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June 19, 2018

I just love the noise coming from our congressional anti-Trump Democrats and even many with an (R) after their name. If the president is for it, they are against it even if they were for it prior to the November 8, 2016 (10:00pm EST) vote tally. And the expression of dissent is so hateful!

Despite his efforts to correct the dictatorial edicts made by his predecessor, President Trump has been called every vile name possible. He has been compared to Hitler so many times that even high school and college kids are actually beginning to Google “Hitler” to find out why they are supposed to despise him (them). Apparently, public schools have replaced world history with social justice classes.

In any case, the fact that someone has been associated with the Republican party and does not agree with everything this president says or does, does not make them the “official source” of all that is true. Constantly we hear “James Comey is a Republican”, “Robert Mueller is a Republican” or so-and-so was appointed by a Republican, therefore they cannot be biased either for Hillary or against Trump. When a sitting congressman or Senator with an (R) after their name says something derogatory about the current administration, he or she becomes the authority and their words become the chant of the MSM outlets for the following 72 hours or beyond.

President Trump ran under the Republican ticket, accepted the Republican nomination and won the presidency but with little help from the Republican party. He is not a true Republican by the definition of any era. He was a registered Democrat for many years. Today he is the President of the United States. He is a businessman trying to do the job no politician is willing to do. He is doing a pretty darn good job of it, too, without the support of the old line politicians…of either party. Because he is not Hillary Clinton (former Queen and twice losing Democrat), and he is not a traditional politician, and because he is not a life-long tax paratrophic, he is reviled by many in both of the major parties.

He’s the new kid on the block and everyone must stand back until he starts giving out candy. When each person has enough gifts, they might cautiously approach for more. It’s kinda like the raccoon that crosses your property every night. If he sees you put out food and a bowl of water enough evenings, eventually he will approach you while you do it. He might even appear to be friendly until the rabid animal bites you.

Personally, I don’t expect the president to hand out any more candy again before he gets to ride that brand new bicycle. President Trump was duped once by the conniving politicians of congress. He signed a massive, deficit riddled CR without funding for a security wall on our southern border. I seriously doubt that will happen again in the next 30 months.

President Trump is not Hitler and Joe Scarborough is no authority on either Hitler or this presidency.


October 24, 2016

I am not a Putin lover. I do not agree with his abusive, aggressive and repressive methods of ruling. However, I do not blame him or his government for the world’s ills any more than I blame Obama. That may be a toss-up! I do accept that there may be some involvement in hacking emails to obtain government secrets.

They may even be complicit in the information Wikileaks is sharing regarding Hillary’s unlawful email interactions and information storage. However: “What difference, at this point, does it make” if it is the Russians, Guccifer, the NSA, Barack Obama, Donald Trump or Dorothy and Toto who hacked the emails? It’s about the content, not who obtained it, how it was obtained or who shares it.

This is all distortion, distraction and misdirection. This finger pointing is typical liberal cookie theft. This is the Alinsky method taught to the upcoming socialists in the 1960s and 1970s; the politicians, teachers, and journalism professors of today.

I’m sure you remember the school yard bully who would come up from behind and excitedly yell, “Look, over there”. As the object child and those around looked off in the distance to see nothing, the bully would take off. Like him, the yummy chocolate chip cookie that mom lovingly baked would turn up missing. Everybody suspected who had done it but, because everybody was distracted, nobody could prove it. None the less, the cookie was gone.

The email scandal, like so many other administration crimes associated with it, is portrayed as some fault other than the actual perpetrator’s. It’s not Hillary’s or Podesta’s or Huma’s fault that this stuff was said or written. No, it’s the fault of the “Ruskies” and Wikileaks for receiving and sharing the nasty stuff. It’s also the fault of FOX News for talking about the leaked emails and other subjects that the MSM discards to protect their own.

And if you believe there is fraud in the election process, you must be un-American. That’s the kind of stuff that happens in dictatorships and banana republics, not in America.

