, 2012

One of my all time favorite novels is George Orwell’s book “1984”.  It had been over forty years since my first encounter with Big Brother and the madness presented, so I recently decided to refresh my memory with a revisit to the story.  For anyone who hasn’t read the book, I implore you to do so soon.  There are too many parallels between the fiction written in 1948 and the events of today to allow continued ignorance.  There are too many advances in technology and far more freedoms lost that could not have been foreseen over sixty years ago which serve only to enhance what was then written as fiction.  Even Orwell couldn’t have imagined the Big Brother of today.

Drones in the sky hovering over the citizens; reporting unnatural activities to the institution.  The Department of Homeland Security urges individual citizens to report any “suspicious” activity or conduct by family members, friends and strangers.  Once the report is filed, it is indelibly and unalterably recorded for any future reference.  Citizens are added to no-fly lists and some are surveilled for weeks due to a single, unfounded, anonymous entry by a disgruntled individual.

Bodies must be displayed in virtual nakedness for federal agents before boarding commercial transportation.  Refusal is succeeded by personal touching, grasping and groping by low level but loyal government employees.  Refusal of this physical assault can lead to lengthy detentions and offensive questioning.

Devices integrated into automobiles and personal communication devices allow access to an individual’s global positioning at any time.  Radio frequency emitting tags installed in product packaging help marketers and authorities identify where an item was taken after leaving a merchant’s realm.

Falsification of history, altering of evidence and destruction of factual matter as presented in the novel over six decades ago is taking place in our public school system today.  2+2 is 5 if the teacher says it is and there is no disputing the fact.  Socialism is the only way for people to have an equal opportunity and free enterprise only benefits the rich.  Children are socially engineered to chant complimentary messages about some politicians and disregard the works and advances of others.

Repeated presentation of altered images until they become real and phrases iterated and embellished until fiction becomes truth is the way of our news media.  Broadcasting lies and distortive propaganda into every home TV and computer as news has become accepted and is treated as honest journalism.

Cameras now exist in virtually every store and on street corners with images sent to regional or central processing centers.  Facial recognition software analyzes, compares and files nuances of a person’s physical characteristics in a central data storage unit for current or future purposes.  Matches are made with information garnered from other sources and entries are logged to compile extended profiles.

Fusion centers gather and classify information about ordinary citizens under the name and direction of Homeland Security.  Originally authorized and funded under the Patriot Act to coordinate information about potential terrorists between various law enforcement agencies, they have become stations of fear and harassment.

Laws, such as the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) of 2012, are written so ambiguously that any application is indisputable.  NDAA allows for the indefinite detention of U.S. citizens who are “suspected” of committing or planning a terrorist or subversive act.  This can easily be stretched to mean that speaking out against a government official or government entity is hostile and warrants such detention.

FEMA camps, a product of the Patriot Act and funded under DHS, have been set up in various locations throughout the country.  Some of the camps are converted military bases and others are built anew.  Rep. Alcee Hastings,  (D-FL)  authored House Bill (HR 645) — National Emergency Centers Establishment Act.  With what is rumored to be more than 800 locations, some housing up to 20,000 people, there is little concrete language for the specific or limited use of the government-run facilities.  Areas of many of the “camps” are set up to accommodate families, others appear to be for individual incarceration.  All are secured by guard towers and high fences topped with barbed and concertina wire.

Seemingly few people are aware, or show concern, about the subtle but rapid changes in our lives with the central government taking more control, usurping and eviscerating our constitutional rights and freedoms.

Orwell wrote fiction in 1948 that was still accepted as such in 1984.  If he had only titled his book 2004 or perhaps 2014 he would be considered a prophet akin to Nostradamus.