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November 8, 2014

Almost immediately the tide changed with the seating of the 114th Congress.

The first thing accomplished was the start up of the Keystone XL pipeline that put 150 people to work. The first people to be employed went to work culling resumes, interviewing prospects and hiring thousands of workers for positions paying in excess of $25.00 per hour. Once shuttered hardware stores, restaurants and convenience stores reopened in dying towns. The revitalized businesses employed more people, many of whom hadn’t worked in years. They were ecstatic. As the pipeline grew, so did businesses, towns and cities along the way.

Peripheral businesses also recovered. People began paying their bills out of their earnings. They were able to buy cars, houses, snow blowers and lawnmowers. They once again frequented local restaurants and movie theaters. America came alive once again.

When it was established that employers would be heavily fined for hiring illegal aliens despite the president’s de-facto amnesty, many more Americans were hired into positions consistent with their education and skill levels. The tax base grew and fewer people drew down on Welfare and subsidies.

Mexican authorities were overwhelmed by the flood of people repatriating through their country from America when congress cut funding to undocumented aliens. No longer were law breakers given taxpayer money and benefits. Pregnant women entering the country to have anchor babies were transported to the point of entry shortly after the delivery of their healthy baby. Only those with valid visas were allowed to claim citizenship for their children delivered on American soil.

Citizens of Central and South America and other global countries once again found their way home. Some had to spend time in Mexican jails to answer for criminal activity or while authorities established their true identities and origins. Some of those headed home carried as many as five different identifications each with a different name. This was confusing to the guards on the Mexican side of the border. America left the border open with one-way gates to the South.

It became easier to enter the country, work, earn, pay taxes and become citizens for those who followed the rule of law.

It was around October of 2015 when the final modifications to the healthcare mandate, aka Obamacare, were finally ironed out and passed over the president’s veto. It once again became a right of the people to care for their own health. No longer did they have to pay unreasonable premiums for medical services they could not use or face unaffordable deductibles that kept them from seeing doctors. The general population of the United States could once again afford to go to the doctor without taking out a title loan on the family automobile.

The terms racist and sexist took their places in history with the election of women and men of all races and religions, elected to govern under the Republican ticket.



September 5, 2014

Oh, how can this be? Electric vehicle sales are not meeting projections made five years ago. And that is different from this administration’s lies and propagandistic prophecies about the economy in general, global warming, jobs, education, health, etc…how?

Huge subsidies couldn’t drive sales for some of the overpriced vehicles and get some of them on the road. The marketing idea is that if others are driving them, more people will feel inclined to join the movement. That strategy works well in so many areas, how could it miss?

In order to get some rolling, the federal government borrowed money from other countries for “We the People” to repay through higher taxes. Then, they gave it to their favorite green companies and car companies developing electric automobiles. Next, they gave the car companies some more money for every car sold to offset the excess consumer price and bring it in line with marketable personal transportation. Lastly, because sales still did not appear, there were tax incentives to the buyers just to get some of the cars on the streets.

Remember the release of the Chevy Volt? They were rusting on dealer lots because, in spite of millions of dollars granted to GM for research and development, the automobiles were not price competitive. Give-away lease payments (about $225 per month) allowed a lucky few the opportunity to drive one for two years. None the less, it wasn’t until the Pentagon purchased 1,500 that sales began on the car that cost us, you and me, an estimated $89,000 to produce. That surge was short lived.

In a recent Los Angeles Times article, Charles Fleming wrote “Electric vehicle sales are slow, or even stagnant, even during a record August sales period. Stable gas prices seem to have discouraged new buyers from considering the switch to electric.”

Stable gas prices? They may not be rising as fast as Obama would like, but they still remain twice what they were five years ago. Is that the only answer, or could it be that even the environmentalists who pushed for green cars have finally opened their eyes?

Yes, gas prices are high and internal combustion engines do pollute. However, in January, 2008, Barack Hussein Obama promised, “Under my plan of a cap and trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket.”

If you take that to heart, you might understand that getting from point A to point B in electric autos is about to get disproportionately expensive. Realistically, the current cost per mile for electric or gasoline driven autos is about the same. Hybrids, however, are proving to be more economical.


October 22, 2012

The government is as much about investigating one department after another as it is about over-regulating private sector business.  With billions and even trillions of dollars to cast about, crony capitalism is an undying charge.  There will always be a Power Elite with seemingly unfettered access to a pile of cash, and there will always be friends with hands out pleading for a bit of it.  Cronyism continues to be an escalating malady of the power bureaucracy as it infects the White House, Congress, and virtually every agency and department of each administration.

