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November 26, 2014

Here’s the perfect explanation why Jonathan Gruber called American voters stupid. It’s because, for a majority, the “news” they hear is directed for purpose. The major networks generally follow a very liberal theme and refuse to present anything they find contrary to that agenda.  Sharyl Attkisson lost her job at CBS for her truth in journalism efforts.

It is true that far too many people are aware of what is happening that commands and directs their lives. However, that might be because they are tired of the influenced or non-presentation of news. Benghazi, Fast and Furious and the IRS scandal got little play in the main stream media due to the dim light cast on Democrats. Almost nothing is heard about Harry Reid letting bills promoting employment or securing the border before issuing green cards languish into antiquity because they are presented by Republicans.

Jonathan Gruber is not the only liberal who occasionally speaks the truth when being filmed.



October 15, 2014

If congress has such a dismal approval rating (10%-13%), why do we keep re-electing the same fools to office? It seems the American public is aware that the elected members of government spend more time and effort campaigning to raise money for re-election than they put forth on behalf of their constituents. That is, other than those contributing large sums to their campaign coffers. The approval rating shows that we are conscious of their fruitlessness, yet rehire them every two or six years.

Private sector management surveys across all industries repeatedly show that it takes an average of 13 months for a new employee to become proficient at a new position within a company. That holds for new hires as well as employees who have been with the company for five years and longer. For the employee moving within a company, a new position requires diverse interaction with former co-workers and establishing new relationships with individuals in other divisions or departments. A person first entering a company, must overcome the above and develop ways to effectively incorporate his or her previous experience into the new setting.

It takes time, but certainly not ten or twenty years. That is why most efficiently run companies evaluate employees on an annual basis, and sometimes more frequently. These evaluation meetings determine promotions and pay adjustments to reward favorable work ethic and effectiveness. They also determine if additional training is necessary or if training or education will benefit both employer and employee. Lastly, the meetings allow employers to motivate employees. Unmotivated, mediocre or ineffectual employees rightly fear these evaluations knowing that they are also used to terminate unproductive workers. Mediocre employees are replaced by workers of higher enthusiasm or ability. Constant workforce evaluation and adjustment is necessary for survival in the private sector.

After two years, if the employee is not performing to, or beyond, company norms he or she should be reassigned or replaced. This rarely happens with members of congress. Too often, elected representatives are given the benefit of doubt and allowed a second term to prove themselves. Senators have the luxury of six years before they have to reapply for the job. After the second election, they become fixtures and removal is burdensome. Thus, most are re-elected despite demonstrating commonplace proficiency. A plea for continued employment is often that they didn’t do as poorly as their opponent might. That should not be enough to maintain a position in government any more than it is in the private sector.

Less than 20% of elected federal office holders have ever offered themselves to our military service. While military service is not a mandatory qualification, perhaps the values and discipline learned would benefit our office holders and ultimately the citizens they represent. Military service should be an honorable consideration, however, it should never excuse any unsuitabilities.

We currently have a chief executive bankrupting the corporation (America), emasculating his board of directors (congress) and who shows no concern for the investors (citizens). Congress is reluctant to impeach him because his team will call them nasty names, like…racist. They are too timid to fire a CEO who is destroying the company and besmirching the reputation of the industry. Congress is complicit in the fundamental change of devastation. Congress is allowing political correctness to dominate their sworn duty and any personal ethic that may have once existed.

Isn’t it time to fire a few directors and department heads? We can replace them with people concerned for the company and the industry who are willing to improve upon and deliver valuable and marketable products that the world needs like self-respect and drive and honor and prosperity.

You have three weeks to do the right thing!


August 28, 2014

How can Californians shoot themselves in the foot while punching the ballot to take all firearms away from residents?

Not only are businesses scurrying to North Dakota, Idaho, Texas, New Mexico, Nevada and Arizona to escape the excess taxes and ridiculous regulations that make them less competitive, the rational citizens who are willing to work are following those jobs. Soon the entire state will be made up of illegal aliens with driver licenses but no insurance, Welfare and Medicaid recipients and the governing progressives who drove away all the productive people and businesses.

Governor “Moonbeam” is also driving the state further into the hole. Currently, according to the favorably massaged government figures, 11% of the state’s total population is drawing down on the state coffers. That means 9 people earning an income are supporting themselves, their families and collectively one other unknown individual.

EBT, Medicaid and Welfare assistance, with its myriad subordinate state entitlements, drawing from the state coffers contribute heavily to the annual deficit which continues to climb from 6%. Each resident, working or not, is responsible for $11K of the overspent and mismanaged funds. As the state’s $400 billion debt continues to grow, it provides the Democrat in Charge, an opportunity to raise taxes on the few remaining citizens still able to buy their own food.

I recently ran across an article in the LA Times that stated Governor Brown is only fanning the wildfire. He called America “the other Mexico” and welcomed all immigrants by stating that it didn’t matter if they had permission to be in the United States, they were welcome in California.

I guess he needs more bodies to fill the void left by businesses and families leaving the insanity.

