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October 4, 2016

As readers of my words will note, I am not a fan of Trump for president. Wasn’t from the beginning and ain’t now. I have said it might be time to have a president who understands business which isn’t but might sound like an endorsement.  I’ve also said I believe it should be mandatory for anyone sucking down my tax dollars as an elected official to first serve in the military. That, alone, would eliminate about 80% of today’s politicians.

So, after reiterating those qualifications, let it also be said that I am wholly against corruption in government, business, the military and in people’s personal lives. Therefore, I am not in favor of lengthy terms in any or all government positions. Remember, initially, serving in government was a patriotic duty, it was not a lifelong career to enrich those “serving” the citizens in positions of responsibility.

This brings us to our current federal government, the citizens and others within the country. Just a few rapid examples of corruption are: Lois Lerner, John Konsinen and the IRS; Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch and the DOJ; James Comey and the FBI; Hillary Clinton and Benghazi, Email gate and the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation. Of course there can be no greater corruption than Obama, his pen and his phone.

We have a rather ugly election rapidly approaching. Name calling, finger pointing, dirt digging and mud slinging are commonplace in politics now, but this round goes even further. It involves beatings, burnings and destruction. Not only is the mainstream media instrumental in the political malfeasance and civil unrest, they are complicit. If there were any justice, jails and prisons would not be holding marijuana dealers and video producers, they would be filled with “journalists” and politicians.

All this brings me back to talking about Donald J. Trump and his tax returns. Recently, it was revealed by the New York Times that Trump declared a capital loss of nearly $916 million in 1995. Trump is a capable businessman with stellar CPAs and tax attorneys in his employ. The Trump financial staff was able to use the tax code which is so convoluted that even the IRS auditors cannot follow and understand it. Much, if not all, of his income over the following eighteen or so years offset the loss. We now learn why he is in constant audit. He literally “turned the tables” on the IRS (tax tables that is).  He embarrassed them!

This article calls to question where the corruption really is. The New York Times could have only gotten the tax records from the IRS. I doubt that Trump offered them. That leads to the internal workings of the IRS once again. Were the records leaked by a lowly clerk or gushed forth by the top brass to place Trump in a less than favorable light? Were they reviewed by Valerie and company before release?

Meanwhile, the IRS, FBI, DOJ, NSA and every other government alphabet agency all refuse to conduct a serious investigation of the email fiasco or the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation. The foundation alone might bring about a plethora of indictments.

Political news is no longer written or broadcast. There is no “news” coming to you and me. Virtually every outlet is now somehow involved in spreading opinion. Left, right and those claiming neutrality all offer a bias. The White House commands what is spun to us, the peasants, the proles, the governed. It is not just this White House. It has been going on for as long as I am aware. When Republicans control the government, the news is filtered to look less than rosy. When the Democrats are in charge the spin revolves happily left. What is portrayed as I watch, read or listen to the “news” appears to be about the dangerous and extreme right wing or the benevolent and caring moderates.

At this point, we only have two choices. Please research information beyond that which is cast at you and choose wisely.


August 12, 2016

Hillary Clinton, her husband Bill, Barack Obama and fellow progressives show no remorse for their criminal actions. In fact, it seems the entire Democrat party has consumed some of the same pharmaceuticals making them all become sociopaths. It is not the Democrat party of old. They are now the party of the unrepentant. There is no contrition for the actions which they try to cover in a blanket of lies. When called for their “misstatements” they lie about what was said and / or the meaning of the original lie. They will continue to deny, delay, deflect, misdirect, obfuscate and lie until indignantly shouting months later, “What difference, at this point, does it make?” to a congressional investigative committee.

Of course who can forget the bent finger admonition to the American public, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Ms. Lewinski” or the latest mendacity from our current Liar-In-Chief, “We do not pay ransom. We didn’t here, and we won’t in the future”. *Note: They come so fast this may not be the latest by the time of publication.


noun, Psychiatry.

1. a person with a psychopathic personality whose behavior is antisocial, often criminal, and who lacks a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience.

The IRS virtually handed the 2012 election to Obama by denying or delaying non-profit status to myriad conservative groups. That lack of timely processing denied taxpaying citizens the opportunity to raise money and counter his campaign. For this, Lois Lerner was not only not prosecuted as she should have been, she was allowed paid administrative leave (vacation time) and then full retirement with benefits valued in excess of $200,000 per year.

