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November 20, 2013

The world seems headed toward a one world government, a melding of all peoples under a single rule. “World” trade, “international” currency, “trans” and similar terms masque the ultimate goal of the very rich and powerful. They, the ruling class, plan a two class system in which there are the rulers and the ruled; a society not unlike that of feudal Europe. Today, in the United States, the middle class is descending into what might be called American neo-poverty. Disintegration of the middle class is essential to the plan.

Today’s national governments, state bodies and local governing authorities are destined to become nothing more than remote outstations for the global cabal. There will be only two major divisions of humans, those who work directly for, and are paid by the government, and those who work indirectly for, and pay into, the government. A third subset of humanoid might result. For now let’s use the medieval term “serfs’, loyal government servants, but only to the extent of stipends received.

Obamacare is a giant leap toward submissive allegiance to the central government. It narrows individual selection and personal responsibility in favor of pre-chosen plans meant for universal commonness. With 16% to 20% of our economy decided and controlled by a central government with this program alone, the takeover is inevitable. For the new system to function fully, taxing businesses and the workers of the middle class to the point where government subsidies are welcome is also necessary. Obamacare delineates those taxes!

Indirect taxation and micro-regulation are keys to accomplishing higher revenue for those at the top. Fines for non-compliance with the imposed regulations also finance the oppressing regime. The taxation must be done deceitfully, behind closed doors and when only a few are paying attention. Taxes must be buried deeply in bills that are never read before passage.

Tax the energy on which we’ve come to depend and the appliances that consume it. Tax the food we eat. Establish costly mandates for farming, manufacturing and production. Impose a levy on medical devices required to diagnose health and maintain healthful longevity. Mandate a portion of home sales for health care expense offset. These new and increased taxes will little affect the very wealthy yet drive the medially well-off into substandard existence.

Once the middle class is broken and dependent, only two economic classes remain – the ultra rich and the extremely poor. With wealth comes dominance, with poverty subordination. It’s called fascism.

In order for the plan to work in entirety, the Constitution must be abolished or at minimum marginalized. That, too, is in progress. Each Executive Order bypassing congress diminishes the value of the credential on which the country was founded. Each fiat dissolves the trilateral government designed to eliminate the potential of dictatorship. Relinquishing to the United Nations jurisdiction granted to citizens of the U.S. removes another layer of national autonomy. Soon there will be no need for the instrument that led us to a position of global approbation.

The above moves, now in progress, aim to put the United States of America on a level of mediocrity not unlike other autocratically controlled countries. Our president and many of our elected leaders feel this is necessary to replace individual accomplishment with collective effort. “You didn’t build that”!

Once the mindset is formed, leading the now entitled to the next watering hole becomes simple. With the fundamental transformation of our nation as promised by our current president, our melding into a new world order is well under way. Our personal and national autonomy is almost vanquished.