You can’t believe anything coming from Project Veritas because James O’Keefe was prosecuted for presenting truth in a media universe otherwise devoid of it. He uses deceitful methods to garner the truth from deceitful lawbreakers. He then presents unedited questions and responses in video format similar to any broadcast news story.

ACORN, Planned Parenthood and the DNC don’t actually do the things their corporate heads, employees and contractors say they do because O’Keefe’s employees didn’t tell the personnel they were being taped. Thus, the left claims his videos are subject to question.

If we’re going to shoot messengers, it should be those who present lies and distortions for personal, corporate or political gain, not those who convey the truth. Give investigative journalism a break. Establishment news disseminators no longer bother with research and few expend the effort to even verify that which comes to them bundled.

Corruption is corruption even if the Russians find out about it and Wikileaks publishes it.


December 26, 2012

So it takes a paper like the New York Post to find and share information as described in “THE MEDIA AND THE TRUTH” posted earlier today.  First we were told, “Not a problem, we’ve taken care of the culprits”.  Now we find out that they were simply on administrative (undoubtedly paid) leave.  I guess the State Department clerk that I joked about will be back at his desk, viewing porn for eight hours a day again, after the holidays.  No discipline is expected.

Hmmm, probably won’t hear about this on MSNBC today.

Benghazi penalties are bogus


Last Updated: 1:46 AM, December 26, 2012

The four officials supposedly out of jobs because of their blunders in the run-up to the deadly Benghazi terror attack remain on the State Department payroll — and will all be back to work soon, The Post has learned.

The highest-ranking official caught up in the scandal, Assistant Secretary of State Eric Boswell, has not “resigned” from government service, as officials said last week. He is just switching desks.  And the other three are simply on administrative leave and are expected back.


December 26, 2012

The man who usurps authority, resoundingly rejects responsibility for himself or his appointees or their charges.  A good parachute will keep any of them from penning a tell-all book until he is well out of office.  He can then deny the truth and blame someone else for each derogatory depiction.

The spin given to, or created by the media, for covering damning stories is very easy to see beyond if one chooses to look beyond.  When the spinning stops or begins to wobble, “ongoing investigation” is the rallying cry of diversion.  After hearing this misdirection for a few weeks, even the most concerned citizens move on to other hot topics.

Brainwashing is the forcible exposure to only one side of a proposition, news event, or politically ideology, etc. until it becomes accepted as truth.  Self induced ignorance is choosing to expose your mind to only one possibility while resoundingly rejecting all others.  Willingly hearing only that which verifies one’s “inherent knowledge” reinforces continued lack of thought and brainwashes the ignorant.

Auto Bailout – Many believe, due to tightly controlled information dissemination, that without taxpayer monies going to GM and Chrysler that the American auto industry would be no more.  As well, because of selective and creative reporting, too many Americans believe that their money has been repaid with interest to the Treasury.

Mitt Romney was chastised for his remarks that the industry warranted a managed bankruptcy and restructuring bolstered by government backed loan guarantees.  Such a plan, he said, would enable the manufacturers the opportunity to rebuild a stronger base.

The reverse actually happened with taxpayer funds going securely to the unions, with little going to production facilities, before GM and Chrysler declared bankruptcy.  $34 billion was afforded to the two car companies under the guise of saving American jobs and corporate viability.  The distortions offered by the dump and bury press, asserted the bailout did exactly that.  However, a little deeper look shows quite the opposite.

Over 40,000 former American auto industry workers are now suckling from the government teat as recipients of unemployment insurance and/or Welfare through no want of their own.  Production line hourly wage employees as well as dealership owners and their employees are without their former jobs with many unable to find gainful employment.