More recently, Debbie Wasserman Schultz was dismissed as chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee for manipulatively assuring Hillary Clinton’s primary victory over Bernie Sanders. Within hours of her ouster, she was publicly promoted as the National Chairman for the Clinton campaign proving once again that if you are a Democrat, and you are crooked enough, you are rewarded handsomely. Remorse, no. High fives for distinctive accomplishments, yes.

They, the progressive Democrats, consistently work above the law and are often excused for doing so. Recent observations indicate that they are now backed by the Department of Justice (criminal in itself). The FBI, too, seems compliant if not collusive. Director Comey laid out a perfect case for indicting Hillary Clinton regarding her email debacle concluding that he would not make an indictment recommendation to the Department of Injustice. Likewise, Loretta Lynch refused FBI requests to initiate an investigation into the Clinton Global Initiative that by all appearances is little more than a channel between foreign political operatives or manipulators and the pockets of the Clintons.

In the words of Senator Cruz, “Vote your conscience”. If you believe your representatives, especially those of the highest order, are worthy of acting in contra-legal ways with impunity by all means vote against our Democratic Republic. If you have any intelligent kids and grand-kids, expect them to despise you for the suffering they endure under the oncoming Marxist / socialist / dictatorship you chose to promote. However, I’m sure you’ll show no remorse.


March 3, 2015

News outlets, other than the Obama propaganda machine and leg tingling cheerleaders, are now reporting that ICE cannot identify the whereabouts of tens of thousands of illegal aliens. ICE admits some, if not many, have committed violent crimes and felonies while on U.S. soil, but they are supposedly under an Intensive Supervision Appearance Program. Some of the offenders have already spent time in our penal system only to be released early under orders from Eric Holder’s DOJ to continue their crime sprees.  (Read the last sentence as you like.)

I must say that I believe it is all by design. There simply cannot be such complete incompetetence throughout all departments and agencies in any organization, small or large. Either everyone within the administration has been ingesting hallucinogens, or they are hand-picked to forge the fundamental changes. Thus, I choose to believe the plan is in place to shift all blame by looking incompetent. And an excellent job they are doing of it.

Virtually every Admiral, General and agency head with a mind for patriotism and professionalism has now been replaced by androids controlled by the master puppeteer. Even the President’s face often shows disbelief of the words he reads from the Teleprompter. The White House Press Secretary strains to find words to protect the cabal and, with few exceptions, the Washington press corps compliantly accepts the stumbling explanations.

We have seen it with the BATFE and the gun walking Fast and Furious program. It showed up again with the State Department in Benghazi.   But “What difference, at this point, does it make?” Obamacare is a prime example. Since it became law, there have been more executive mandated changes and exceptions than there ever were voters in favor of the act. The administration is still dancing around trying to make the bush-league income redistribution program look as if it has some health care benefit attached.

Of course, the VA has been a problem for many vets for many years. It has just gotten worse due to the current administration’s lack of respect for our troops. Some say the IRS is out of control for its targeting of the President’s political opponents. Sorry folks, this is too obvious to be a mistake. The IRS is well controlled. The USDA has a 6,000 page dossier on cow flatulance and the effect on global warming, while ICE mistakenly releases undocumented child rapists and murders from federal custody. DHS cannot track illegal aliens outfitted with GPS transmitters, but the Justice Department spends time and resources on bogus local civil issues like Ferguson.

This isn’t incompetence, folks. It’s the fundamental change that was promised! Obama has changed the way things are done in Washington, just as he said he would.


February 3, 2015

Congratulations and thank you to all the (primarily) young and all the ignorant people who voted for Obama due to the promise of free universal health care. Ya done bin had agin by yur own pre-programmed guilt and lack o’ inteligents!

It’s becoming more and more apparent that the Affordable Care Act is anything but affordable and it does little to provide care. In fact, due to the act, it is now very difficult for many people to get any health care. Some of those who believe they are insured are still finding that they are not…in spite of having paid premiums for 9-10 months now. Others claim that they cannot find a doctor that will treat them under the plan within 75 to 100 miles of their home. Yet others, say that they avoid going to the doctor because they cannot afford the copay required to meet their annual deductible after paying hundreds of dollars per month in premiums.

Just to round things out, it’s tax season and time to man up (or woman up) to the IRS. The same IRS that unreasonably and illegally wasted their budget and manpower harassing citizens complying with the laws, needs your dollars to continue doing their dastardly deeds. And, they intend to collect it.

