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September 3, 2013

When the 2008 elections came about, blacks turned out in higher numbers than normal to vindicate the civil war and years of oppression, real and imagined, by electing the country’s first black president. Whites also voted for the first black president to assuage their guilt over their own racism.  Some also voted for Barack Hussein Obama because not having dark skin made them unavailable to the unequal benefits bestowed on black and brown individuals.  Whatever, we have what we have.

What we do have is a set of equally ego-maniacal twins that now control the presidency of the United States. If not that, we have a single person with two distinct, deceitful, manipulative, sociopathic personalities at the helm. First, there is the teleprompter whore with tremendously commendable oratory ability. Then there is the one who cannot tie his shoes in the morning without first consulting senior advisors whether to tie them right over left or left over right. The problem, as we know, is he cannot recognize any right and thus the difficulty with this problem. Why, he’s even left-handed!

At the podium, number one will say anything that he believes you want to hear or whatever makes him look best. Then number two does the exact opposite of what number one proposed.

Below are a few examples that justify the opening statement.

1. “I can make a firm pledge. Under my plan, no family making less than $250,000 a year will see any form of tax increase. Not your income tax, not your payroll tax, not your capital gains taxes, not any of your taxes.” Barack Obama Dover, NH Sept. 12, 2008

This statement proved false almost immediately when he signed into law a 62-cent-a-pack cigarette tax in April of 2009, just 4 months into his first term. That tax most harmed the middle and poverty classes because they are the greatest consumers of tobacco products, not the wealthy.

Of course, additional hidden taxes exist in every product and service still available. Virtually every agency of the government that can justify their rape of the American people has abused the ability to regulate your life and cost you more. Your energy costs more now thanks to the EPA, your telephone service – FCC, meat, fruits, vegetables – HHS, tires, paint, building supplies, ad infinitum. Pork products (bacon, pork chops, ham) cost more now simply because Muslims don’t like pigs.

Not enough evidence for you? One word: OBAMACARE

2. In President Barack Obama’s first days as president, before Congress and the nation, he pledged to have his administration create an “unprecedented level of openness in government”. As recently as 2010, the Liar-in-Chief stated publicly, “We have put in place the toughest ethics laws and toughest transparency rules of any administration in history”. To this day, the administration claims to be the “most transparent administration ever”.

Behind the scenes, the Ghost President works diligently with his true #2, the evader and deceiver in charge of all matters legal, Eric Holder, to make sure that Executive Privilege, the Fifth Amendment, national security and administrative immunity become available when convenient. The Secretary of State (Hillary Clinton), the Attorney General (Eric Holder), the heads of the NLRB, NSA, IRS (Lois Lerner, Steven Miller, Joseph Grant), GSA, and other lesser known criminals continue to draw taxpayer salaries or retirement funds under the transparency cloak.

3. The President reads speeches from his teleprompter about growing the economy and producing jobs, yet almost every action he takes or allows his departments and agencies to take destroy those opportunities.

The EPA continues to impose unworkable and often unnecessary regulations on businesses large and small. The paperwork and compliance measures force many to shutter their doors or lay people off to maintain a profitable stature. The IRS demands compliance with convoluted, irrational and incomprehensible rules requiring tax attorneys and CPAs to be on payroll. This added payroll expense diminishes the opportunity for growth and the hiring of new employees.


4. President #1 continues to push for “immigration reform”, a way to make law breakers sound more acceptable to a larger portion of our society. He denies any comparison to amnesty.

On the other hand, President #2 wants more undereducated, low skilled drones available to take jobs that our own high school graduates with their sixth grade education should fill. Adding to the number of domestic families and individuals and foreigners on our soil dependent on the federal government for their welfare is the ultimate goal of #2.

5. Most recently, The Orator-in-Chief addressed the American people from the White House Rose Garden with the words: “But having made my decision as Commander-in-Chief based on what I am convinced is our national security interests, I’m also mindful that I’m the President of the world’s oldest constitutional democracy. I’ve long believed that our power is rooted not just in our military might, but in our example as a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. And that’s why I’ve made a second decision: I will seek authorization for the use of force from the American people’s representatives in Congress.”

