July 20, 2020

Some want to call the rioting, looting, burning, defacing, assaulting, destroying and traffic disruption “mostly peaceful” protests. When it goes uncontrolled by our elected figures, in some cases enabled and even promoted by them, it is a coup d’état. It is an unconcealed way of dismissing and overtaking our government and system of justice by force and intimidation. When sworn law enforcement officers, ordered by mayors and governors (their elected “superiors”) to stand down and allow destruction to occur they are relenting to, if not participating in, outright sanctioned subversion.

Marxists, elected to represent the Democrat party, are uncloaking and unmasking themselves while demanding that citizens mask themselves and shelter in place. They are issuing edicts to communities, cities, counties and states of their respective jurisdictions. They leave no question as to their intent.

It’s been coming upon us over the past decade. There is a push for the United States becoming a socialist society. President Obama, a Marxist/socialist and racist community organizer poised social divisions that beset today’s unrest. Additionally he stalled economic recovery by imposing nonessential, superficial taxes and regulations on businesses small and large that hampered their ability to grow, prosper and employ more people.

Sanctuary cities (San Francisco being the first by city ordinance in 1985) impudently shelter people illegally in the country from immigration laws responsibly and legally drawn by congress. Cities across the nation run by progressives now take protective measures in defiance of federal law regarding identified and controlled immigration.

The Marxists are slicing and dicing the nation using racial divisiveness and even Covid-19 to control “We the People”. Telling us how close or distant we can remain from one another, requiring facial coverings, demanding that certain businesses and places of worship close and remain closed is even more devastating to the economic and social well-being than the policies of President Obama.

The coup is in full force and escalating rapidly. Mayors and governors are now suing the Trump administration for their efforts to control the mayhem while requesting federal relief to offset damages caused by their lack of law enforcement and general ineptness.

These “dark forces” attempting to control us have neared the peak of their domination. Using Covid-19 as an excuse to keep children from associating in a classroom situation, virtual learning may occur in the fall. Socialist Mayor-at-large Bill DeBlasio even recently proposed publicly funding community child care centers to provide “learning labs”. How they differ from public schools is not stated. It is easily deduced, however, that they will be centered on more rapid and deeper immersion in Marxist/socialist theory than is currently allowed in our public schools.

Forces always come in pairs. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Newton’s third law of motion is applicable here.

The forces behind the Marxist revolt must be met by patriots who wish to preserve our capitalist republic. Until now, a coalition of equal or greater magnitude has been impatiently and somewhat silently waiting in the wings. There will soon be a point where those of us who desire freedom and personal responsibility will make ourselves available and oppose the Marxists who have infiltrated our government and permeated the under-educated, public indoctrinated citizenry. We will not burn, loot and destroy property. We will simply eliminate (cancel, if you will) the opposition.

There will be no coup.


July 14, 2020

Being deemed irrelevant is never a good thing. It’s more harmful than any words or phrases that may be uttered. In today’s world, violence is a common solution for the pastels who have been unfriended by their peers. Being canceled might even cause a fragile personality to commit suicide.

Fascists of today filter everything through a prism of hate, disgust and victimhood. If it gets beyond the prism it must be blocked. It cannot be heard, seen or considered. It, or they, must be extinguished; annihilated. There is a staunch adherence to a highly defined language and principle set required to maintain one’s dignity. Any deviation, however slight, from what has been pumped into their malleable brains by the public education indoctrination system for a minimum of twelve years, is designated wrong. There is no thinking involved or even allowed. If it was presented as proper by their Marxist educators, it is truth. If it doesn’t fit the implanted mold it must be destroyed. If there’s a question, eliminate it. If it is not understood, it must be snuffed out.

No remnants can survive. This goes for monuments, statues, movies, books, poems and essays and it goes for people as well.

Some offenders get by with a sorrowful and self-demeaning apology and a large donation to ActBlue Charities. Others, no matter what they do or how they grovel and genuflect to their despotic overlords regarding their misgivings are simply canceled. They are disparaged and dishonored throughout public and social media. They lose their jobs, sponsors or are boycotted. In some cases, even those close to the “offender”, (friends, siblings and other family members including by marriage) are also called upon to dissociate from the despicable or be included in the realm of hate. They, too, are ripe for cancellation for the sins of another if they cannot renounce the associate strongly, loudly or quickly enough.

That which once was befitting is no longer be acceptable to the cancel culture. Even if the terminology or definition changes over the years, prior engagement in an act or speech that is not acceptable today is deemed to have been unacceptable a decade prior. It’s like receiving a ticket in the mail today for parking on Elm Street at the corner of 1st in 2005 because that stretch of curb became a bus stop in 2009. Here’s a photo of your car parked on that corner. That’ll be $250 and we’re going to have to impound your current car because we understand you no longer own that 1999 Camry. CANCELED!