If you accepted a premium tax credit to help pay for your health insurance, you may have been over credited. Even if figured the credit – you owe the difference by April 15. Perhaps you were unemployed or underemployed and that status changed for the positive, you may owe the IRS. Maybe, because you didn’t pay a tax attorney hundreds or thousands of dollars to help you figure out the plan and premium you needed to keep you out of trouble, you chose the wrong one. You may now owe the IRS.

If, because you’re young and healthy, you opted not to participate in an “acceptable” health care plan, you could owe up to 1% of your total household income. Perhaps you didn’t work, but your wife or husband did. Let’s say you have one child and that, after taxes, the family income was in excess of $50,000. Ya gotta pony up. Forget about rent, food and mundane stuff like that. Your first obligation is now to the IRS. You voted for it, now it’s got you.

It is, and always was, about the government taking from those who have some.  The government needs it to cover waste and ineptness. Even the very poor might be caught in this web of lies and deceit. Some of you received exemptions that were not to be or you didn’t use Medicaid when it was available to you. Or, there isn’t a doctor who accepts Medicaid payment available in your state or nearby area. Your Welfare, unemployment, or SNAP may be reduced until the overage is reclaimed.

At any rate, it’s now time to hire a good CPA to figure your taxes. It could save you from the fines and interest charged by the IRS for non-compliance. It could keep you out of handcuffs and a FEMA camp. Thanks to the ACA, the services of tax attorneys and CPAs are now affordable. NOT!

The good news for today is that the hundreds of thousands of “newcomers” invading our country over the past couple of years are covered.  And, as an extra added bonus, they don’t have to file tax returns!


January 5, 2015

Of late, we have heard much about aggressive police over-reach.  Isn’t this exactly what the Marxists in our central government want?  It sure seems to be. Power-wielding by the IRS, DOJ, HHS, DHS, NSA, CIA and other bureaucracies has trickled down to the local level and they are ecstatic.  Look for the propagation of more envenomed discord in the near future that will continue throughout this presidency and perhaps beyond.

Karl Marx and Friedrich Engles developed the intellectual tenets of what is now known as Marxism.  Those tenets encompassed the existential areas of sociological, economic, philosophical theory that could be coerced and altered through vigorous revolution.  According to Marxist theory, the only workable society is a classless society.

One of the first steps toward a classless society is to create chaos in the current system.  Chaos or disruption identifies ineffectiveness.  If none exists, turmoil must be manufactured.  A situation repeatedly expounded on until it becomes a crisis then requires intervention.  Remember Rahm Emanual’s “Gruber” moment when he said, “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste”?  This is how to effect change where none is required.

Once shown as inefficient, the need for change to a new and better, more harmonic, system becomes obvious.  Socialism, by any name, is the choice presented.

A classless society where everybody produces equally to the benefit of all is Utopian.  Theoretically, it is the ideal society.  Practically, it is impossible.  As with most academic theory, the impractical aspects are overlooked.  If recognized, they are ignored.  First, there can be no classless society because there would be nothing but constant discord, “I want to wash, you dry”.  No, I want to wash”.  There must be leaders, decision makers, structure.  Immediately there are a minimum of two clusters, not one harmonious population.  There are leaders and others.

The very dwelling on the 1% v. the 99% is but one way to inseminate critical unrest.  The Occupy Wall Street movement received undue acclaim.  Random actions involving guns caused the unaware and unthinking to clamor for confiscation or control of private defensive firearms.  Continued media coverage of the current “Black Lives Matter” protests against police now posits the protesters’ desire to bring about change.  Introducing radical social and economic policies then chastising legislators for not endorsing them creates a divisiveness within government that requires the action of a singular pen.  That action creates further animosity.

Yet, the change these groups ignorantly and sheepishly claim to want, categorically leads to an even more oppressive central government, less autonomy, greater individual dependence, elimination of the middle-class and continued wealth reduction for the very poor.  It can only bring about an eventual form of global slavery.  The masters will again live high in the hills throwing their garbage upon the peasants below.

Who’s driving the ever-changing but ongoing protest movements in the United States?  Why, it is once again the same Marxist/Socialist/Communist celebrities…Al Sharpton, Barack Obama, Eric Holder and a growing clique of confused and easily guided community organizers learned in the principles of Cloward and Piven, Alinsky, Marx, Stalin and other self-designated elite seers.

I pray for future generations.