September 20, 2020

Please excuse my ignorance and the apparently self-induced frustration due to that ignorance.

Despite my attempts to keep up with the ever-changing requirements, rules, restrictions and edicts coming from those in charge of my life now, I am sincerely confused. Mask or no mask, six feet or ten feet, test or no test? Who do I listen to? Who is really in the know and how do I know that he/she is in the know? Is it my governor or my mayor? Do I lock down or get locked up?

It seems that there is a constant conflict in statements between the CDC Director and renowned virologist Dr. Robert Redfield, top U.S. infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci, the World Health Organization and/or Health and Human Services. There are often differing opinions between those professionals and practicing physicians actually treating patients with Covid who are not associated with government and politics.

To mask or not to mask, that is the question.

For months now, I have been told that a mask only protects me, the person wearing it. I’m told that a mask may present problems rather than protect from them. I have, over the same time period, been told that wearing a mask doesn’t help me, but protects the most vulnerable; the elderly and those with compromised immune systems in the event I’m contagious and unaware.

I am told that I cannot assemble in any confined space (square footage not specified) if there are ten or more people within that space. Then it became, in some locales, fifty or more…twenty-five or more. For open spaces it has been no to sitting in cars in a church parking lot, with windows rolled up, listening to services broadcast over the airwaves. I have to check a map to see what’s open and what is forbidden in my particular county and city. Sometimes I have to check again at noon to see which of those rules may have changed since my morning coffee. Can my wife go into the doctor’s office waiting room while I see the doctor, or does she have to sit in the car during my appointment?

Testing and vaccines are the most recent items for alert and ridicule. Vaccines are in the development stages, not yet ready for release. This is the fastest any vaccines have ever been accomplished. Often, even for those wherein research, development and testing takes years, it is years beyond before any unforeseen side-effects are noted. How do I trust that I will not be one of the acceptable few to develop toxic, hideous, bursting lesions on one or many of my internal organs because I took a vaccine that may or may not prevent me from becoming victim to a virus that may or may not affect me or others even if I do contract it?

I don’t even know if I should be tested to see if I’m a candidate for that experimental stage vaccine or if I have to wait until I’m hospitalized and on life support before finding out that I should have taken it months ago.

The fact is, some of the “authorities” say that I should be tested to see if I have the virus or not. Others say that I should not, out of respect for others who may be sick, unless I have symptoms of Covid. Then again, I am told that I may have the virus within my body but not have any symptoms and I should be tested to see if I am infected, without symptoms, but communicable and therefore a danger to others with or without a mask.

What happens if I get tested this morning and stop by a store on my way home? Should I get another test tomorrow just in case I inadvertently and unwittingly made contact with an infected person or surface while I shopped?

I detest the way this infectious disease has become a political football. Football? Well, that’s another rant.


August 21, 2020

California, Washington, Oregon, New York and other liberal bastions (primarily large cities therein) are losing population and revenue daily. Why? People who voted time and again to raise taxes recognize they can no longer afford to live in the environments they created. They can not continue to provide free health care and other social services to drug addicts and illegal aliens.

Other people, who want more acceptable uses for their income extortion taxes are filling moving vans headed for more user friendly points as well. Rather than frustrating themselves fighting the idiots by engaging in the lengthy process of changing the laws in their home states, they are moving to places where people express more sanity. Conservatives who can no longer stand abusive and ineffectual government intrusion are forced by common sense to move from these areas.

The big problem is that when liberals relocate they take their mindset with them. People who infiltrate our country by crossing our borders when nobody’s looking tend to maintain allegiance to their home countries. Likewise, the liberals fleeing their self-created situations continue to vote the same way in their new homes. They are leaving the third world environments they created only to change their new habitats into like situations. They’re liberals, therefore, they will do it right this time.

The socialism they’ve been trained to think they want is what they keep getting in small doses. They don’t care for it once they see the negative impact it has on them directly and they run from it. After years of public education followed, in many cases, by four years listening to more Marxist professors instill the virtues of Marxist/socialism and communism, it is hard to begin thinking and seeing for themselves for the first time. Once out of the public and ivy league indoctrination camps, they are fed more of the same Marxist propaganda through the constant bombardment of cable and online disinformation. They refuse to watch, read or otherwise expose themselves to facts or competing information.

It is unnatural to awaken from a deep sleep and immediately open ones eyes to sun light. It hurts! One has to adjust slowly. It is necessary to close ones eyes again or look away, glancing back briefly, turning away again then glancing again until the light (or the truth) can be seen with clarity. It is then accepted. Just as the eyes have to adjust and adapt to a bright light, the mind has to overcome decades of instilled indoctrination. It is not a rapid transformation.