Cancellation has become so pervasive and vicious that it has turned on the individuals and groups that helped initiate its ascendancy. The “Me Too” movement worked well until prominent Democrats became known as offenders. BLM is now known for not caring about black people in the least. They are, and always have been, a political movement. Unfortunately, the Marxist subversives chose a name that fit well until the truth was revealed. Now even moderate Democrats (yes, there remain a few) don’t want to be associated with the group.

Cancellation is a novelty being used very effectively against any person or thing that does not represent or conform to the ideals of the new socialists of the globe. Holding thoughts, opinions or even presenting facts contrary to the Marxist/socialist convention are enough to have your life ruined through cancellation.

A large number of Marxists acting under the guise of Democrats and their millionaire and billionaire allies are working against free speech and the Constitution. The bulk of cable and broadcast news (MSM), leaders of social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and the directive search engines like Google, are seeking to destroy America. They know inherently that Marxism is a better form of economic and political structure and they will get it right this time.

I’m sure they will get Marxism, Socialism then Communism as right as it ever has been. It will be right for those at the top. Anyone else who is useful to the despots at the top might be retained. All others will be canceled.


July 6, 2020

It seems like every time progressive Democrats hold the gavel they change the rules, to benefit themselves not America. The only problem with that is they sometimes lose possession of the wooden mallet then cry about abuse of power. Progressives like to use it to chisel a divide between the parties and the people. Today they hold one chamber of congress and are still able to drive wedges into every piece of legislation.

In 2011, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid changed the Senate filibuster rule to benefit his caucus by allowing a cloture vote with only 51 ayes instead of 76. It worked well until the Republicans gained majority control of the upper chamber. Now Democrats scream bloody murder each time Mitch McConnell uses their modified rule.

Impeachment is apparently an option available when the president is of a party other than that of the majority seated in the House. Hearsay, innuendo, false allegations, unfounded accusations and lack of rebuttal witnesses are sufficient to trigger an ill sought impeachment and removal from office.

Other bar lowering moves made by progressives that can only hurt Americans and political parties alike in the long run are listed below.

Standardized testing in schools has been declared racist by progressives. This method of testing, tests the teachers and their methods as much, if not more than, student knowledge. Every student within a classroom, no matter what their ethnic background, receives the same instruction regarding a subject matter. Each student should be uniformly tested on the information they have absorbed from that instruction. Progressive liberals choose to demean certain identifiable groups by implying that ethnicity renders them incapable of learning. The lack of ability for teachers to exercise reasonable structure and discipline in the classroom also contributes to our failing schools. The ability to control the classroom was taken from teachers years ago. Failing schools and their respective students are the results of this progressive move.

Homework is (or was) a recognized necessity for students to gain the maximum knowledge from any course taught in school. As an extension to an abbreviated school day and term, homework was assigned for the student to get complete information and an in-depth and well-rounded education. Homework helped students seek information beyond what could be disseminated during the designated 45-50 minute period. Today, more attention is given to social acceptance than to the academic subjects and homework. Homework has been completely eliminated in many schools resulting in a precipitous drop in literacy and math test scores.

To avoid asking students to study and research on their own, some schools are now extending class time and reducing the number of classes. The attention span of students, however, is incompatible with the extended instruction time.

Affirmative Action was instituted by progressives to “level the playing field” in many areas of society. Beginning in the early 1960s, schools and employers in particular were encouraged (read: mandated) to evolve to a racial mix within their respective assemblages. The result was lower standards for passing grades (ergo; less education) in high schools and colleges and in some cases incompetent workers due to the requirements.

Legalizing hazardous drugs – ecstasy, meth, cocaine and even heroin are now accepted in many liberal cities across the nation. Many of these cities provide needles and galleries or dens where drugs can be used without imposition because it’s considered less costly than enforcing laws to control the substances and help addicted individuals. The toll on society caused by this behavior (on both the addicts and the city administrators) lacks consideration.

The lower the bar is set the less likely we are to advance, or even maintain, our stature as a civil society.


June 26, 2020

I choose to believe I’m a pragmatist; a reasoning individual with the ability to research, retrieve and analyze information to deduce the truth. I seek the far-fetched as well as that which seems apparent for often there are underlying facts common to both. This, in my opinion, is how free thinking people gain useful knowledge. I refuse to blindly accept what is put in front of me by the major and multiple daily sources just because it’s loudly and frequently expressed.

