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February 14, 2017

As reported in the Wall Street Journal, wealthy Mexicans are willing to put up multiple millions of dollars to assist Mexican nationals illegally in our country as they fight to remain in the U.S. The Mexican government has also allocated $50 million to its consulates to help the movement. I guess neither the wealthy nor the corrupt government of Mexico really want the low skilled, uneducated (even after attending public institutions in the U.S.) law breakers returning to their home country.

The offered money is to tie up the U.S. courts, exhaust resources and frustrate government lawyers. Protesters will undoubtedly take over the grounds outside federal courthouses. An opportunity for drones equipped with facial recognition cameras overhead? Perhaps an apprehension or two, immediate escort to a courtroom and a speedy trial? With courts backlogged already, the proposed foreign money will prolong the stay for the possibly tens of thousands of potential deportees. Cloward and Piven would be very proud of the way foreign nationals extrapolated on the lessons the pair taught budding socialists back in the 1960s.

However, this battle is easily fought and won: (a) President Trump appoints immigration judges to the courts who are willing to uphold current immigration laws. (b) ICE has buses lined up and idling outside the backdoor of immigration courts. (c) Judge asks plaintiff if they were born in the U.S. If answer is no, then he or she asks, “Do you have a valid passport, green card, entry visa or other government issued authorization to be in the country”? If the answer again is no, a bailiff escorts the defendant to the awaiting transport. NEXT!

The above suggestion allows for clearing each case in three to five minutes. That’s 12 to 20 per hour per courtroom or plus or minus 150 of the criminal trespassers per day per courtroom. Can you imagine the Mexican economy with so many returnees?

It only took minutes to cross the border without permission, it should only take minutes to reverse the process and correct the problem. Family matters should not be considered by the courts. They are the responsibility of the lawbreakers who created the situations. The responsibility is upon the adults who should have made arrangements beforehand, not the citizens of the U.S. Yeah, responsibility. What an unconventional thought!

Harsh? You bet! We have millions of people on the welfare and unemployment rolls who should be “encouraged” to pick apples or lettuce or make up hotel beds or pluck chickens, etc. in return for their government handout. Perhaps picking up trash alongside the roadways or after a Democrat rally might be in order. Without people here illegally taking those positions, there might be more interest by otherwise lazy Americans to do the work. No work, no sharing the taxpayer’s money. Let’s call it redistributing the work.

We, as a country, have been remiss with our border security since before Reagan signed the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986. That act legalized some three million lawbreakers in exchange for the promise of enforced immigration control that never came. Today, the seditious lot describing themselves as progressives, Democrats and occasionally as “independents” are again demanding the same tit-for-no-tat that occurred thirty years ago. They use the same mantra, “the people only want to better their lives, and America offers that opportunity”. They neglect to account for the people entering who want to destroy our systems and values and kill as many of us as possible. Certainly those who break a second law need not be taking up the courts’ time or the taxpayer provided interpreters’ time or that of the free legal aid lawyers.

This isn’t tag or a flag football game, folks. It’s for keeps and the players on both sides get hurt. At best we need not be importing criminals, potential criminals or terrorists.  Protecting our country against illegal aliens is only part of what is necessary. Protecting our sovereignty by defining and defending borders is a requirement for any sovereign nation.

PM Trudeau is affably willing to aggregate people with unverifiable histories from war-torn nations without viable governments.  Perhaps we should allocate more resources to the northern border as well.  Immigration reform must be comprehensive.

When deportees are found in the U.S. a second time without authorization as six month stay at Sheriff Joe’s pink panty tent city might be in order.  No trial at the end of the sentence, just immediate expulsion.


September 8, 2014

Illegal Latino immigrants are becoming Americanized faster than many credit them. Activists have turned against Obama for putting politics before action on their cause. They seem blind to the fact that he always puts politics, or golf, before any serious action.

This time the illegal immigrant activists want Obama to act on their amnesty before the November elections. Obama, knowing that the American public is against his despotic edicts, doesn’t want his own party base amassed against him for losing even more congressional seats.