GM, however, began building plants and hiring workers in Mexico, China, Asia, Brazil and other remote locations, primarily in underdeveloped countries with the money fronted them by American taxpayers.  The company is now thriving though it has repaid only a portion of the borrowed sum.  The U.S. Treasury is preparing to sell our (your and my) remaining preferred stock for a $13 billion loss in order to release the company from its repayment obligation.  But the President takes credit for the success of the bailout and the press remains silent.

Fast and Furious – In the wake of Fast and Furious, a couple of mid-level operatives slipped away under the cover of darkness, not to be seen or heard from again.  Their classified severance packages, I’m sure, hide any threatened legal action for honest testimony.  More information about the operation has come from knowledgeable anonymous sources within the Department of Justice, who the obvious repercussions of formal announcement, than has come from those in charge.

Eric Holder and the Department of Justice have classified much of the incriminating paperwork and correspondence, apparently, to keep it from becoming evidence of top level corruption.  Documents pertinent to the committee investigation are so heavily redacted that they are of no help.

The legendary rug now covers this dusty story without any proverbial rolling heads or resolution.  Overshadowed by delays, diversions, other unnecessary killings and natural disasters, it is now all but forgotten.  Resolution is assumed by the general public due to an intentional lack of adequate investigative reporting.  History is being rewritten as I write this piece.

Benghazi – First, a story about a low budget, Internet film that few people ever watched became the excuse to override the lack of security or support for American personnel in hostile territory.  Devised at the highest levels of government and pushed by department heads, ambassadors and peripheral personnel on highly view talk shows, more people came to believe there is no hatred of America or Americans, just a profound dislike of blasphemy against Mohammad.

The incident happened on Sept. 11, only two months before the presidential election.  Since the President had so often loudly proclaimed that the killing of Bin Laden on his watch virtually disbanded Al Queda, acknowledging the murderous zealots as major participants would only present a conflict of lies.

The President was so concerned about the killing of three Americans, he continued his begging for dollars tour in Las Vegas hours after the incident.  The media covered the fund raisers with favorable light.

Once again, two Defense Department parking attendants and a clerk for the State Department were dismissed in hopes that the problem would go away.  Unavailable with global appointments since the incident and now suffering from a month long headache, the Secretary of State will testify before a congressional committee after she leaves office and attention to the matter is redirected.  Expect little profit from the prepared testimony, but a grand Ooh-Rah from MSNBC.

This President, over the past four years has offered this country nothing other than finger pointing, misdirection, redirection, cover-ups, nepotism, donor payback through taxpayer funds and massive indebtedness.

With three-quarters of the voting public exposing themselves to only half (or less) of the political information available, is there really a question how this man was re-elected?  Bury your head and this is what you get.  Unfortunately, many suffer the consequences of the ill informed.

Buckle up and hope we now have four more years of only the same.  It appears times are  destined to get worse.  But, if anything is covered by the MSM, it will be reported as “recovery”.


June 20, 2011

By JULIE MASON | 6/19/11 11:14 PM EDT

Leaders of a national Hispanic organization are criticizing President Barack Obama for skipping their annual conference for the third consecutive year after he promised as a candidate in 2008 that he would return as president.

Some members of the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials also are questioning Obama’s commitment to immigration reform, noting that deportations have increased under his watch — even as the administration intensifies its outreach for Hispanic votes. NALEO, which includes more than 6,000 Latino leaders who represent major blocs of voters in key electoral states, opens its annual conference Thursday in San Antonio.

Once again, he has said one thing and done another.  Now his Hispanic base is somewhat less than pleased with him.   He’s no longer catering to them, he’s crapping on them just like he’s crapping on the rest of us.

The MSM, however, cannot report with any accuracy about the number of Hispanics leaving the country.  “Noting that deportations have increased under his watch” subtly intimates that he has stepped up actions to clear the country of illegal entrants.  In fact, the number of departures has increased because the President’s economic policies are less favorable or enticing than those of our neighbors to the South.  Even with the free-bees of medical care and Welfare thrown in, it is more important for families to be together now.  The move has been largely by choice, not eviction.