Note that he has already made his decision and that he will seek authorization for the use of force. I have a feeling that the alter ego is in the process of “Fawn Halling” any recommendation by Congress before they even return from their current break. Obama already made the decision. He plainly stated so. Whether Congress confirms the decision or not, what difference, at this point, does it make?

6. Of course, there still remains the matter of eligibility. Prez #1 claims he obtained a certified copy of his birth certificate. His evil twin plied it to show that #1 was, in fact, born in Hawaii. Unfortunately, even after the massaging of data, his birth occurred in a hospital seemingly nonexistent at the time, with a registration number that was out of sequence. Photoshop experts rapidly picked the forgery apart showing more manipulated layers than Nebraska’s largest chicken ranch.

I don’t believe that either of our two presidents is doing what is best for the United States of America. I do believe that they are accomplishing their every goal to ruin our homeland for the establishment of a One World Government. Those goals include economic demise, increased poverty, destructive subjugation and humiliation of our military among others. The duplicitous and intentional division of the American people along any identifiable lines (racial, gender, economic, spiritual, ethnic, age, etc.) is not beneficial to a cohesive nation and ultimately not good for the world.

The pitting of groups and individuals against one another can only re-create the conflicts we see in the Middle East and Africa currently. Once the uprisings occur, declaring Martial Law might allow this/these President(s) to remain in office. We’ll just have to wait and see or encourage our other elected representatives, RINOS, Republicans and sensible Democrats to impeach and remove the offenders from the Oval Office.


July 25, 2013

How simple this administration must think our minds.  Benghazi, NSA, IRS, EPA and GSA, DOJ, immigration, Obamacare and Egyptian Brotherhood funding scandals and legislative debates have all but disappeared from the news.  The conspicuously missing investigations may continue quietly, but appear to be on terminal hold.  No Musak calmingly entertains you during the wait for justice.  Even Edward Snowden is background noise at this point because he, too, is trouble for this administration.

Anthony Weiner’s wiener shots seem to be the hot topic for today.  Can the people of New York trust him to run the city if his own wife can’t trust him to responsibly run his personal life?

News and discussion continues about the acquittal of George Zimmerman and the protests against his trial.  How he either got away with murder or had every right to defend himself with deadly force is the lead direction.  That will change too when the rest of America is tired of hearing the same back and forth about it.  Meanwhile, Washington D.C. gets little attention.  That’s exactly the way they want it.

It’s no wonder the White House is constantly attacking Rush Limbaugh, FoxNews, Breitbart and other conservative outlets.  They relay information gained from investigative journalists, not the controlled propaganda championed by the main stream media.  It’s easier to attack conservatives and call them names than it is to answer their questions.  After all, they just gin up phony scandals.  If it weren’t for alternative outlets, “We the People” would be completely in the dark regarding governmental affairs.

It’s just another White House/media misdirect, folks.  If you’re stupid enough to let it take your interest off the ball, you’re going to strike out again.  Right now Eric Holder continues to intimate that there may be a civil rights case brought forth against Zimmerman.  Once interest on that front wanes, there will be another “human interest” story surface to keep you from thinking about how this administration is trampling the Constitution.

Yes, it’s all about overstepping the bounds of the office of the President.  It started, if you recall, all the way back in 2009 with the czar program. Overseeing the give-away and proper mismanagement of stimulus money started shortly after the presidential inauguration.  Your tax dollars paid for the firing of experienced auto executives and placing Obama big money donors in their positions.  Steven Rattner became the “car czar”.  With Rattner in place, the UAW received tax payer funds as reward for their Obama campaign support.  It allowed the union to belay the strangle hold on Chrysler and GM, allowing the companies to use the funds in their coffers to produce automobiles.  Bales of the money went into developing the Chevy Volt.  How many dozens of those incendiaries are still on the street at a loss of $20,000 +/- each?  Only a few hundred were even sold.