Just like their American counterparts who want the government to provide everything for their happiness, they can’t believe President Obama would leave them quaking in fear of deportation for another nine weeks until the election. They know that the only way they can expect deportation might be actually attempting to assassinate the weasel, but it’s a good excuse for a minor uprising.

Can you imagine robbing a bank and blaming a liberal judge for your incarceration because his docket is full…for another nine weeks? You robbed the bank, but you want to be exonerated now, without trial, because you don’t like being confined. And, your release from incarceration puts you at the front of the line for Welfare, transportation assistance, housing allowance…

The decision has already been made folks. You won’t be deported. You’re free to stay and partake of all the same government give-aways that taxpaying Americans get. The President just needs to play a few more rounds of golf, collect a bunch more campaign money and perhaps sneak in a short vacation before making the announcement.

After that, maybe he’ll have time to concentrate on the radical Islamic jihadists (ISIS) crossing the southern border with you.


July 6, 2013

“Who’s Sorry Now?”  A great song sung by many artists is most closely associated with Connie Francis.  Back in 1958, she crooned the song that included the line, “I’m glad that you’re sorry now”.  Most of the ill informed young voters who praised the PPACA as the all encompassing guardian of health have never heard those lyrics.  Even if they have, they probably would have voted with emotion rather than information.

Well, now is the time to realize just how important and impactful your vote really is kids.  Though it is too late to correct your past three major polling booth stupidities, it is not too soon to begin paying attention to future candidates and elections.  Your vote for progressives and this President allowed passage of a law “so that we can find out what is in it”.  Nobody read the bill before voting on it.  Thus, nobody knew or cared what is in it.  Three years hence and we continue to find out why it streamlined to vote without anyone reading it.  If you’re not sorry now, sorrow is coming.  If you are, I’m glad that you’re sorry now.  Unfortunately, it is hurting us all.

Statistically, 66% of all voters between 18 and 29 voted for an unknown Senator from Illinois to become President of the United States of America.  It was an emotional vote.  There was no room for reasoned forethought.  You should have paid attention in your high school civics class.  Knowledge of history might have helped as well. 

Many of you went on to attend college so that you could make hundreds of thousands of dollars per year and drive Porsches.  Since mom and dad both lost their jobs and could no longer afford to foot the bill, it seemed worth the risk to take out loans to finance your future livelihoods.  With interest rates at, say a reasonable 3.4%, and twenty years to repay the $50,000, taking the $287.42 servicing cost out of your $10,000+ monthly income would be a cake walk.

Unfortunately, thanks to you ignorant fools, Obamacare is now law and an additional tax on every American, especially those making less than $250,000 per year.  Starting this month, Obamacare caused your student loan servicing to jump from $287.42 to $381.66.  For the same reason, most graduates will remain unemployed, underemployed or employed in their field of education only part-time.  Missed payments on the student loans just become principal with interest accruing at the new, higher rate.   

The news just gets worse for low information voters with a new college degree.  The same officials you elected to represent you are voting to make it even harder for you to get a job.  Competition from amnestied border jumpers, not subject to mandatory health care, will drive down wages for most positions throughout the country.  As an additional spit in your faces, the newcomers receive special grants and only have to pay in-state tuition for many schools unlike Americans attending classes in a neighboring state.

Hey, no problem kids!  Your President has made it so easy to receive Welfare that you can be on the dole tomorrow.  Use your monthly stipend to pay for the student loan with the higher interest you pay going toward health insurance that you’ll probably not need for another twenty years or so.  Living in the spare room of your parent’s home isn’t so bad.  That is, if the house isn’t taken from them because their Welfare check isn’t enough to cover the payment and your expenses, too.

2014 is just around the corner.  Begin studying the issues and possible candidates now.  Maybe your next vote will not hurt you as much.  There are many more surprise lessons for you to learn, but you must be attentive.  I don’t want to be glad that you’re sorry, ever again.