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March 16, 2015

According to the New York Post, Bill Clinton is convinced that Valerie Jarrett is behind the leak that spawned the Hillary email scandal.

Anybody as politically ovservant as a gnat knows that Barack is not having sexual relations with that woman…Mrs. Clinton. To be truthful, probably the only reason she got a position in government was to shut her up and keep her out of the way. I’m sure he was hopeful that she wouldn’t Benghazi his administration, but she did and it didn’t help the relationship.

Valerie Jarrett, being the White House HMFIC whether the president is present or not, is just the one to keep the administration running smoothly. If that means eliminating all possibility of Hillary taking over in 2017, she will see to it that Hillary is kneecapped.

As I have said so many times before, I believe Jarrett is in command of the marionette’s strings. Even she may be well down the food chain, but she is there to make sure Obama carries out the orders from her superiors. I’m convinced that George Soros or a Soros type character is at the apex.

Loving Alinsky is not enough to prove she is capable of continuing the Marxist transition to socialism that Barack has begun. Look for someone to come forward from the shadows just as Obama did in 2007 to swoon the progressive Democrats. That is, if Obama doesn’t cause a major uprising and declare martial law so that he can remain Valerie’s figurehead and continue to hold power until the country is completely destroyed transformed.



January 21, 2014

Hiding in the wings of this administration is more than a radical Muslim contingent and more than 1960s radicals of American heritage. Those two factions alone constitute more “enemy working together” than can be seen in the current or past two congresses. But just who is the coordinator of the agenda? Who is the puppeteer behind the marionette we see standing tall before the podium and Teleprompters? Just who is the man behind the man? Perhaps it is a woman.

References that the “White House was informed” continue yet the President maintains that he learned of – insert today’s scandal here – from the morning paper, or from a news broadcast, or some right wing talk show, just like you. So, just how is the White House informed and who is the information receptor? The name Valerie Jarrett comes up as not just a, but the key influential individual with direct Oval office contact.

Jarrett is the lasting player of the administration. Long gone are the friends and other close advisors to the President. Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod didn’t last long. It is speculated that they both questioned and disagreed with Jarrett’s influence. One has to question if even Obama had an optional input regarding their dismissal. If there is a puppet master, the handler of the long and short strings must be very close to the marionette. In policy decisions, Valerie Jarrett seems to be in command.

As I’ve commented many times before, when Obama reads to an audience from the Teleprompter, his face often reveals that even he is questioning the words emitting from his lips. He looks as if he cannot believe anybody is foolish enough to believe the oratory. Sometimes a pause gives rise to the notion that he wonders how to speak the written words in front of him with a straight face. Positive reaction from the audience encourages yet amazes even him.

We may now know how it is that Obama has time for golf during every crisis. It is his pause time while the speech writer and true policy maker prepares how best to express authority and deflect responsibility. The greater the crisis, the less time Valerie has while the President shoots another eighteen. Perhaps that’s why it takes him so long on the course, any course. Maybe the plan is to get him out of the way, so that he won’t interfere with important decisions.

Perhaps this is why Obama becomes so vicious and vindictive when he doesn’t get “his” way. He is the just front man, the egg and tomato catcher, while someone else is running the country. It has got to be tough for someone with such thin skin. It’s just not fair that some people want to hold him accountable for his policies when the inner circle derides and overwrites his input before scripting the Teleprompters.

Jarrett and her handlers probably refer to Obama as the useful tool of the administration, though he undoubtedly agrees with the ultimate goal of destroying the country. A tool, by itself, is incapable of making anything happen. It must be manipulated by some one who knows how to read and implement the blueprint to be effective.

As good-looking as he is, as great an orator as he is, Obama is nothing more than a puppet in the play. His part in governing might be favorably compared to that of an award winning actor who had no input regarding the writing of the script or the directing or production of a movie in which he participates. Yet, the ignorant urban folk continue flocking to the theater believing he wants to give them what they want – free popcorn. They, then, accept his excuses for the theater being out of popcorn.

Meanwhile he and his troupe continue to expand the design of America’s demise, keeping the easily beguiled uninformed and swooning. Yes, Valerie continues to remain high above the stage, out of sight behind the curtains on the catwalk. Not seen, but being in control allows her the opportunity to oversee all without getting stage dust on her hands. Even if he wanted to, he cannot exist without her. Even Michelle cannot disencumber her from Barry’s life. Valerie Jarrett is the one we should fear.