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September 14, 2015

No, this is not the beginning of an off color joke. This is a story of just how far we’ve fallen. And no, she was not Caitlyn/Bruce/Combo/? Jenner.

A woman walked into an upscale barbershop and demanded the barber cut her hair. The owner gracefully declined to perform the service and explained why.

He was trained and experienced in cutting men’s hair, not women’s. He explained that to the customer as reason for not performing the service. He said he had no experience styling women’s hair, he did not have the products to complement the cut and he didn’t have curling irons or other specialty hand tools needed to do a proper job.  He was concerned that he would not be able to perform a service worthy of his shop’s reputation. It was a barbershop, a long established barbershop. It was not a styling salon or hair boutique.

Perhaps she was looking to file a multi-million dollar law suit against the barber for incompetence had he failed to satisfy her.  We’ll never know since he did not lay scissors to her.  She did, however, file an action with the state’s Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs.  That action resulted in a fine to the shop owner of $750. 

This insanity goes well beyond a baker not catering a gay affair. It is the lunacy du jour.

I have said before that soon a Ford dealer, somewhere, will be put out of business for not allowing customers the opportunity to test drive a new Chevrolet. I thought I was joking. Now I’m not so sure. It is rapidly coming to pass that a business cannot specialize without an activist judge ruining the owner’s life and livelihood. A nurse practitioner will be sued for not providing neuro-muscular surgery, or a pub might be sued for not stocking a full array of bath oils and scents behind the bar.

People, judges, listen up! In spite of the fact that they both provide transportation, you cannot reasonably expect to buy a horse at a car auction. Do not go there if you want to buy a horse! Don’t sue the auctioneer for not providing horses and don’t have him or her fined for not having horses.  And judges, don’t award the plaintiff monitary damages for being an idiot.

The madness escalates. Welcome to BizarroWorldUSA.



August 23, 2014

There have been a few stories making national headlines lately about restauranteurs offering discounts for religious patrons. Perhaps you’ve seen some of them.

North Carolina Diner Offers Customers 15 Percent Discount for ‘Praying in Public’

Taking a moment to pray, meditate or simply reflect on the value of your life saves you 15% on your meal at Mary’s Gourmet Restaurant in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Atheists Bully Arkansas Pizza Shop for Offering Discount to Churchgoers

Bring a bulletin from any church, synagogue, temple, mosque or other legitimate house of worship to Bailey’s Pizza in Searcy, Arkansas and a 10% discount will be applied to your tab.

Our tolerant friends at Freedom From Religion take offense at these discounts because they choose not to believe. They claim the discounts are discriminatory against atheists. The discounts might be discriminatory against stupid people in general, but not necessarily just atheists.

You see, even an atheist could sit down and lower their head or stare at the wall for a moment and receive a 15% discount at Mary’s. No employee will request a prayer transcript. And, there is no mandatory attendance at a house of worship to receive a discount at Bailey’s either. All one has to do is stop by the front door of a church and take a bulletin out of the display on their way to get a bite of pizza. If an atheist fears proximity to a church, he or she could ask a neighbor or friend for one, should they have a friend other than another atheist.

Really, for the truly unhappy and/or chemically depressed, there are other things that you can protest or bring to the overburdened courts. There are senior discounts everywhere that might be opposed by the young and ignorant. There are discounts available for military and veterans to which the weak and timid might object. Having a membership to an auto club might get you a bit better rate at a motel. Not having a towing service might be right for you, though.

Shoot! To stand up against the anti-gun lobby, Langtry Cafe in Brownsdale, Minnesota offers a two tier discount for gun owners every Thursday. Show them a CCW and you get 15% off your bill. Display a sidearm on your hip and receive a 25% reduction in your tab. If you don’t own a gun, that’s your choice.

Additionally, there are talented people who earn a living with their abilities. Singing, carpentry, painting, baking, computer programming, athletics all bring in handsome earnings. Perhaps suing a capable individual for doing well might be on someone’s bucket list.

Unhappy people will always try to bring others down to their level. However, these are the very people who shouldn’t be allowed the gun discount at the Langtry Cafe.