Think of that! More children who cannot even speak or understand English bringing greater burden to the already failing school system. More unskilled and under-educated adults to pick the broccoli and oranges and fluff motel pillows and clean floors so that their American equivalents cannot even supplement their Welfare checks with those jobs. Need I mention, the financial burden imposed on drivers with insurance when more uninsured drivers are unleashed on the streets and highways in unsafe vehicles?

Of course, the “new residents” are allowed driver licenses without the normal proof of identity required of U.S. born citizens. Once obtained, that picture I.D. allows them to register to vote in any or all precinct(s) and vote as directed by the local ACORN affiliate.

I suppose the good news is that Governor Brown is expected to throw his hat into the ring for president in 2016. A Moonbeam presidency could only be a continuation of Obama’s goal to ultimately collapse the country, making way for a One World Caliphate.

Now you know why I recently left the state. Good bye, California


August 6, 2014

We know President Obama is all about redistribution. I, like many others, thought that the redistribution of wealth was his game. And, while it is, it is not the only thing he will distribute in the effort to eliminate the middle class and build the base of Democrat entitlement recipients on their way to voluntarily voting for a Marxist/Socialist society with or without their informed consent.

Though lately there has been some recognition and questioning by the media of the plots and schemes put forth by this administration, there is little follow-up or depth to that questioning. Additionally, the majority of the propaganda championing quasi-news organizations are unrelentingly promoting the CHANGE. Nightly newscasters continue to extoll the humanity side of this northward migration while neglecting the dismal reality of the lack inherent in the lack of immigration enforcement.

If one is paying attention, one will see that the distribution of illegal aliens from Central America and elsewhere is to overcome the conservative numbers in specific locations. Texas, Alaska, Arizona, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kentucky and West Virginia are among the states under siege by the federal government. Some purple and blue states also receive enhanced potential Democrat voters.

According to one PEW Research report, 91% of the “children” apprehended by or voluntarily surrendering to CBP in 2013 were teenagers. Since October 2013, that number dropped to 84% of soon-to-be-Democrat voters but many of them are now unaccompanied by responsible family members.  Using data obtained under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) the same report states that more and more adults are accompanying younger children and all are being allowed to remain.

Not all invaders come here for peaceful life resolutions. Illegal entrant gang members number 100,000 in Texas alone. Estimates for MS-13, just one of many violent gangs, range to over 15,000 members and associates in at least 115 different factions in 33 states. Savage gang numbers appear to be increasingly disproportionate to those of placid border jumpers.  However, the President, DHS, DOJ and DHHS seemingly make no distinction between the groups. They are all welcome to receive benefits and entitlements paid for by the few remaining workers of the country.

Also included in the hoards of illegal immigrants are increasing numbers of Other than Mexicans (OTMs) from China, Africa and former inhabitants of terrorist sponsoring countries of the Middle-East.  This unprecedented redistribution of people from around the globe into our social structure is posing health threats, deflating the American economy, making us less safe from both without and within while destroying the middle class.

JULY 4, 2014

July 4, 2014

On this day, July 4, we celebrate the independence of a nation known as the United States of America. The declaration of our sovereignty from British rule allowed the founders to move forward creating a tri-lateral government with each branch being independent of and equal in power to the others. Those three branches were and remain the Legislative branch (Congress), the Judiciary branch (Supreme Court) and the Executive branch (President and his cabinet).

As with any secure management system, it is simple for one person or a like-minded body to force control over a household, business or country. It is still possible, but far more difficult to do so when there is equable oversight by two such divisions. With the interjection of a third party, majority agreement without much discussion and reasoned thought entering that discussion becomes very difficult. The design is necessarily slow allowing reason, not individual ideology, to prevail.

This year, our president has boastfully taken it upon himself to override the Constitution with his pen and phone. He disdainfully rejects the tri-lateral government in favor of his unilateral actions. His actions, or in many cases his inactions, are breaking down the most powerful form of government in the world today. Congress is allowing it to happen by not restricting the purses from which he draws the ability.

In spite of the Barnum and Bailey style hearings (watch us perform, then we’ll move on in the middle of the night to dazzle others with a new show in a new location tomorrow), congress is in collusion with the power grab. We now have two branches of government effectively working in concert because congress refuses to take a strong role against the radical abuses of the White House.

It was Barack Obama who proclaimed most loudly that George W. Bush assumed too much power and control. Now he, President Obama, makes W. look like a timid dwarf when it comes to executive edicts against the will of the people.

If he doesn’t achieve it in the next two years, President Obama will certainly carve the path to a dictatorial government. He has prepared and armed all agencies within the federal government to quell forcefully any uprising of the people. He continues to provoke such an uprising.

Over the past three years, he has provided local law enforcement agencies with MRAP vehicles and other military heavy armament. He has changed the leadership of the military to accept, without question, any lawful and even unlawful orders from the White House. He has already fundamentally changed America.

There is only one more potential for celebration of independence under this regime. That potential, however, is rapidly being eroded by President Obama’s actions.

Enjoy today.