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May 24, 2015

Obama gives commencement speeches at colleges and military academies warning that the change in global weather patterns is the greatest threat the world has ever known. Not paying full attention to the falling rain, or lack thereof, is a dereliction of duty he tells graduating cadets.

Meanwhile, radical members of ISIS, ISIL, the Islamic State, Al Qaeda or whatever appellation they choose to be known by today, are ruthlessly killing human beings by the hundreds. Fueled by an irrational cultish hatred of “infidels” they behead people, douse live beings with flammable liquid and set them aflame, kidnap women and young girls, selling them into a life of slavery, prostitution and humiliation. They do this because they have weapons and their targets have freedom of thought.

Yes the climate of the globe is changing. Is it man-caused? Is it primarily man caused? Has it ever shifted before? To a virtually imperceptible degree humans have contributed to the change. However, you hear little else that might have an affect on weather patterns. First, to keep from becoming ignorant radical cultists who behead people for their thoughts and beliefs, we must take in information other than that which some believers demand we hear.

Right now, today, as radical Islamists plow through the middle-east depopulating the region, there are forty volcanoes spewing steam, ash and gasses into the atmosphere. Thirty-six are along the Pacific “Ring of Fire”. Prevailing air currents carry these clouds to different areas of the world. They change the makeup of the atmosphere and change the flow of air patterns at the earth’s surface.

Didn’t hear about these volcanoes? Probably not. That’s because the president, political bullies, climate fanatics and media elite don’t want their myth about man-made climate change (aka global warming until that illusory was summarily debunked) to be questioned. They want you to feel guilty. They want you only to have select information that agrees with their suppositions. It’s all about control.

There is no way to cap the volcanoes. Man cannot stop them from polluting the air, deflecting sun rays and diverting winds and clouds. So, just like the school yard or neighborhood bully who would have you look away while he steals your brownie or bike, climate jihadists divert attention away from the true problem and herd you toward their way of thinking.

Oh yeah, while you’re looking the other way, Obama is importing thousands of Muslims from Syria, Pakistan and Northern Africa under the cloak of refugees. With the help of his commandants at DHS, he is establishing little Islamic colonies in otherwise conservative Christian areas. Our southern border is virtually non-existent to anyone coming in through the back door.

But don’t let any of this concern you. Yesterday I saw a truck puff some smoke when it started up from a traffic light. I’m sure that if Jade Helm 15 was conducting drills in the area, they’d have taken down the driver.

And, just to further set your mind at ease Delta Force is in California guarding the delta smelt. SEAL Team 6 is looking into the drought while MARSOC is making sure that farmers are not abusing their highly rationed H2O privileges.

Radical Islamists may control the Middle East, but we done gots thet thar climate change thang covered thanks to President Obama.

Be always grateful for our active military, veterans and other first responders.  And please take a moment to remember and thank those who have given their all for your safety and freedoms.


May 12, 2015

The politically devised escalation of unrest combined with the talk of nationalizing policing throughout the country should be of concern to every free thinking citizen, not to the point of panic but heightened awareness. The conversion of former military bases to FEMA refugee camps, the number of armored vehicles and military assault weaponry in the hands of local police and, of course, JADE HELM 15 should leave little wonder why some people are moderately distressed.

Jade Helm 15 would cause little concern if it weren’t for the numerous constitutional violations Barack Hussein Obama the cabal behind him have foisted upon the taxpayers and other members of this nation. We’re told that it’s for our own good, that it is practice for counterinsurgency techniques, that it will take place in remote areas and not involve citizens. Why could the eight week excercise not take place along our southern border where there is real insurgency taking place; where the exercise would have meaning and added value? Why in the interior, in the conservative leaning areas of Colorado, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona far from border? They won’t offer a plausible explanation.

The absolute and unabashed abuse of the presidential office including pressure put upon appointed secretaries and department heads, the burying of information by government officials, the deceiving, stonewalling, misdirecting and otherwise delaying congressional investigations leads one to question motives for this training mission. The illegal use of the IRS to quash the legitimate voting rights of political opponents, Fast and Furious and Benghazi cover-ups are but a very few examples to illustrate defiance of the laws of the nation and rights of the citizens by the those at the apex of the political structure.

Societal collapse is coming and it is being goaded and guided by those at the top. As I have said so many times before, I do not believe Obama is at the top. He is merely a stage player. There are much more powerful directors in the wings who change the script to demand more drama as the curtain closes on each act. This allows Obama to play golf or take extended vacations during crises – he’s not involved in the decision making.

Inciting the Occupy Wall Street movement against the “1%” didn’t take hold. Lasting nearly two months it was enduring but the agitators simply couldn’t raise the level of anger to the point of riot they wanted. Most of the occupiers were drawn to a Woodstock-like atmosphere and really weren’t engaged in any cause, some couldn’t even explain the meaning of the event. Instead, a major implosion occurred with drug use, sexual assaults, physical assaults and thefts among the protesters. There was little cohesion and thus no way to energize the players to revolt. What was lacking was a charismatic, on-point community organizer like Barack H. Obama.

For now, it seems the easiest way to animate a dull thinking crowd is to use race. It worked in Furgeson, it worked to a slight extent in New York and it worked in Baltimore. The Socialists have tried and are continuing to use the wages of women against men, guaranteed minimum wage, minorities against whites and impoverished against police.  They are fracturing society any way possible to cause dissent. Look for more of the same and look for community organizers to become more aggressive.

Early in 2009, the administration leaders voiced  that the major threats to the country were those people who want the Constitution read and followed (the Bill of Rights amendments 1, 2, and 4 in particular), church goers (people who don’t believe government is the deity) and veterans (patriots who served their nation). These elite comrades profess a fear of climate change and American patriots more than ISIS (the JV team) or other jihadists.

Can Jade Helm 15 really be about controling or combating foreign insurgents here at home?