Meanwhile, the Red states of the country, being invaded by Marxist trained know-naughts, begin to deteriorate. Democrat induced inverse gentrification begins to destroy otherwise serene suburban areas.

One current example to drive businesses and wealthy people (the tax base) away in a big hurry, is a bill by Reform California. Reform California proposed AB 2088 (aka prop 15). If passed, the bill would assess an income and wealth tax on businesses, individuals and families deemed “wealthy” for 10 years after leaving the state.


If this assembly bill becomes law, there will be an exodus from California of sane people, with or without wealth, knowing they will be next. Wealthy liberals will also flee as soon as their eyes adjust to the reality of what they’ve done to themselves and their neighbors. California will soon be known as the home of the homeless and the illegal alien surfers.


August 14, 2020

Any nine-year-old should be able to tell that Joe Biden, the former vice president, is incapable of completing a thought with words. He does it time and time again, even when he is reading from Teleprompters. His mind wanders as he reflects on things of long ago that may, or may not, have happened. Certainly, if they did happen, it’s plain to see that they did not occur as described. This is the man who is vying to replace the current president.

It was evident from the very beginning of his campaign that something was not right. Through the debates with his Democrat colleagues, he faltered, misstated facts and drifted from questions. He often ended his chances to speak by stammering through non-cohesive thoughts with incomplete sentences. Lacking any recognition of his faux pas he moved on with the assuredness of a deft political emissary.

The party let him slide. He had the name recognition and political clout of the skilled politician he once was. He was “likable Joe”, “lunch bucket Joe”. He and his team of professional pocket-pickers are able to raise large sums of money. Money is not only necessary but a fundamental objective for any candidate’s viability.

For him to remain in the arena, his handlers found it necessary for him to be backed by a woman; not just any woman mind you, but a woman of color. Damn the competence or accomplishments, bring in a person who meets the qualifications listed in the Manual of Marxist Identity Politics.

Enter Kamala Harris, stage left. The child of a mother born in India and a father from Jamaica, this bright and articulate woman checks all the identity boxes for the V.P. ticket. With contradiction, she fills other slots as well. Once a District Attorney for San Francisco and Attorney General for the State of California, she now backs anarchist and subversive groups such as Antifa and Black Lives Matter…a must for any Democrat. She put thousands of people in jail for smoking or possessing small amounts of marijuana. Then she laughingly admitted on air to smoking it herself. She even giggled that she inhaled.

Obviously, someone has to carry the now lame and feeble Uncle Joe to the debates, should he make it that far and if and when debates happen. Harris might be the one to do it. Heck, if Biden continues his rapid mental decline, the party could flip and give her the top spot.

The DNC has laid the perfect minefield!

Think about that! The MSM has a penchant to twist and turn everything Trump says, or has ever said, into a negative or derogatory statement. He must muster any ability he has to remain silent. He can’t. Even a positive reference to the first woman of color as the nominee for president will be aired and re-aired, by snippet, to sound demeaning. They will make it into a slur, not only for her, but every woman, Indian and Jamaican. Of course, by projection, they will turn it into his global hatred for all people other than his own family.

This may not be enough for the party, though. It may be necessary to eliminate Joe from the ticket at the last minute. We’ve been baited, now the switch is in the works. Look for one of two things to happen. Either Joe is replaced as the presidential nominee by someone capable of completing a sentence with continuity or Kamala takes the top of the ticket by default. If this happens, she might even name Pelosi as her V.P.. Perfect! The two woman ticket. These changes could happen either before or after the election. In any scenario, Joe Biden is not projected to fulfill a full four year term should Democrats win in November.

A vote for Biden/Harris is a vote for…well, someone.


July 20, 2020

Some want to call the rioting, looting, burning, defacing, assaulting, destroying and traffic disruption “mostly peaceful” protests. When it goes uncontrolled by our elected figures, in some cases enabled and even promoted by them, it is a coup d’état. It is an unconcealed way of dismissing and overtaking our government and system of justice by force and intimidation. When sworn law enforcement officers, ordered by mayors and governors (their elected “superiors”) to stand down and allow destruction to occur they are relenting to, if not participating in, outright sanctioned subversion.

Marxists, elected to represent the Democrat party, are uncloaking and unmasking themselves while demanding that citizens mask themselves and shelter in place. They are issuing edicts to communities, cities, counties and states of their respective jurisdictions. They leave no question as to their intent.

It’s been coming upon us over the past decade. There is a push for the United States becoming a socialist society. President Obama, a Marxist/socialist and racist community organizer poised social divisions that beset today’s unrest. Additionally he stalled economic recovery by imposing nonessential, superficial taxes and regulations on businesses small and large that hampered their ability to grow, prosper and employ more people.

