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February 19, 2011

It was the union members, uninformed and ignorant people who voted for and elected a president and congress that so willingly obligated your money and my money for redistribution.  Now those people who sold the country down the river, don’t want to provide a plug for the leaky raft on which we float.

Hey listen folks, the redistribution of wealth hurts all those who have to some degree, even if they have just a little more than their neighbor.  To level a playing field, to fill in the holes, some filler must be taken from the mounds.  Little mounds and big mounds must be scraped to fill the divots.  America is starving and they, the government employees and other union members, are unwilling to lay down their forks or share the scraps on their plates.

From Wikipedia: Redistribution of wealth is the transfer of income, wealth or property from some individuals to others caused by a social mechanism such as taxation, monetary policies, welfare, nationalization, charity or tort law.[1] Most often, it refers to progressive redistribution, from the rich to the poor, although it may also refer to regressive redistribution, from the poor to the rich.[2] The desirability and effects of redistribution are actively debated on ethical and economic grounds.

It seems like the state workers and other union members in Wisconsin are unhappy because they are being required to participate in the process of wealth redistribution.  It was okay as long as just you and I that had to contribute, but now that they are involved, it’s a different story.

It also looks at this point as if Ohio, Minnesota and Michigan are soon to follow the lead.  Lining up in place right behind them are Texas, California, Illinois, New Jersey, and New York.  Please have your governor take a number and wait behind the yellow line.

Exempting the red state of Texas, the remaining states listed above are all blue and comprise 179 electoral votes.  Isn’t it odd that the residents of those states were instrumental in electing the borrow and spend, spend and borrow, tax and spend, spend and tax some more progressives that for too many years controlled those states and for two years comprised the majority of the legislative branch and controlled the executive branch of our federal government?

How could they not see they would also affect their own inflated wages, over-promised and under-funded pension plans and other entitlements?  Now they are whining that they are being hurt by the corrective measures required for all to survive the storm.  It’s only the inbred butt biting they deserve!

The gimme, gimme, gimme, greedy mentality has got to stop at some point.  It’s not all Wall Street.  The problems of today have been recognized and ignored for years.  The entitlement programs have been so misemployed over the decades that yesterday may have been the point of no return.  We have people “in service” to our country whose idleness does little other than draw down on the economy.  At the same time, we have brave men and women in uniform who are willing to, and do, give their lives for less “entitlement” than the elected elite consider their rightful expense reimbursements.

Blame Bush if you want to, but he and his crew did ¼ the economic damage to this country in 8 years that this administration has done in two.  Yet, the last ten years are still only the tip of a five decade iceberg.  Put on the life jackets and grab the rails, the seas are about to get very, very rough!