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April 3, 2017

Liberals can, and will, find a way to offend themselves no matter what!  For a liberal to become upset, he or she (Ze, Hu, Mx, Ne or whatever pronoun they have chosen) simply needs to see or hear something other than what they want to see or hear…anything.  If they don’t retreat to a safe space, the fragile pastels immediately grab their ‘at the ready’ colored markers and cardboard.  They make signs, tweet their angst and take up arms in opposition to sanity.

Take for example the following billboard:

Fake news? Perhaps. But the Washington Post, USA Today, CNN, Huffington Post, and many other MSM and Internet sites carried some form of the story accompanied by pictures of protesters offended by the words of the billboard. Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites spread the word of the advertiser’s hatred for girls and women. “It’s never OK to throw rocks at girls” they said. Instead of accepting the message of the advertisement by Spicer Greene Jewelers, they took to the streets in condemnation of the company that toyed with a well-known saying.

In this case, the hell-bent-for-divisiveness coalition took a few words on display out of context and allowed the syllables to fuel their anger. The true message is pretty obvious to anyone of common intellect. It’s even within the picture. We’re not talking large granite projectiles or even dirt clods hurled at innocent children. They’re gemstones, you useless idiots. Women and girls generally like elegant and colorful adornments.

However, liberals can find anger where there is no reason for it. How can they do this? It is inherent within the doctrine they accept. <link>

They, the snowflake lemmings of the left, condemn normal minded individuals for wanting biological females to use one public restroom, locker room or shower facility and expecting that men use others. They use hate words like homophobe and bigot to describe people who choose to have gender specific privacy areas. They become hostile as they try to denounce relative normalcy in the name of civility. (It’s the inclusive and compassionate liberal way.)

However, let a one of them discover an obvious sexual pervert or known molester, (allowed by the social engineering laws they promote) within what was once their personal space. That’s the time they want the individual arrested for following their liberal directives.

Liberals are easy to offend and anger. Just be reasonable; use logic.  It will get to them every time.


January 10, 2017

Barack knows that we are going to have to make sacrifices; we are going to have to change our conversation; we’re going to have to change our traditions, our history; we’re going to have to move into a different place as a nation.” Michelle Obama, May 14, 2008 San Juan, Puerto Rico

The term ‘Bizarro’ is an informal expression used to describe a situation that is so contorted it requires a person to cock their head to one side, shake it and take another look. The works of M.C. Escher could definitely be called Bizarro for they visually defy all reason and logic. To look at them critically can be disturbing to the normal mind and cause seizures in others.

The world today looks more like an Escher drawing than reality. We have become Bizarro World, USA.


What confusing times we live in now. In one case, a white man wearing dreadlocks in the inner city constituted cause for a beating by four black men. The bold hairstyle was, to them, considered unacceptable “cultural appropriation”. The unwritten and ever changing liberal doctrine, does not allow for some people to incorporate diversity into their lives.

On the other side of the liberal coin, if you live in California, Arizona or Texas no matter what your race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or country of origin you must celebrate Cinco de Mayo by drinking tequila and eating tacos and nachos on May 5. Otherwise, you’re a racist. However, don’t wear a sombrero to a masquerade party on Halloween because the head wear depicts a negative stereotype of Mexicans.

No longer do military men and women have to conform to a dress code. Uniform is no longer uniform. Turbans, hijabs, beards, dreadlocks, cornrows and twists are now acceptable personal hairstyles and grooming modes while in service to the nation. Those personal displays are for religious and cultural accommodations. Tradition has changed. Wearing a Star of David or a cross in plain view remains verboten.

At the current rate, I fear that soon, learning to march in unison, to work together and as a team, will no longer be a part of the military regimen. Perhaps saluting (a sign of respect to superiors) will also be abandoned.

The system of rules and regulations, that is and maintains discipline within the military, is eroded. In the military ranks it is devastating. It is another aspect of Obama and his administration diminishing the superiority of our armed forces. Rapid and constant change only creates disruption and chaos.

I hope that when President-elect Trump says he wants to make America great again, he means to restore those values and traditions that contributed to our imperfect but admirable history. Blocking illegal immigration and expelling the criminal element is a start. Screening immigrants to allow those who can enhance the country with their intellect, education and knowledge along with those among the most needy and persecuted will benefit and empower all. It is the perfect second step to comprehensive immigration reform. Those are the traditions of our history that the recent miserable, Marxist, socialist First Couple have marred and destroyed.

There are ten  days remaining before a new administration can begin rebuilding the economy, creating jobs, restoring civility and common sense and well, generally righting the many contemptuous and destructive acts of the past eight years. Democrats in congress are ready to make the transition back to normalcy as miserable and rugged as possible.  They just don’t seem to comprehend that elections have consequences.  But that’s the way they demonstrate their compassion, inclusiveness, understanding and acceptance.





January 28, 2015

In today’s politically correct world, it is becoming more and more difficult to say, write, draw, do, view, point out, point to, film, drive, eat, drink, breathe, dress, package, act or simply exist without offending someone. Political correctness is now a license to grouse, gripe, carp, grumble, whine, cry, fuss, crab, piss and moan or sue about anything of your choice.

Frankly, it’s just about time for a massive pendulum swing. Political correctness has made wimps of our kids to the point that they commit suicide if they are teased, admonished or corrected. It has gotten to the point that a less than stellar grade sends them to the psychiatrist who prescribes a, or some, psychoactive pharmaceutical(s). When the other children verbally acknowledge the new robotic demeanor, it can be more devastating than before the medication. Not taking the medication after the body and mind have acclimated to it can be even more damaging. In fact, it can be downright deadly.

Vegans want all meat products removed from their view. It makes them sick to see dead flesh. Dry alcoholics demand beer, wine and liquor be removed from restaurant menus. If a person voices a belief that marriage is the union of a natural man and a natural woman, they might be called names, shot, stabbed or set on fire for being intolerant. Drawing a picture of a gun can set anti-gun zealots into a frenzy causing a child to be stigmatized for life. (But he or she can then get some strong anti-depressants to help him or her cope.)

Pork and pork products are now being removed from fast food menus to keep from offending Muslims. Muslim store clerks now refuse to even scan any pork, ham or bacon products for payment. Yet, they are paid the same as a person who does the whole job. People who have crossed into the country without permission, defiant of our immigration laws, protest vehemently and sometimes violently when referred to as illegal aliens. Once here, they demand a full array of taxpayer paid benefits and services.

Apparently, referring to radical Islamic extremists as a radical Islamist extremists is unacceptable to radical Islamic extremists and will cause them to commit violent acts while screaming “allahu akbar”.

The days of “Sticks and stones can break my bones, but names can never hurt me” are gone. The replacement saying might be something to the effect of, “Call me a name and I’ll cry and sue you because society has made me too weak and fragile to cope with every day life”.

Apparently, now, to keep from offending anyone we must sit down, shut up, fold our hands and always smile but never smirk. We cannot voice an opinion or express a thought. To avoid offending, we must be androids; Stepford automatons that can be teased, belittled, worked and taxed to death by the deviant but compassionate and tolerant liberals and other fanatics who accept only what they create or know inherently. But that bothers me.  I think I’ll go take a pill and settle down so I don’t offend anyone.