Sanctuary cities (San Francisco being the first by city ordinance in 1985) impudently shelter people illegally in the country from immigration laws responsibly and legally drawn by congress. Cities across the nation run by progressives now take protective measures in defiance of federal law regarding identified and controlled immigration.

The Marxists are slicing and dicing the nation using racial divisiveness and even Covid-19 to control “We the People”. Telling us how close or distant we can remain from one another, requiring facial coverings, demanding that certain businesses and places of worship close and remain closed is even more devastating to the economic and social well-being than the policies of President Obama.

The coup is in full force and escalating rapidly. Mayors and governors are now suing the Trump administration for their efforts to control the mayhem while requesting federal relief to offset damages caused by their lack of law enforcement and general ineptness.

These “dark forces” attempting to control us have neared the peak of their domination. Using Covid-19 as an excuse to keep children from associating in a classroom situation, virtual learning may occur in the fall. Socialist Mayor-at-large Bill DeBlasio even recently proposed publicly funding community child care centers to provide “learning labs”. How they differ from public schools is not stated. It is easily deduced, however, that they will be centered on more rapid and deeper immersion in Marxist/socialist theory than is currently allowed in our public schools.

Forces always come in pairs. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Newton’s third law of motion is applicable here.

The forces behind the Marxist revolt must be met by patriots who wish to preserve our capitalist republic. Until now, a coalition of equal or greater magnitude has been impatiently and somewhat silently waiting in the wings. There will soon be a point where those of us who desire freedom and personal responsibility will make ourselves available and oppose the Marxists who have infiltrated our government and permeated the under-educated, public indoctrinated citizenry. We will not burn, loot and destroy property. We will simply eliminate (cancel, if you will) the opposition.

There will be no coup.


July 14, 2020

Being deemed irrelevant is never a good thing. It’s more harmful than any words or phrases that may be uttered. In today’s world, violence is a common solution for the pastels who have been unfriended by their peers. Being canceled might even cause a fragile personality to commit suicide.

Fascists of today filter everything through a prism of hate, disgust and victimhood. If it gets beyond the prism it must be blocked. It cannot be heard, seen or considered. It, or they, must be extinguished; annihilated. There is a staunch adherence to a highly defined language and principle set required to maintain one’s dignity. Any deviation, however slight, from what has been pumped into their malleable brains by the public education indoctrination system for a minimum of twelve years, is designated wrong. There is no thinking involved or even allowed. If it was presented as proper by their Marxist educators, it is truth. If it doesn’t fit the implanted mold it must be destroyed. If there’s a question, eliminate it. If it is not understood, it must be snuffed out.

No remnants can survive. This goes for monuments, statues, movies, books, poems and essays and it goes for people as well.

Some offenders get by with a sorrowful and self-demeaning apology and a large donation to ActBlue Charities. Others, no matter what they do or how they grovel and genuflect to their despotic overlords regarding their misgivings are simply canceled. They are disparaged and dishonored throughout public and social media. They lose their jobs, sponsors or are boycotted. In some cases, even those close to the “offender”, (friends, siblings and other family members including by marriage) are also called upon to dissociate from the despicable or be included in the realm of hate. They, too, are ripe for cancellation for the sins of another if they cannot renounce the associate strongly, loudly or quickly enough.

That which once was befitting is no longer be acceptable to the cancel culture. Even if the terminology or definition changes over the years, prior engagement in an act or speech that is not acceptable today is deemed to have been unacceptable a decade prior. It’s like receiving a ticket in the mail today for parking on Elm Street at the corner of 1st in 2005 because that stretch of curb became a bus stop in 2009. Here’s a photo of your car parked on that corner. That’ll be $250 and we’re going to have to impound your current car because we understand you no longer own that 1999 Camry. CANCELED!

Cancellation has become so pervasive and vicious that it has turned on the individuals and groups that helped initiate its ascendancy. The “Me Too” movement worked well until prominent Democrats became known as offenders. BLM is now known for not caring about black people in the least. They are, and always have been, a political movement. Unfortunately, the Marxist subversives chose a name that fit well until the truth was revealed. Now even moderate Democrats (yes, there remain a few) don’t want to be associated with the group.

Cancellation is a novelty being used very effectively against any person or thing that does not represent or conform to the ideals of the new socialists of the globe. Holding thoughts, opinions or even presenting facts contrary to the Marxist/socialist convention are enough to have your life ruined through cancellation.

A large number of Marxists acting under the guise of Democrats and their millionaire and billionaire allies are working against free speech and the Constitution. The bulk of cable and broadcast news (MSM), leaders of social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and the directive search engines like Google, are seeking to destroy America. They know inherently that Marxism is a better form of economic and political structure and they will get it right this time.

I’m sure they will get Marxism, Socialism then Communism as right as it ever has been. It will be right for those at the top. Anyone else who is useful to the despots at the top might be retained. All others will be canceled.