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February 22, 2017

After eight years of coddling people who have skirted laws and agents in their quest to break into our country, some employers finally found the strength to push back. Stories abound from coast to coast regarding the many business owners who decided that their livelihoods would not be dictated by the people they employ.

Last Thursday was labeled “A Day Without Immigrants”. Natural born citizens as well as legal and illegal immigrants took to the streets in protest of what some call security for our borders, economy and nation in general. Many of the protesters found that actions have consequences. Employers have an abundance of applications and resumes for people anxious to fill the now vacant positions.

According to news articles:

Tulsa, OK – 12 Latinos were dismissed for failing to show up for work. The business had to close for the day and the owner lost his ability to pay his ongoing bills that day.

Statesville, N.C. – 18 people lost their employment for failing to report to work on time-sensitive contracts.

Lexington, S.C. – after being warned, 21 workers were fired for defiantly not showing up for work.

Bonita Springs, FL – 6 staff members no longer have jobs.

Commerce City, CO – 30 brick layers were set idle.

Nolensville, TN – 20 households lost, at least, a significant portion of their income.

Before you cry RACIST you must understand that when employees of any nationality shut down a business, the owner must assure that it will not happen a second time for the same or any other reason. When a person invests their expertise, labor and money to produce an ongoing income for themselves and their family, that becomes his or her priority. Employing people is only a means to achieve that personal goal. There is no obligation to provide for those willing to cause harm to that business or employer. If only we could get rid of the insubordinate deadwood in government as easily.

It’s not a matter of race or nationality, it’s a matter of protecting one’s investment. If these employers were truly racist, would he or she have given a job to someone they despise because of their national origin or skin color?

Restaurant patrons coast to coast experienced delays in receiving their fare because waiters, cooks and other staff failed to report for work. Some establishments were forced to close for the day due to lack of staff. From California to Maine, the unreliable are now seeking new employment. While many, but not all, are Hispanic, that is not the reason for their firing. Caring more about making a political statement than they did about their employer’s right to continue in business is the reason.



December 7, 2016

For just shy of eight years now the United States has been economically hindered by the distorted interpretation of economist John Maynard Keynes’ twentieth century economic theory. Application of Keynesian economics extended the Great Depression longer than necessary as it has for the recent recession.

Classic economic theory suggests that world and national economies experience rises and falls. Periods of stagnation can be moderated with reasoned spending and by controlling variable expenses. Keynesian economic theory, on the other hand, advocates that increased government spending in times of downturn spurs the economy resulting in shorter downswings. The flawed theory doesn’t work in a personal or household situation and it most certainly doesn’t work for individual states or nations. In fact, the larger the entity and economic platform the more incongruent the premise becomes.

Take the economic basis to the personal level for a moment. If you’re out of work, out of savings and your unemployment ends, your only legal choices are to live off your credit cards or borrow from friends and family to pay your bills. When you begin borrowing to continue spending more than you can repay, this is called deficit spending. Increasing that spending is simply beyond foolish. To continue this path without obtaining gainful employment or other legitimate income sources, severely limits your choices. When debt increases and money shuffling through borrowing and making minimum payments is no longer an option, selling your assets and bankruptcy become reality.

Governments have opportunities that individuals do not. They can print more money to cover their debt. You cannot. However, when the government prints more money, each one of your dollars, each one of your pennies is worth less. Therefore. it costs you proportionately more for groceries, clothing, gasoline, heating and cooling…everything. They can take more of your money in the form of taxes, levies, tolls, etc. You, on the other hand, have to make do with less or borrow more without concern for repayment.

For eight years now we have had a government that spends without concern for repaying the lenders. Congress is complicit, if not primarily responsible for repressing economic growth by allowing this to happen. Each bill passed with government spending appropriations only stagnates growth, indebts each American and prevents GDP increases.

It’s time to free the reins and allow the private sector to flourish. It shouldn’t matter if those at the top also benefit. Let them elevate their status as long as the rest of us increase ours!

Let’s treat the national economy as if it were a for-profit business we care about. Let’s stop the useless spending on studies to justify more spending. Let’s stop the deficit spending and begin reducing the debt. Let’s make government (agencies and departments, teachers, public works employees and everybody receiving taxpayer funded paychecks) accountable for performance. Let’s make public wages and salaries merit based.  Let’s downsize (or rightsize) the government and allow those non-critical employees an opportunity to contribute to the economy in the private sector rather than burdening it.



November 6, 2016

I get so very, very tired of the powers that be trying to spoon feed me and the American public false information that has little to no bearing on reality. Most of the population accepts the worthless words and goes on about their daily survival attempts. However, without truth, survival is made most difficult.

Each month the federal government shares employment numbers with the MSM. Unfortunately for the American public, the purveyors of misinformation pick, choose and massage those numbers before releasing them to us. In the words of claimed Obamacare architect, Jonathan Gruber, “Exploiting the stupidity of the American voter is fun and easy: kinda like squeezing a lemon”.

