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February 19, 2016

From the back rooms of Washington D.C. you can hear the quiet mutterings about “pre-kindergarten”. This has been the chatter for a few decades now. Launched in 1965, the Head Start program came into being to help low-income children “catch up” and transition from kindergarten to elementary school. Thank you liberal, progressive Democrat, President Lyndon B. Johnson.

From there, the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) morphed the program to include health, nutrition and education for low-income families and provide workshops for parents and children to prepare them for entry into kindergarten as well. The innocuous sounding program was early indoctrination for the children and Welfare immersion for the parents.

While learning to stack blocks, tie shoes and count, the children also learned to accept one parent family life as equal to having two. They learned that getting food from the local non-profit or government subsidized food bank was equivalent to shopping at the local supermarket and that the free clinic provided the same care as did the private general practitioner. Children and parents alike learned to graciously accept what was handed to them by the government. The parents learned new ways to subsist while raising a small child.

Study after study show the Head Start program does little to elevate the learning ability or energize the need or desire for education. Virtually no evidence exists that Head Start enrollees do statistically better than those who do not participate. Early nutrition education, hygiene and health training provided by the program do little to enhance the academic or health levels of the Head Start members. The failed program continues today as a large bureaucracy consuming hundreds of millions of dollars.

Fast forward thirty years and we have another prominent progressive, First Lady Hillary Clinton, writing a book, “It Takes a Village: And Other Lessons Children Teach Us”. The book describes how influences outside the home impact the emotional well-being of children. It does, however, evade speaking about how government intrusion and indoctrination make victimization forefront in the mind of today’s youth who now commit suicide rather than facing the challenges of life.

The failed social programs of yesteryear continue to evolve and grow into the monsters we have today where true education is diluted to reflect higher graduation rates. Public schools focus more on liberal doctrine and social interaction than they do on scholarly instruction, mental development and cognitive skills.

Not to be outdone by their predecessors, today’s Marxist / Socialist / Progressive liberals now want to allow parents to participate in the raising of their children. Yes, allow participation. Under the combined bureaucracy of the Department of Education and Health and Human Services parents will be “equal partners” in the raising of their children.

The Marxist takeover of the health care system of this nation changes the dynamic of family. It removes the authority of child raising from families and gives it to the government via regulation. Parents do remain responsible for negative outcomes.  Written into Obamacare is the ability for the federal government to “monitor” the household of any child and the new agency becomes a shadow parent until the child reaches majority. Physicians within the program have the ability to screen and diagnose perceived problems such as anger and depression and prescribe synthetic pharmaceuticals according to their observations. One need not be degreed in psychology, simply medicine. Nurse practitioners may also prescribe the mind and mood altering drugs. This will allow for a more mellow and compliant society.

Unless something is done to change the direction, I can visualize a soon-coming nation where genetically selected ovum and sperm are introduced to the host birther. Supplied by the State, the resultant product becomes the property of the State. The host woman then gives birth in an institutional birthing hospital, at no charge mind you, and is immediately escorted from the facility. There will be no parental duties or interaction with the child. I predict this societal metamorphosis will take place in no more than two generations. Soon thereafter, all will be accomplished in laboratories and women will have no roll in the process.

For now, Uncle Sam just wants control over your child. You remain responsible, the government simply has authority over how the child is raised. With the continuance of the aforementioned progress, the central government will have complete control over youth and adults alike.

I believe the new social order might take on the name of Societal Collectivism. Under Societal Collectivism, there will be no need for elections. With Rulers decided between and among only the “naturals”.  No laboratory produced proletariat will be allowed to participate in the process and none of the sub-lifers will be capable of reproduction.



January 20, 2016

Despite employers and industry investors trying very hard to grow business and hire workers, the federal government is constantly in the way. Obama’s desire to create “clean room” atmospheric conditions across the globe is one way he has personally stymied that growth. Under his watch of seven years now, the massive and oppressive EPA (Employee Purging Agency), has instituted myriad job killing regulations. To comply with his fairyland ideals, companies must spend time, energy, production hours and money on fantasy projects to purify the environment rather than producing product and hiring workers.

He has broken the hopes of employment or re-employment for over a third of the potential citizen workerforce by flooding the market with foreigners, some illegal and some on H-1B visas. Now he is ready to collapse the economy of the states hardest hit by his actions with a mandate that they subsidize the pay for men and women returning to the labor force.  Let’s see now…the bulk of the employee tax revenue goes to the federal government.  But the states must subsidize the wages of returning employees.  Okay, yeah, that sounds fair to me.

It is hard to tell if his attempt to micro-manage the U.S. job market and economy is failing out of ignorance or if it is suceeding as purposely planned.  Frank Marshall Davis, Saul Alinsky, Frances Fox Piven, Richard Cloward, Karl Marx, Hugo Chavez and the Castro brothers among others would agree and even applaud the outcomes.

Everything he has tried to “fundamentally change” has turned out poorly for the patriotic American people. He has decimated the top echelon of the military and reduced our security capabilities, butchered the coal industry and he has created more needy and dependent families than many third world countries. His “shovel ready” projects to rebuild the nation’s infrastructure never existed and the appropriated money was superfluously wasted. The agencies under his control have instituted and enforced fees, taxes and fines that stifle business growth. His presidency is mentored and influenced by Marxist, Socialist and Communist ideologues, lobbyists and leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood. He has caused our allies to question our trustworthiness while he appeases our most dangerous enemies.And the list goes on…

Under his tenure, and due primarily to his policies, the recession has been unnecessarily extended. Many of the better paying jobs requiring skill, education and experience have left our shores for more stablity. The remaining positions are now often filled by part time workers in order to avoid the burden of Obamacare. Employees work less, earn even less proportionally (approximately 10% less hourly) and are generally less well off than those in the same positions just ten years ago.