Appointing czars, Directors and Cabinet Secretaries without congressional approval is the way of this administration.  Building bureaucracies and writing excessive regulations to stifle the job market and destroy businesses are the most useful tools of Obama’s arsenal.  Delay, divert, misdirect, obfuscate and move on when no one is looking are all parts of the dictatorial assemblage that is now Washington D.C.  Six pm on Friday is the ideal time to release Executive Orders, regulations, and other edicts of compliance because no one is paying attention and probably won’t until Monday.  By then it’s old news and, “What difference, at this point, does it make”?


April 14, 2012

The lavishly outrageous expenditures made by the General Services Administration (GSA) on a couple or few conferences are commanding attention right now.  Recently, the costs to move an employee from Colorado to Hawaii surfaced.  Little, however, has been disclosed about the relocation of the “Prince”, a GSA real estate official other than the $330,000 taxpayer cost and the fact that he left the agency about a year afterward.  More will filter through the fine screen of government misdirection within the next few weeks if Darrel Issa can cause Jeff Neely, (a career senior executive with the Public Buildings Service who was assigned to organize the conference) to cough up any information about the embezzlement misuse of funds entrusted to his care.

However, while the American public is up in arms about this, what is going on behind the scenes is, if anything, worse.  Once again, it is a case of “Hey, look over there”, and the brownie is missing from your lunch tray.

GSA is an independent bureaucracy of the government.  Congress established the GSA in 1949 as an agency to manage and support the basic functioning of the other federal agencies.  The GSA’s functions include provision of office supplies, transportation, office space and communication for government employees.  Additionally, they are charged with government-wide cost-minimizing policies.  Typical of how government works and grows, we have a mismanaged government management agency to oversee the mismanagement of the other government agencies.  The only oversight for the overseer is an often blind and clueless, care-for-naught Congress.

Since the story broke, the Inspector General, Brian Miller, promised to look deep into the policies and procedures of the agency.   Where was the IG prior to the YouTube explosion showing off how partying federal workers are abusing their positions and waxing the taxpayers?  There didn’t seem to be any concern before the idiots caused the self-exposure by calling the rest of us fools on the Internet.

Darrel Issa is unquestionably one of the few representatives from my home state for whom I have respect.  He is strong in his questioning of government wrongdoing without concern for the offender’s political affiliation.  However, he and his Government Reform Committee simply cannot adequately investigate even a tiny portion of abuse presented by the current administration.  Trying to extract a modicum of truth from the equivocating Eric Holder, any of the Fast and Furious gang or any of the GSA senior officials is reason to limit government employees’ use of their Fifth Amendment rights.

The Inspector General doesn’t seem to be concerned about government abuse and the agencies themselves don’t care about fiscal accountability.  Keep in mind, GSA is the current government funded bureaucratic agency in the spotlight.  What is going on with the rest of the tax payer funded, unrestrained alphabet agencies: HUD, FBI, CIA, TSA, NSA, NPR, PBS, MSNBC…?  Starting to see why the national debt is so out of control?  Each bureaucratic agency has a lot of waste.  They waste money then ask congress to appropriate more the next fiscal year so that there is more to waste with some left over to use for the intended purpose.

Again I state, I’m not defining all government abuse as the product of this administration because it has been going on for decades, by both parties and various administrations.  As the years go, it just gets worse.  Let’s quit blaming others of the past and take control of the situation rather than exacerbating it.  Instead of manipulating the job numbers by dropping discouraged workers from the data and hiring people into citizen funded positions, acknowledge the problem and correct it.  Why don’t we cut the size and scope of government until it is manageable and accountable?  Why don’t “We the People” regain control of our representatives?

As with most tax appropriators, our president and congress want, instead, to grow government making it easier to hide fraud and abuse.  The result of which is a need for more tax revenue – throttling development of the economy and individual prosperity – taking away the opportunities offered by our Constitution.