Recently, we have seen a Robin Hood figurehead who likes to reward his large donors and friends with the redistributed earnings of other rich, the middle class, and the poor.  The only difference being how large a harvest each group can willingly or unwittingly provide.  The payback comes from taxes, and everybody pays taxes in one form or another.  Even those with no other income provide a slight return on their receipt of federal monies through purchase of gasoline, diesel, public transportation, electricity payment, non food items, etc.

The unprecedented closing of Republican owned auto dealerships and community banks during the T.A.R.P. and Stimulus giveaways provided the first indication that the money distribution for this administration was political, not fair, equal, level or balanced.

Picking business winners and losers with taxpayer money seems to be the theme of the current Presidential Palace.  They’re either brilliant or completely incompetent.  The jury is still out on the ultimate intent.  However, enough direct campaign donations coming from within a “green” company, or enough money bundled by the CEO of such a company warrants a stimulus payment regardless of the viability of that entity or projected outcome of the reward.  Evidence abounds with the likes of Solyndra, Sun Power, Abound Solar, Amonix Solar, Beacon Power, Ecotality, Ener1, UniSolar, Azure Dynamics, Evergreen Solar, Solar Trust of America, Bright Source, LSP Energy, Energy Conversion Devices, A123 Systems, Fisker Karma (using A123 Systems batteries), and the heavily subsidized Chevy Volt from GM, as a sampling of companies receiving millions of taxpayer dollars that either failed to produce jobs or viable products before declaring bankruptcy.

Collectively costing taxpayers and future generations tens, if not hundreds, of billions of dollars, the failed companies and/or their ‘C’ level executives did, and continue to, produce millions of dollars in campaign contributions for the current political band of merry men.

Contingents to, but with their own financial subcategories include:

Voter fraud – Democrats continue to push that every person legally in the United States carries a federal identification card.  Republicans push back, saying such a card would create a privacy invasive biometric tracking of each and every carrier.  Yet, Republicans want each voter to show identification when registering to vote and at the polls.  Democrats claim such a measure is simply to disenfranchise members of their party’s base.  Compromise seems unlikely between the warring factions within Congress, and the oft adversarial judiciary seems ever ready to defeat any headway.

The current White House inhabitants have shown beyond a reasonable doubt that there are endowments beyond a paycheck for holding office, even within a deep recession.  The lavish Wednesday night parties are a small part of the prevailing officialdom.  Concerts featuring entertainers the likes of B.B. King, Paul McCartney, and Mick Jagger are now accepted as the norm.  Chefs, flown in to prepare meals for the royals, receive handsome compensation for their peregrine culinary artistry.  Most citizens may consider them extravagant parties, but they don’t even warrant an expense line in the President’s entertainment budget, which of course, receives additional and unrestricted revenue replenishment if overrun in any fiscal period.

And, talk about spreading the wealth through entitlements.  We, the struggling, find ourselves collectively funding exotic vacations to distant states and far away lands.  Most of us would like to afford a photo collection from these romps that even National Geographic does not depict.  However, many of us are spending too much time trying to earn enough money to put food on the table.  The First Lady, however, is able to list such vacations as youth leadership, education, health, and wellness tours.  By allowing her children to accompany her, as “senior staff”, there is no personal recompense required for the multimillion dollar jaunts.

Flouting the law for government officials is now so accepted that many incidents receive no attention even from diligent watchdog groups.  There is so much of it happening that identifying, researching, investigating, and reporting even a commendable portion of the corruption is virtually impossible without government funding.  And, when government funding or assistance is involved, less progress is realized because more truth is buried.

Fundraisers and campaign stops billed as business meetings with governors, presidential aides, appointed secretaries, etc. illegally pronouncing their endorsements for the incumbent president warrant no question from the FEC.  Likewise, no questions of concern arise by the current re-election campaign regarding receipt of foreign donations and those from unidentifiable sources.  Again, neither the appointed “sheriff” of the FEC nor any of the commission members show a modicum of concern.

