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November 18, 2011

Contradictions abound!  Today I read that SEIU, one of the country’s most powerful unions, is providing portable toilets and some demonstrators for the Occupy D.C. encampment to keep the movement going into the winter.  The AFL-CIO,  located just a few blocks from the McPherson Square site, will allow participants to shower at their headquarters.  George Soros and his Tides Foundation and various offshoots were pumping money into the Zuccotti Park scene from day one.  According to some reports, various Soros controlled entities have been paying quite a number of participants to continue in attendance at the events.

It is not the workers shackled by the unions who are providing the amenities (not directly anyway).  It is the union bosses, members of the 1%, who are making the decisions to encourage the continuation of the demonstrations.

So a virtual Mobius strip is created whereas the 1% are organizing and funding the perpetuation of demonstrations against the 1% for the purpose of equity among the masses.  Put in more simple terms, the 1% is demonstrating against the 1% using the duped 99% by proxy to for visual effect.

The people truly behind the pandemonium are becoming proportionately wealthier because the middle class is adversely affected.  The wealthy 1% are inoculated against any negative outcomes by virtue of the fact that their complicit greed allows them abject control over our law makers and enforcement agencies.

The wealthy few are winning by using fools to do their work.  The only thing that has changed is the positive media exposure this time?


November 7, 2011

What started as demonstrations against the status quo and protests against greed have escalated to chaos.  The grousing about greed became a free goodies tug-of-war when items of clothing, blankets, tents, etc began to appear.  As more and more stuff was donated by the greedy 1 Percenters, against whom the demonstrations were being held, the greedier and more demanding the protesters became.

Across the country, though the MSM refused to present it, the undirected movements became crime laboratories.  Pictures began to appear depicting piles of trash strewn throughout the encampments, fights, public nudity, urination and defecation. Frustration was apparently an excuse for destruction of public and private property with storefronts bashed and merchandise stolen.  Next, allegations of rape and theft of personal property surfaced.  Signs and slogans portraying anti-Semitism appeared.  Arrests for public intoxication and dealing in pot, cocaine, crack and heroin have become commonplace.  The “idealistic and Utopian” environs that never were have deteriorated into the likes of homeless shanty towns governed by the mentally ill.

The demonstrators are showing how rapidly socialism can cause the collapse of even a small community.  The short lived communes of the 70s at least had some temporary contributors.

It doesn’t take a scholar with a magnifying glass reading between the lines to see the underlying wants of these lazy and assuming ingrates.  The producers must share with the self-failed.  Hearty and generous wages for little work is fair.  They expect equality for the accomplished and the undereducated, unskilled and idle alike.  They want Utopia, and some are willing to sit on their butts until it is delivered to them by the rich and greedy they despise.