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August 31, 2014

I have been concerned about an ongoing Obama presidency since H.J. Res 5 was introduced to congress in 2009 by Rep. Jose Serrano (D). Rep. Serrano has introduced similar bills on about six occasions that I can find, dating back to the Clinton presidency. He has been adamant about repealing the 22nd amendment, showing little concern about the party in power at the time of introduction.

However, Rep. Serrano’s attempt in 2009 reinforced Obama’s Jim Jones cult-like following. The man had done nothing notable in either his civilian or public career at that point to warrant such an opportunity. He had not even achieved academic notoriety. There was no ration at that time for paving the way to an Oligarchy. Yes, I am aware that there were many attempts to do away with the 22nd Amendment prior and since. That one just happened to be the most worrisome to me and I believe it should have been for the country.

Virtually every federal agency now has a fleet of armored vehicles manned by an army of federal agents authorized to wield automatic rifles loaded with jacketed hollow point ammunition. That, combined with the poking and jabbing of this administration to cause rioting can only mean an attempt to declare Martial Law is imminent. They will nudge and prod until the American public has had enough of a purposely stalled economy, expensive yet often inaccessible health care, race baiting and destruction of everything worthy of holding dear.

The recent incident in Ferguson, Missouri is a prime example of the overuse of force and potential beyond what was used. There were countless photos and video shots of combat ready roof top snipers willing and awaiting command to shoot citizens incited to riot by race baiting public figures. Armored vehicles were staged around the city with assault teams anxious to brandish their power.

It might well have started with the election in 2008. No investigation ensued for two New Black Panther Party officials who blatantly intimidated voters in Philadelphia. Attorney General, Eric Holder, refused to investigate the incident. Since then, the President or the Atty. Gen. has weighed in on many racial and religious issues, always taking the side of blacks over whites and Muslims over Christians and Jews. Their arrogant manipulating of strained situations serves only to inflame racial and religious tensions across the nation.

The open border policy allowing the infiltration of unknown numbers of violent criminals, known gang members and even terrorists only reinforces my belief that this country is no longer the one in which I have grown and which I proudly served. It will take only one bomb explosion or one incident of mass poisoning or the release of one cloud of toxic gas for the president to declare Martial Law and extend his own power reign.

Expect the American discontentment to continue, increasing to rage, as the government authorities aggregate more power and impose more restrictions on our liberties. They will then, parse the words of the Constitution until every word’s meaning is supplanted, effectively eliminating the document.



December 1, 2013

A Washington Post article by Jonathan Zimmerman titled “End presidential term limits” includes his own arguments against the ending of presidential term limits. I doubt that the Obama worshiping progressive liberal even recognizes how wrong he is as he argues and even more effectively counter-argues his own point.

He quotes Democratic Senator Harley Kilgore from 1947, “The executive’s effectiveness will be seriously impaired, as no one will obey and respect him if he knows that the executive cannot run again”. He then compares the quote to President Obama’s rapid and drastic drop in popularity as Democrats distance themselves from the president and his disaster known as Obamacare.

He obviously believes that all Democrats, despite the radical ideology of any party head, must not only follow but also promote, their Demander-in-Chief, right or wrong, without objection. Zimmerman explains that Democratic lawmakers need not face the wrath of a president who cannot be reelected. Here I have to ask why a president must show wrath. The American public does not want or need a vengeful leader. However, indignation such as this tends to be common among liberals. He goes on to suggest that Obama, in his second and final term, need not follow the will of the voters either. He falsely led his voters into a Jim Jones situation. Even they are refusing the Kool-Aid now.

Zimmerman also quotes George Washington out of context to express his ill thought point. “I can see no propriety in precluding ourselves from the service of any man who, in some great emergency, shall be deemed universally most capable of serving the public”. The quote which obviously excludes reference to unlimited terms of public service is used to bolster his attempt to do away with term limits for the presidency. Washington willingly stepped down after his second term.

For progressive Democrats, unlimited tyrannical rule is justified as long as they agree with the tyrant. Harry Reid is a prime example of why this should not happen for either party. He, like President Obama, is unwilling to compromise on any issue. Rather, they constantly admonish Republicans for not giving them everything they want. It’s either bowing to their radical ideology or being called an obstructionist.

It looks as if the progressive movement is well under way. We now have much of our industry nationalized via regulation and taxation. Such heavy regulation is stifling any competitive edge America once had. Employment is down and dependency on government programs is up. Socialized medicine is on the way in. Soon, a single payer system will overtake the medical industry rationing care and choosing who receives any care.

In just five years, this president has devastated industry, demoralized the citizenry into government sponsored poverty, decimated our military superiority, appeased our enemies and alienated our former allies. Virtually every arm of government is now heavily armed and armored for use against an uprising of the citizens. Obama promised this fundamental change. Just think what an unending presidency could do from here.

Zimmerman’s article gives rise to the continued thought that Martial Law might be on the horizon in the minds of progressives to continue the current ruler’s reign. Remember, even Saddam Hussein was supposedly elected via democratic process.