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June 16, 2013

For those of you with your heads still stuck in the sand, perhaps this will resonate through the silica and reach your brain.  The nation is under tyrannical rule.  We have lost all of our rights.  We have lost all the restrictions on government guaranteed by the Constitution and we are now subjects of a radical ruler. 

The good thing is that Obama did, in fact, tell the truth when he stated he would “fundamentally change America”.  He said he would, and he has.  That was probably the last truth spoken to the American people in an open forum, but he did say it.

Since the revelation earlier this month about the insecurity of our national security information, I have been ambivalent toward Edward Snowden.  Giving away true national security information is a Bozo No-No that should carry the most severe consequences.  However, informing the public about unauthorized and even unconstitutional action on the part of a tyranny trending administration is something that America needs to know.  That’s been my dilemma.

The MSM, of course, carries only the government version of the story.  It started much like the IRS potboiler with deny, deny, deny, demean, besmirch, belittle and destroy the credibility of a low-level contractor who simply wanted to strike out.

As more information trickles out, however, my thoughts are trending toward it was the right thing to do but the wrong way to go about it.  I don’t, and can’t, agree with Snowden’s running to China with the information.  However, with thought given to the situation, it would be difficult to find few places on this planet to be safe and be able to unburden his mind of things he obviously saw as wrong.  He couldn’t go to his superiors.  Questioning his function would surely get him fired and he would then have no credibility.  He couldn’t even go to the President with this information because he didn’t know the level the unethical and possibly illegal spy orders originated.

He couldn’t go home and write about this bother in a blog.  If some analyst with the NSA read the posting, surely arrest, silencing, ridicule and possibly a trip to Guantanamo Bay before anyone recognized his absence might await him.  He wouldn’t be the first to vanish on a two block walk home from Starbucks.  You don’t have to be a terrorist to disappear anymore.  Doing or saying anything against the workings of the government or not agreeing enthusiastically or even compliantly with the current administration now causes the average patriotic citizen years of harassment.

CNet News offered the following headline and story.

NSA admits listening to U.S. phone calls without warrants

It seems Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) shared information of a secret briefing that if the NSA wants to listen to the contents of a phone call, an analyst could decide that.  An analyst’s decision is sufficient.

Access the full story

If only someone could have foreseen this.  Oh, that’s right; George Orwell did some 65 years ago.



June 15, 2013

It’s just one brownie theft after another.  While everybody is looking at the major scandals, because that’s where Obama wants your attention, the triple-chocolate brownie is being taken from your lunch sack again.

Yes, the Fast and Furious, Benghazi, AP, EPA, NSA, IRS issues and lying before congressional investigative committees are all important.  The hacking of work and home phone lines and computers used by legitimate news reporters (Attkisson and Rosen) in the name of national security has meaning, too.  All pale in comparison, however, to what you are also not hearing about through the Obamadoring news outlets.  If it doesn’t send a thrill up Chris Mathews’ leg, it isn’t worth reporting.

One must surmise that we simply don’t have enough radical Islamic jihadists arriving through our porous southern border cloaked in darkness.  Since we don’t support enough people abroad with our tax dollars, the President of the United States of America and his State Department are making plans to import refugees from Syria and other Middle Eastern hot spots.

Worry naught however.  Each and every one of the potential bomb toters will be thoroughly vetted upon entering our country to take part in our Welfare and Obamacare systems.  They will be treated with the same diligence by the DOJ and DHS as the 29-year-old Edward Snowden.  Well, maybe they won’t all be given a Top-Secret security clearance, but I’m sure any who choose to will tour the White House. Perhaps some will even be displayed along side the President when he addresses the Teleprompter American public just like the useful mourning Newtown families.

So now we have the government spying on patriotic citizens but ignoring Mosques suspected of radicalizing Muslims.  Top officials in the administration claim not to know what their subordinates do during the work day.  The FBI Director doesn’t even know who he put in charge of the IRS investigation, how many agents are working to find the truth or what, if anything, has been found to this point. 

The IRS, the people who fine and slander you if you cannot produce proof of a work related four dollar deduction to your income tax, cannot substantiate their multi-million dollar parties with original receipts.  None of the Directors, Secretaries, Bureau Chiefs or other overpaid presidential marionettes can remember the gender of their first-born when questioned by a congressional investigative committee.

“We the People” are simply asked to surrender our personal protection and have trust and faith in the most transparent administration in the history of the United States.

I could be wrong, but it all looks like subversion and treason to me.