Eric Holder, the Attorney General of the United States of America, shows a lack of respect for Congress and the citizens of our country on nearly a daily basis.  Fast and Furious received a lot of attention once it was identified that a Border Patrol agent died as a result of the uncontrolled operation.  Prior to that, he failed to prosecute or even investigate members of the Black Panthers for their participation in what many considered voter fraud.  He continues to deny the existence of any such fraud in the inner cities and other areas heavily Democrat based.  With the assurance that Attorneys General (certifying vote counts) in critical states have a glove on the outcome, Holder’s only concern might be if FOXNews has cameras in the area.

“But we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it…” is the way this administration and those cow-towing to them operate.  They passed the bill along strictly partisan lines without understanding what it said because none bothered to read the hideous legislation.  As the Democrats entered the Capital building on the day of the vote, Speaker Pelosi carried a giant gavel, illustrating that no power could overcome their wishes of passage.  Republicans, nor seniors, nor children, nor any constituent of the voters concerned them; they were nonrepresentatively, proudly, and corruptibly unstoppable.

Our country has been moving away from a Democratic Republic and toward a dictatorial socialist state for decades.  With more people voting themselves more entitlements and stipends, and with a President ruling by Executive Order rather than signing congressionally passed legislation, we rapidly approach an unrestrained bureaucratic oligarchy.  Another four years and we might reach complete dictatorship…Hugo just won again!  Sadam used to win with landslide margins.


He who fills your personal pocket immediately will not guarantee longevity of the unearned wealth.  Call me RACIST if it makes you feel better, but my concerns are for the survival of the country, not the melatonin level of an individual.  At any rate, please think before “pulling the lever” on Nov. 6 for any candidate or proposition.


September 12, 2012

“Vote early and vote often” is the rallying cry generally attributed to Richard J. Daley, 21 year mayor and undisputed Democratic boss of Chicago.  It does seem to be a prevalent command theme to party members everywhere, though.

While Eric Holder vehemently denies a need to show I.D. at the polls because there is insignificant voter fraud, at least one party member votes as often as she can.  I’m not talking about the dead who show up on the voter roles and at the polls on election day and I’m not speaking of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck or Yogi Bear who do the same.  This time a Democrat candidate for public office has been caught.

Meet congressional candidate, Wendy Rosen.  She’s a Cockeysville (you can’t make this stuff up, folks) Maryland business woman and challenger for Maryland’s 1st Congressional District.  Ms. Rosen lives in Maryland and owns vacation property in Florida.

Maryland State Democratic Chairwoman, Yvette Lewis, reports that Rosen registered and voted in both Maryland and Florida.  Records indicate Wendy Rosen cast ballots in both Maryland and Florida during the 2006 and 2008 primaries and general elections.  Without compunction, the Democrat congressional candidate readily admits voting in Florida to help a good friend get elected to local office(Given she is voting Democrat tickets in both locations, there may not be any fraud found.)

Meanwhile, on the other coast, city officials in Los Angeles are seriously considering a multi-use library card.  The government issued card will constitute a valid a form of identification for the city’s large illegal immigrant population.  It could also be used to open bank accounts and access an array of city services.

A large number of illegal immigrants enter the U.S. knowing they may participate in government give-away programs.  This, or any other form of I.D., will not be required to vote and grant themselves more money and services from local, state and federal resources.  If they vote Democrat, as expected, they can vote in as many locals as they can reach on election day.  Some may also vote via absentee ballot in those and other precincts because they will be “out of the shadows”.


September 12, 2011

obama speech


This evening, Obummer will send his $447 billion jobs bill to Congress.  If this bill is as effective as the last one, we can expect unemployment to begin rising once again, inflation to grow and more of the middle class moved into lower or even poverty classes. At the same time, we will see more intra-government spending and growth.

Sometime next week he is expected to outline (never any specifics) for the Super Committee and the American people a deficit reduction proposalMr. President, the way to reduce a deficit is to spend less than you take in.  That doesn’t mean to take more from the people who earn it so that you can continue overspending at an ever increasing rate.  It’s called Econ. 101, idiot!

If only the spending were to ease; if only the maniacal and economic assault were to cease, the private sector would once again rebound with job growth and life enhancing influence.

The intelligent American people are reaching a point of revolt against the depressing influences of this administration.  It is happening around the world and it will be coming, soon, to a town near you.  Hopefully, there will be no violent rioting as happens with the left, just strong and forceful, yet peaceful opposition to the insanity of this administration.  We should be prepared, however, to defend ourselves against the radicals who will use life threatening weapons against anyone who doesn’t agree with them.

Remember, Kumbaya is really leftist speak for, “Come agree with us in peace, or we’ll slander and kill you!”