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February 11, 2016

Science is a great thing and I’m very happy to have brilliant fine-tuned minds available to make life better for most and remedy dangerous situations. I am not, however, so happy with some of the experiments that are supposed to make our lives better. Many do work and are beneficial. But ingesting, injecting or otherwise assimilating foreign and synthetic substances into the body is too often harmful and dangerous. Unless massive deaths, disfigurements or mental disorders occur, there is little said about research that went wrong. Even then, often there are cover-up explanations or diversions.

I recall hearing in the mid to latter 1960s about soldiers exposed to LSD as early as the ’50s and how the results were in no way what was expected. Experiments gone wrong caused multiple deaths and destroyed many other lives because the men were not told of the potential consequences. In some cases the subjects were not even aware they were participants in an experiment. The soldiers who became test animals suffered long-term mental disorders due to their exposure to the chemical combination.

Long before and since then, science has been instrumental in creating such oopsies as HIV, GMO foods, Ebola and now Zika virus.

Early recognition of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) dates back to the 1920s. This was brought about by attempts to eradicate a similar strain among non-human primates. Simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV), first encountered in West and Central Africa, was seen as a potential threat to humans, so scientists began working to eliminate the threat. The result of their efforts was the mutation of SIV to human immunodeficiency virus or HIV then AIDS as the virus adapted to the serums offered.

Thanks to millions of dollars in various donations to government and incessant lobbying by DOW Chemical and Monsanto, we now have Genetically Modified Foods. Also known as GMO for genetically moidified organisims, the new seeds offered by the chemical companies contain 2,4-D herbicide. Compound 2,4-D is one of the main ingredients, and half of the recipe, making up “Agent Orange”. For those of you too young to remember, Agent Orange is the defoliant used to clear areas of vegitation in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia to expose enemy troops. It has also caused various cancers that have killed and disabled tens of thousands of Vietnam veterans and Asian civilians who came in contact with it. Now you’re eating it!

Much like HIV, the latest pandemic mutation to come from the pointy-heads in lab coats messing with nature is the Zika virus. Zika virus produces neurologic conditions in adults and microcephaly in babies born to mothers who have contracted the virus. Microcephaly is the name for a substantially smaller than normal head size that compresses and deforms the brain in unborn babies.

Zika origins include, again, Africa and Asia and the virus is closely related to dengue and yellow fevers. It is resistant to vaccines and drugs used to treat those fevers and is believed to be resultant of attempts to eliminate those mosquito-borne diseases that were once confined to rhesus monkeys.  Zika virus is the latest global pandemic.

Any wonder remaining in your mind regarding how Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) came about? But then, unless you’re currently infected with the life threatening faux pas, “What difference, at this point, does it make”?



June 9, 2015

I recently ran across a word I had never heard. I knew from the article I was reading that the word was referring to a gender description, but that was all I could identify. The word was “non-binary”.

I had to chase the rabbit. I had to find out what it meant and why I had not come across it before. Male and female are now apparently rare among the human species.

What I found was a list of thirteen (13) major non-God given gender descriptors. They include such terms as demigender, multigender and neutrois. DNA be damned! Within these thirteen groups are subsets, totaling upwards of 50, gender alternates.  Each of the major groups has its own flagThis makes for very colorful Pride parades.

No wonder our public schools now have to teach sex and gender rather than geography, civics, math, English (language studies), history and the like. In the spirit of fundamental change, look for a redesignation and more funding going to the new Pubic School System. After all, with Arne Duncan as Secretary of Education, our kids and grandkids don’t know school or education as we did. With thirteen (and growing) major categories of sexual preference, the village must take charge and educate the upcoming generations about the array of their sexual choices. We dumb old straight guys and gals sure can’t.

I’m sure it is confusing even to those people who want to be equal by being different. Gay, queer, lesbian, transgender and such must not have been confusing enough. Those designations now seem to be passé due to their limitations.

There are now such a large variety of gender morphings that each must be represented by its own flag to designate their collectively identical sex and gender differences.  Whoa! Apparently one can also move between the categorizes or subcategories as one’s gender dysphoria dictates.  Flow gently between the groups and collect all flags.

Personally, I have to wonder if all the gender confusion is caused by the genetically altered foods consumed or the synthetic pharmaceuticals ingested in the name of health. They alter not only our minds but our genomes. Perhaps it’s the chemicals and compounds misted into the atmosphere by large tanker planes that make milky patterns in the sky. This junk settling to earth changes the air we breathe and  the makeup of the soil in which we grow our foods and feed our livestock.  Nah, that thar stuff’s all AAA gubmint approved.

There are so many unnatural influences on living species today that future generations will undoubtedly look at digital images or holograms of their ancestors (us) and wonder how we could possibly all be related.


January 7, 2014

Big Brother is still picking and choosing how you live your life, what you eat (and how much you eat), what you can do to protect yourself, who gets breaks and who must follow the laws.

The FDA was first formed in 1848 to analyze agricultural products, pills and elixirs. The original and noble goal was protecting consumers from misbranded foods and drugs by informing the public about the content, value, consistency, reliability and safety of foods and injectable medicinal products. As with all government agencies, the FDA grew in size, scope and authority. They now receive much of their funding from, and are thus indebted to, mega agricultural and chemical corporations.

Regulations, often written by lobbyists for these benefactors, identify how processed and synthesized products are labeled and marketed.
While beholden to the lobbyists, the FDA is now another taxation arm of the federal government with significantly diminished concern for the public. For instance, the FDA no longer tests and analyzes synthetic pharmaceuticals before permitting world-wide distribution. Instead, they rely on the manufacturer’s reported test results for qualification.

Many of the findings presented to and accepted by the FDA show mainly positive results, cleansed of negative outcomes. To some companies a mortality rate as high as 6% is acceptable. However, the scrubbed results offered to the FDA often show less than 1%. Lawsuits against the companies are settled and sealed after secretive negotiations.

On the other hand, the FDA refutes the value of organically grown natural products. The agency dismisses company and independent testing when reviewing natural or homeopathic health supplements and remedies. Instead, they accept assertions from pharmaceutical manufacturers regarding the beneficial properties of the competitive products. Natural products, while not always of promoted benefit offer no ill effects. Natural foods cannot be patented and combinations may vary slightly yet produce effectively similar results. Thus, there is little money in natural health products for the government.

GMO foods on the other hand, require no identification thanks to Monsanto and Dow AgroSciences. Long-term testing of their harm to human longevity and health remains unknown at best and undisclosed at least. What is known, but unpublicized, is the main ingredient in GMOs that renders them resistant to 2,4-D. 2,4-D is the active ingredient in the chemical defoliant known as Agent Orange.

Agent Orange is the herbicide used in Viet Nam to kill underbrush, weeds and trees that might conceal enemy combatants. It also caused numerous and various cancers in American troops and local inhabitants who encountered areas defoliated by the chemical.

Fields of GMO corn, soybeans, etc. may now be chemically weeded with 2,4-D. Eating those crops transmits the defoliant into the blood stream and nervous system. Farmers and the FDA allow animals raised for their meat to feed on GMO crops. Consumption of that meat, in raw or processed form, also transmits 2,4-D to humans. You can expect “unexplained environmental causes” to receive note for your family as key factors in your shortened life span thanks to our protective government.