It would be great if the numbers we lemons receive had a modicum of honesty, but that is not the case. For instance, the average person on the street hears that unemployment dropped from 5.0% to 4.9%. That is a number worthy of elation for most of us given all this administration has done to ruin the work opportunities for the average toiler or engineer by destroying businesses large and small. The EPA alone has over-regulated more businesses into closure than have been fruitfully started.

Even those people who try to rely on what is presented to them as news, either in print, audio or video format, as having a touch of honesty are generally misled. Most who believe they are knowledgeable are unaware that while 7.8 million people are counted on the rolls of the unemployed there are actually over 90 million people without full time or gainful employment. They are unemployed but they are not counted as such because they are not receiving unemployment insurance.

Some have exhausted that benefit by being out of work for over 27 weeks. Without regular reporting, the bureaucracies consider they are no longer seeking work. In most cases, this is a false assumption.

Another misleading statistic is that payrolls climbed in October by 161,000. Those are people previously on assistance who were dropped because they are now receiving a paycheck. What that number doesn’t reflect is that approximately 195,000 were laid off or otherwise dismissed from employment. That is a net loss of 34,000 real jobs.

Due to the statistical misinformation we receive, one might think that employment in the U.S. is actually getting better. Take off the rosy glasses and put on your readers. Just take a minute to look at the real (or as real as it gets) figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).  It’s dry reading with a whole bunch of numbers, but I’m sure if you take the time you’ll recognize the difference between what CNN offers and what BLS actually reports.

Or, for the sake of simplicity, open this report.  If you just go down the October column of the second chart, it is easy to see that in 2008, just before the election of our current president, the job participation rate was 66.0% (34.0% true unemployment). While there has been some positive fluctuation over the past eight years, that was the last time it was so high. Today’s rate is only 62.8% (37.2% of the workforce is now idle).

The only way to increase employment is to allow business the opportunity to grow, not stifle them with unnecessary regulations and taxes.
Vote wisely on Tuesday!


June 6, 2015

How can you tell when Obama’s lying? For any politician this is a standing line. However, in the case of Barack Hussein Obama, his secretaries and chiefs it is a foreboding omen. You know the opposite is about to happen or is already true.

“I want to provide a tax cut for 95% of Americans. If you make less than a quarter of a million dollars a year, you will not see a single dime of your taxes go up. If you make $200,000 a year or less, your taxes will go down.” Well, except for the increased taxes paid by proxy due to excess compliance costs mandated by the IRS, HHS, EPA, FCC, FDA, CMS and on and on. Not only have your wages stagnated (if you even still have a job), the extra costs passed down have eaten further into your once disposable income resulting in a further depressed U.S. economy.

We have added more jobs – Perhaps, but the number of people dropping out of the workforce continues to rise.  More people out of the workforce and drawing entitlements from the federal and state governments (unemployment assistance, Welfare, Medicaid, Housing assistance etc.) only increase the burden on those still in the labor force.

The borders are more secure  However, what they fail to share is that the percentage of apprehensions remains the same, about 30%. Also, the number of illegal aliens admitted in has significantly increased. That means that a larger amount of drugs, and more weapons and more foreigners including some tied to radical Islamic terrorism are making it through the porous net.

“Our economy is growing stronger every day”

“Voter fraud is insignificant.” “Requiring photo identification at the polls disenfranchises blacks and poor people.”

Immigration reform is not amnesty

Illegal immigrants will not access the ACA

“I also have ahealth care plan that will save that will save the average family $2,500 per year.”


January 11, 2015

While the administration is lauding 252,000 additional  jobs in the last month of 2014, in actuality the labor participation rate fell again.  In Nov. 2014, 62.9% of all eligible workers were employed.  In Dec. 2014 only 62.7% were employed.

The published  “unemployment” figures don’t account for those former workers who have consumed their unemployment compensation benefits or those who have been out of work for so long they are discouraged from seeking gainful employment. So, even though some 252,000 people were hired, more potential workers were dropped from the data roles publicized by the government for consideration by the broadcast news nodding masses–economy-8ac1593494.html

Additionally, the average wage dropped by $.05 per hour.  So, those still working or joining the workforce are making less money.  Potential for a pay raise or advancement now comes only with attrition, not merit.

The good news, if there can be any declared, might be the average number of hours worked by “full-time” employees remained a stable 34.6 hours.  That has not dropped.  However, with more illegal immigrants vying for the few available entry level positions, that too, could change in due time.  Anyone entering the workforce or workers with minimum skills can look forward to a harder time earning even a subsistence living.

Completion of the Keystone XL pipeline would create hundreds of manual labor and semi-skilled jobs with an estimated average wage in excess of $35/hour, labor positions in the $25+/hour range.  This would be a tremendous boon to many families.  The President has guaranteed his veto.