If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.” Joseph Goebbels, Hitler propagandist

With the exceptions of extreme violence, inciting violence or highly derogatory language that is meant to be directly offensive and deliberately harmful, I believe all voices should and must be heard. However, that is not the case for many forums and venues. Cable news and print media (in general) and the social media milieu seem to be the platforms claiming tolerance, acceptance and diversity of thought. They, however, are the very ones who censor, delete, demonetize and omit any communication that does not fit the doctrine to which they subscribe.

Forming and holding opinions other than those promoted by the above does not make one a conspiracy theorist, bigot or partisan hack. Offering a second opinion to a discussion does not mean that a person is spreading misinformation or disinformation. Likewise, beliefs expressed, advanced and promoted by only one thought genre does not guarantee truthfulness. The excuse, “violation of community standards” serves only to identify that there is only one social or political ideology accepted.

Remember when we were told that “Seventeen intelligence agencies agreed that Russians ran an extensive information war against Hillary’s campaign to influence voters in the election”? That was carried by all of the above named platforms as if it were true. It wasn’t. The unfounded theory was simply presented by DNI James Clapper, the head of those seventeen intelligence agencies.

In fact, not only was the premise false but only three of the seventeen intelligence agencies agreed. And the heads of those agencies constituted what I consider a subversive cabal within the D.C. bureaucracy. Postings disputing the left-wing statements were summarily dispatched by the social media platforms as false or misleading information. We now know that the three confirming agencies were trying to disseminate falsehoods in support of the Hillary Clinton campaign. The platforms accepted the statements because they promoted their preferred convictions.

So, as you peruse various articles, essays and videos, remember that there is an implied credibility with repetition. That does not make a statement or presentation true, it simply means it’s repeatable. It’s a brainwashing technique that is often used in marketing and especially in politics.

Before you like or repeat something “trending on” Twitter or Facebook or forward an article in your favorite newspaper or online source, you might want to look a bit further. Blindly accepting a single line, no matter how many times it has been presented can make a fool of you.

If you refuse to see a second side of any proposition, ignorance is your choice.


June 24, 2020

I don’t know when or how I became a racist; I don’t remember the transition. I do know that I’m now told that I’m racist even if I don’t recognize it in myself. I’m a Cisgender white male…thus, racist.

I do remember that as a kid growing up in San Diego, CA, I went to school with and played after school with a lot of kids. Some of my classmates and playmates were Mexican and black kids (back then they were most commonly referred to as Negroes). There was a Japanese boy and a couple of kids whose parents were from China. We all interacted as if we were kids. Nobody told us that we were supposed to treat each other differently, so we didn’t. Yes, some people in the neighborhood had darker or lighter skin than others, but marbles were marbles and everybody played hide and seek the same way.

I lived most of my life interacting with people from around the world ignorant of the fact that I was supposed to dislike them or treat them different because they were taller or shorter than I was or spoke with an accent different from mine.

About the only time in my life that I can recall treating others differently was the time I spent in South East Asia between 1967 and 1969. Even then it was only some people. They were the ones shooting at me and my team. The rest of the people in the cities and country were good, hard-working, friendly, very pleasant and likable people. Despite the fact that we spoke different languages we were generally able to communicate and enjoy one another.

Throughout my working years I worked with people from many countries. As I moved into management, I hired people for their talents, skills and abilities. It didn’t matter to me if the right person was female or male or of Hispanic, Oriental, African, Pacific Island, Scandinavian, European or whatever descent. Some of my co-workers or employees were gay. We all got along fine. If they were right for the job, they got the job. Everybody was paid commensurate to their position, their merit and contribution to the company.

I have voted for Democrats and Republicans of various ethnic backgrounds. I once worked on Mason Weaver’s bid for a California Assembly seat. Obviously, that was long before I became racist.

Somehow though, in the past few years, all that changed. Fifty or sixty years of being a level-headed and unbiased human and in just the past few years, maybe a decade, I have become a racist. I don’t understand how it happened. I don’t feel any different. I don’t look at the world any different. I don’t treat individuals any different. Yet here I am now, a racist.

The only thing I can think is that I haven’t changed, the population around me is now ignorantly indoctrinated. They’ve been taught to shout “RACIST” when we don’t agree and they can’t provide any logic or fact to back their argument.

I believe the people calling me racist are trying to create a divide. They want me to dislike or even hate others because of real or perceived differences rather than accept and appreciate my fellow humans for our similarities and respective uniqueness. They do not know me and don’t want to know me because I think for myself and question “Why?” when I’m told I should think a certain way. Too many people do not.

Hmm, perhaps those calling me a racist are truly the racists.