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September 6, 2016

Our government, one supposedly based on a binding constitution with laws and equal justice for all, has been compromised by corrupt Marxist socialists. There exists no law enforcement for the top echelon or their staunch supporters, only for those of lesser means and influences, (evidence Fast and Furious, the 5 for 1 exchange of high level terrorists for a despicable deserter, the Iran nuke “deal”, hogtying border agents and allowing thousands of indigents and terrorists into the country, pay for play and national secret giveaway by the Secretary of State or cash and more terrorists in exchange for political hostages just to name a few).

The current president has no respect for any law, the constitution, congress, our economic system, our borders, our military, law enforcement or even the secret police assigned to protect him. He does as he wishes and causes others in his administration to silently follow his dictums. He evades congressional approval for his actions by issuing Executive Orders when he knows his desires are so out of line they will never pass a House and Senate vote even with a seated majority of his own party. He has caused so much dissent with his prevaricative speeches and Machievelian profferings that even his most eloquent and ardent lemings supporters now stammer when trying to defend him and his actions.

Coming next is an election that, proven by past performances, is scheduled to have foreigners and registered voters long dead, people voting in multiple counties and states, predisposed voting machines and biased vote counters that will undoubtedly proclaim Hillary the winner. Those who prefer tinfoil to ball caps also speculate that soon after the election, but before inauguration day, Hillary will be indicted by Obama’s corrupt Department of Injustice and thus rendered unable to assume office. Without being sworn into office, neither Hillary nor her V.P. choice, Tim Kaine, can take over the country. This leaves Obama in office until a special election can be held naming his successor.

Other conspiracy theorists see the potential for this administration fomenting a situation of civil unrest between November and January where a martial law take over might leave Obama in office until another directed election might be held. Obama has had eight years to put all in place for this scenario.

He has subtly and openly provoked distrust and angst among virtually every subset of our country. People of lesser means no longer strive for success, they vehemently despise our society’s successful segment. People of color have been falsely indoctrinated with the idea that white people hold them in contempt simply because of skin color. Social wedges placed throughout the culture need only a slight knock to make the splits complete and riots abound.

Of course, the purchases of tens of thousands of “military style assault weapons” and upwards of 1.7 billion rounds of JHP ammunition starting a few years back, only adds to the rationale that this change of guard might be a bit different; a bit more in line with third world regime changes. Knowing that this arsenal is now in the hands of loyalists throughout the government also lends to the conspiratorial theories. One really does have to question why the USPS, IRS, EPA, CDC, HHS and other normally non-combatant agencies must have riot training, gear and weaponry such as this.

Before his first election he announced, “We’ve got to have a Civilian National Security Force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded as our military”. As president, he has decimated the leadership of the military and downsized and defunded our national security forces to the point that his Civilian National Security Force now exceeds the capabilities of the military.

With the last change from Republican to Democrat residency in the White House, all the Ws were removed from computer keyboards. This election is beginning to sound more like removing all dissenters from the map.

Please excuse me while I take a moment to adjust my Reynolds chapeau and take one of the chartreuse and pink pills. ————— Ahhh, that’s so much better. Now I feel certain that with the forthcoming election being overseen by Homeland Security, headed by the estimable Jeh Johnson, everything will be okay.

Next election…U.N. controlled! It’s a Bizarro World this USA.


July 8, 2016

I really don’t believe I’m paranoid. I don’t think I’m a conspiracy theorist. I choose to think I am acutely aware of my surroundings and the potential for total government takeover. However, I must admit that my concern grows with every new restrictive gun law, arming of another federal agency and exhibition of excessive or abusive and unlawful use of executive power.

I have written many essays voicing my concern over the possibility of this administration declaring martial law before January 20, 2017. Here are a couple examples:

Each incident of Islamic terrorism or political protest turning to riot lends itself to more and more armed federal intervention. Each time this administration interposes itself in a local law enforcement situation it brings us closer to a dictatorship. Each executive order or excessively restrictive alphabet agency regulation on the people causes greater unrest and discord.

When a radical Islamist overtakes a crowd with a firearm, there is loud calling for more gun control. When one uses a knife or pressure cooker, there is call for more gun control. Each pot-stirring by the Attorney General when there is a police officer involved shooting of a black person (and it seems only black persons are a concern here) raises the racial tension. Many Black leaders raise aggression with the unstated sanctioning of the federal government.

The City of Cleveland is planning on turning a 3.3 square mile area into a riot zone event zone for the rapidly approaching Republican Convention. As of now, there are no areas within the zone separating supporters and protesters. All attendees will be intermingled for the four day event.

With the polarity and aggressive behavior of Trump supporters and their adversaries already identified, this appears to be a pre-planned recipe for tremendous and lawless hostility by both groups. It is creating another opportunity for the brown shirts to show their power. Remember Obama’s call for a Civilian National Security Force? They’re ready, they’re armed, they’re well paid and they’re loyal to their employer – The White House.

The DNC has produced a 22 page “Counter Convention Plan Sketch” for disrupting the Republican National Convention. “The plan begins with setting the tone in Cleveland before the convention kicks off”. This is sure to agitate the ignorant masses who want nothing more than freebies for themselves from the government.

These will be the millennials who refuse to read articles or research information about countries like Venezuela. This week, as John Kerry offered to redistribute some of our surplus wealth to Venezuela, women there were charging past the Colombian national guard, through border gates just to do some grocery shopping because food is unobtainable in their socialist state.

Cleveland is known for it’s high crime rate and this situation can only lend itself to unruly conduct with criminals commingling and agitating the political rebels. As shown by the recent past, many of the instigators and agitators will receive money from George Soros through one of his radically funded organizations.

The City of Cleveland and the DNC are creating the perfect scenario for armed intrusion and show of force by the feds. Get used to it!


