Largely due to misleading advertising, fraud, irresponsible lending, gross mismanagement and uncontrolled employee salary and benefits, the auto industry and financial institutions entered a financial meltdown.  The bank and auto bailouts cost the American taxpayers just shy of one trillion dollars.  For our money, no arrests occurred, no “C” level executives lost their jobs (other than perhaps one or two who did not contribute heavily to the DNC or Obama campaigns).  In fact, many of the executives responsible for the boondoggles received multimillion dollar merit bonuses from the inflowing funds.  The liberal administrations of both a Republican and a Democrat deemed the recipient corporations “too big to fail”.

The current administration felt it necessary to oversee those expenditures of borrowed taxpayer money by creating czars and oversight bureaucracies.  The more money given to the corporate thieves, the more federal man power oversight and accompanying administrative staff was required.  The government grew. 

With each new government employee came a burden, of not only paid salary, but also an inclusive benefits package, topping for many, 50% of their paid salary.  Additional training, team building conferences, travel etc. also apply to new employees.  The costs grew.

The snowball is gaining size, mass and speed as it travels downhill with the American democratic republic encapsulated.  The more government grows, the more it costs and we can no longer afford additional unconcerned wastefulness associated with the new bodies. 

The country that people of the world longed to enter in the light of day for opportunity is now invaded under the darkness of night by those demanding benefits to which they should not be entitled.  The country that was, not so long ago, revered by the other nations of the world is now reviled and ridiculed by the same for laughable policy changes attributed to our representatives.

From 1981 thru 1989, Ronald Reagan refused to take off his suit jacket while in the oval office.  Just a few years later, in 1997 and 1998, William Jefferson Clinton wore his pants around his ankles while being orally serviced in the same room.  Honestly, it has never been revealed if he wore his suit jacket while he sullied Monica’s dress.  And it’s all been downhill since then.

We the People have lost contact with, and faith in, our government.  The government, originally formed to serve the people is now self-serving.  Multi-million dollar jet away conferences, held at luxurious resorts, offer relaxation to the bureaucrats who become too stressed to handle their overpaid positions that demand forty or more subordinates.  Some attendees occasionally take time away from a midday facial, massage or Jacuzzi social and actually sit in on a seminar or two.

Congress passes laws read by no members.  In the event that someone finds out what is being proposed, an immediate exclusion for all congressional members and presidential cabinet members is appended to the bill before passage.

Often two and three bureaucratic agencies duplicate anachronistic and unnecessary functions.  Our government has created (often redundant) bureaucracies which have grown so large that those at the top, those with the greatest pay and most bountiful benefits, claim not to know what happens in the agencies for which they are responsible.  They claim not to have recollection of the most memorable events of their jobs when sitting in front of a Congressional Investigative Committee.  However, they can recall in detail and even present photos and videos of the extravagant conferences.

We now have a government too big to succeed.

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