Yet, he is “confident that the State of our Union is strong”.


July 5, 2015

The Ministry of Truth disseminates the information we need to know and accept to keep the elite in control. “Journalists” aid the office with broadcast and print adaptations of what is happening. Both the Ministry and their tentacle allies advise us not to listen to dissenting opinion or alternate viewpoints which they pursue, distort, demean and destroy wherever possible.

According to the Ministry, President Obama is enjoying the highest approval numbers of his second term. Up by 5% over last month according to the latest CNN/ORC survey, it shows that the young and ignorant, gays, socialists and other America haters continue to blindly welcome oppression by edict. He now basks with a 50% approval among the selected respondents.

Taking a quick look at the past month, we can clearly see how the rise in popularity came about.
1. While ISIL gained more territory and displayed more violence (including cage drownings and beheading a woman), Obama admitted to the G-7 conference that because he fired all the experienced and knowledgeable military commanders, he is clueless how the murderous thugs might be controlled. Putin is now eyeing the Baltic states as the Ukrain continues to be hammered and Crimea is annexed. The United States is safe…for now.
2. National debt reporting is “frozen” at $18,112,975,000,000. The Treasury Department number has remained the same for the past 15 weeks. The reported number is $25,000,000 under the congressionally approved limit. No matter how much Michelle spends on vacations abroad, this is the number to be reported until congress raises the ceiling. The National Debt Clock records another $118 billion, but you have to seek that number.
3. Great things came to gays with a Supreme Court decision. Christians around the U.S., however, now fear the demise of religious freedom due to the court’s legislative shredding of the Constitution. Only some rights will now be violated. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof” has now been replaced by A Supreme Court decision trumps any God given right or restriction on government enumerated by the Founding Fathers.
4. Obamacare wins another round thanks to the court. Once “middle-income” patients now avoid medical attention because they can no longer afford to pay the increased premiums and meet excessive deductions without foregoing mortgage payments, rent, food or such. The ACA is working as designed.
5. Hundreds of unvetted Syrians, Lybians, Sudanese, Guatemalans, El Salvadorans, Hondurans, Chinese, etc. are allowed into the country daily. After receiving a notice to appear before an immigration magistrate, they are released into the general population. Some are briefly detained to receive nourishment, medical attention, monitary stipends, new clothing, etc. before being transported to the state of their choosing. The Ministry reports our border is more secure than it has ever been.
6. The claimed unemployment rate dropped again in June. Officially, it is now 5.3%. The number of able bodied workers who have abdicated responsibility for their personal well being in exchange for government gratuities, however, continues to rise far more rapidly than the official number drops. BLS shows that only 62.6% of the workforce is now active, down 0.3% or 56,000 from just last month.

Yes siree, The Ministry of Truth reports all is well and the polls reflect that doctrine.


June 29, 2015

The recent “decisions” of the Supreme Court indicate a drastic detour around the Constitution. Laws are written with specific language, not vague inuendos. When activist courts take those words and interject bias, bigotry, political correctness or personal and anecdotal experience into their judgement, they are no longer further defining the intended specificity. They are modifying or completely changing the intent and purpose for the chosen words of law. They are no longer interpreting the law, they are writing new law!

Congress is the branch of government charged with making law. The executive branch long ago stripped congress of their authority through the use of executive orders and giving undue jurisdiction to unelected secretaries and department heads. Now the judicial branch has removed what was left of congress’s co-equal power. Constitution be damned!

The two major decisions of the past week, Obamacare and Gay marriage, do not coincide with sanity or reason. Both are riddled with anti-American consequences. Both decisions take freedom and responsibility of choice from “We the People” and deliver them to the governing elite. The problems created by these decisions and the mitigation or adjudication of them can only further erode our republic.

The arguments presented did not justify or support objectivity and were not based in rationality.  The decisions had to have been coerced.

These decisions lend themselves to suspected foul dealings among the players of government or even beyond. Undue influence is certainly not to be ruled out. That influence might be in the form of carrot or stick. It might be bribery or blackmail. In any case, sound reason did not prevail at the end of this judicial session and it was beyond “Git ‘er done” so we can go home and play with the grand-kids.


June 6, 2015

How can you tell when Obama’s lying? For any politician this is a standing line. However, in the case of Barack Hussein Obama, his secretaries and chiefs it is a foreboding omen. You know the opposite is about to happen or is already true.

“I want to provide a tax cut for 95% of Americans. If you make less than a quarter of a million dollars a year, you will not see a single dime of your taxes go up. If you make $200,000 a year or less, your taxes will go down.” Well, except for the increased taxes paid by proxy due to excess compliance costs mandated by the IRS, HHS, EPA, FCC, FDA, CMS and on and on. Not only have your wages stagnated (if you even still have a job), the extra costs passed down have eaten further into your once disposable income resulting in a further depressed U.S. economy.

We have added more jobs – Perhaps, but the number of people dropping out of the workforce continues to rise.  More people out of the workforce and drawing entitlements from the federal and state governments (unemployment assistance, Welfare, Medicaid, Housing assistance etc.) only increase the burden on those still in the labor force.

The borders are more secure  However, what they fail to share is that the percentage of apprehensions remains the same, about 30%. Also, the number of illegal aliens admitted in has significantly increased. That means that a larger amount of drugs, and more weapons and more foreigners including some tied to radical Islamic terrorism are making it through the porous net.

“Our economy is growing stronger every day”

“Voter fraud is insignificant.” “Requiring photo identification at the polls disenfranchises blacks and poor people.”

Immigration reform is not amnesty

Illegal immigrants will not access the ACA

“I also have ahealth care plan that will save that will save the average family $2,500 per year.”