January 13, 2016

Thank God this is the last laundry list of lies from this president standing on the floor of congress and addressing the nation.  After watching the entire rah rah speech, one can only conclude that there was nothing said, other than closing GITMO, that Obama really believes.  Every statement made is, has been and will be denied by his actions.

He is the one who caused the rancor in congress.

He is the one who caused the hatred toward police.

He is the one who has kept the economy growing at a snail’s pace.

He is the one who has diminished the status of the United States.

He is the one who has decimated the U.S. military.

He is the one who virtually killed the space program.

He is the one who made health care unaffordable for most Americans.

He is the one who raised taxes on almost every industry and commodity.

He is the one who doubled the national debt.

Yes, he was worshiped and voted into office as “The One”

He is the one.  And now we need someone to rebuild the damaged country.

Vote wisely this year, please.


May 12, 2015

The politically devised escalation of unrest combined with the talk of nationalizing policing throughout the country should be of concern to every free thinking citizen, not to the point of panic but heightened awareness. The conversion of former military bases to FEMA refugee camps, the number of armored vehicles and military assault weaponry in the hands of local police and, of course, JADE HELM 15 should leave little wonder why some people are moderately distressed.

Jade Helm 15 would cause little concern if it weren’t for the numerous constitutional violations Barack Hussein Obama the cabal behind him have foisted upon the taxpayers and other members of this nation. We’re told that it’s for our own good, that it is practice for counterinsurgency techniques, that it will take place in remote areas and not involve citizens. Why could the eight week excercise not take place along our southern border where there is real insurgency taking place; where the exercise would have meaning and added value? Why in the interior, in the conservative leaning areas of Colorado, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona far from border? They won’t offer a plausible explanation.

The absolute and unabashed abuse of the presidential office including pressure put upon appointed secretaries and department heads, the burying of information by government officials, the deceiving, stonewalling, misdirecting and otherwise delaying congressional investigations leads one to question motives for this training mission. The illegal use of the IRS to quash the legitimate voting rights of political opponents, Fast and Furious and Benghazi cover-ups are but a very few examples to illustrate defiance of the laws of the nation and rights of the citizens by the those at the apex of the political structure.

Societal collapse is coming and it is being goaded and guided by those at the top. As I have said so many times before, I do not believe Obama is at the top. He is merely a stage player. There are much more powerful directors in the wings who change the script to demand more drama as the curtain closes on each act. This allows Obama to play golf or take extended vacations during crises – he’s not involved in the decision making.

Inciting the Occupy Wall Street movement against the “1%” didn’t take hold. Lasting nearly two months it was enduring but the agitators simply couldn’t raise the level of anger to the point of riot they wanted. Most of the occupiers were drawn to a Woodstock-like atmosphere and really weren’t engaged in any cause, some couldn’t even explain the meaning of the event. Instead, a major implosion occurred with drug use, sexual assaults, physical assaults and thefts among the protesters. There was little cohesion and thus no way to energize the players to revolt. What was lacking was a charismatic, on-point community organizer like Barack H. Obama.

For now, it seems the easiest way to animate a dull thinking crowd is to use race. It worked in Furgeson, it worked to a slight extent in New York and it worked in Baltimore. The Socialists have tried and are continuing to use the wages of women against men, guaranteed minimum wage, minorities against whites and impoverished against police.  They are fracturing society any way possible to cause dissent. Look for more of the same and look for community organizers to become more aggressive.

Early in 2009, the administration leaders voiced  that the major threats to the country were those people who want the Constitution read and followed (the Bill of Rights amendments 1, 2, and 4 in particular), church goers (people who don’t believe government is the deity) and veterans (patriots who served their nation). These elite comrades profess a fear of climate change and American patriots more than ISIS (the JV team) or other jihadists.

Can Jade Helm 15 really be about controling or combating foreign insurgents here at home?


April 23, 2015

When they don’t get their way, the Marxists of this regime continue to vindictively punish the citizens. Remember when the National Parks Service closed the WWI memorial…on Memorial Day?

The move was meant to harm veterans. It was said to be necessary due to the sequestration (read: reasoned spending plan agreed upon in the Budget Control Act of 2011). However, the Obamas managed to make available enough taxpayer money to take a nine day vacation to Hawaii costing over $4 million. But that was nothing compared to Michele’s jaunt to Africa the same year costing us over $100 million. Ah, to hell with the damn vets, they’re old and so few of them left anyway!

And then the trumpeting that Social Security checks would be delayed for the same reason? That, too, was simply to show the maturing populace who is really in control.

Well, now it seems the IRS deliberately cut their customer service staff during tax season. What really happened?  IRS Commissioner John Koskinen purposely diverted $134 million from his customer service division for no reason other than to cause pain. You couldn’t, and still can’t, get your questions answered but there remains an army of auditors (some armed) on payroll ready to make your life miserable because you neglected to declare $10 in interest on your savings account as income.

When will the American public awaken to see we have a Marxist tyrant in charge who has appointed cabinet members, advisors and secretaries of like mind?
1. the economy remains that of some third world countries
2. the labor force participation rate stands at 62.7%  for a true unemployment rate is 37.3%
3. our military is demoralized and diminished
4. we effectively have no borders to define our country
5. people with no right to be on our soil are drawing down on our now meager resources
6. the Attorney General conspiculously refuses to bring suit against blatant lawbreakers if they also are Marxists, black, Muslim or Democrats
7. The EPA imposes ridiculous regulations on businesses for no apparent reason other than profit gouging compliance
8. every time one of the elite Marxists doesn’t get his or her way, you and I suffer more

It’s time to do something other than waving our hands and blurting out, “What difference, at this point, does it make”? It’s time for the citizens to retake control of our government as intended by the founding fathers.