May 29, 2020

There are generally many ways to achieve a goal. Having a dream and moving helter-skelter in hopes that a result will be achieved is one way. Starting with the identification of the goal or the expected outcome and building a plan to achieve that outcome is another. Global socialists and climate change worshipers have tried both in effort to change the behavior and control the earth’s population. The latest attempt seems to be working.

Barack Hussein Obama promised change if he became president. He did become president and presided over the largest spending plan resulting in a deep recession and the slowest recovery in history. Change happened. The massive spending of American tax dollars did little for national or personal economic recovery. It did create a change so large and devastating that future generations will suffer the consequences. Virtually doubling the national debt accumulated over 240 years in eight years is major change. It set forth a disregard for deficit spending that continues to this day under the current White House resident. Change, in momentum, is difficult to stop and even more difficult to reverse.

The latest bio-disaster presents opportunity for more and greater change; change to affect all humanity for the near and distant future. By design or by accident, the medical, ideological, economic and political disruption caused by the release of this laboratory modified and enhanced virus offers unlimited rewards to those who wish to advantage their goals. While on the surface there is an apparent concentration on overcoming a pandemic, the undercurrents are quite different. As the front line chaos dominates the news, there is a shadow covering the ground on which we walk (if permitted, of course).

A re-introduction may be necessary if people defy the current lock-down. It has been threatened. More people must be sacrificed in order to achieve the end goal and global control of “We the Proles”. Already there is talk of a coming second wave to prepare us and scare us. Submission is the first step. We must agree to wear masks in public and keep a distance not less than 6′ to the the next person. Lines are necessary for observation and domination. If we do not follow the new rules, the next introduction will produce proportionately greater fear and even more death.

There was a reason to research this strain of Coronavirus. The people doing the work at hand may or may not have known the true reason. I believe the minions felt they were doing mankind a service. But why was it so necessary to probe organisms that, prior, offered no threat to man?

Nuclear fission was a great endeavor of scientists. The atom bomb, resultant of this research, was developed as a deterrent to war. Then it was used for war. Now, with world-wide proliferation, it threatens the annihilation of targeted population concentrations around the globe. Collateral casualties will be accepted and counted as such. Many nuclear physicists who worked on projects related to this destructive device did not foresee the devastating potential of their research.

Bombs, nuclear or conventional, and men with hand-carried projectile weapons are no longer necessary to overcome and control dissident populations. Change is upon us.


May 8, 2020

This is classic negotiating. Generally, what we have is two political parties that both want different things. Both want the best. One party wants the best for the people of the nation while the other wants the best for the party to which they belong. The only way to get what is wanted is to start from scratch.

When you have nothing, anything starts to look rosy. We, as people and as a nation, now have virtually nothing.

*There are few jobs – We cannot go to work, we cannot be productive.

*Children are no longer being indoctrinated in public schools – an unintended consequence.

*Bills are piling up, both personally and nationally.

*Businesses are closed – some will never reopen.

*We have little personal contact with friends and family.

*We cannot congregate in groups larger than ten people.

*We must stay 6′ apart at all times.

*We are forbade, or at the very least strongly discouraged from, leaving our homes (in some locales citizens are cited, fined and even arrested for doing just that).

*When we do go out in public, we are told to cover our faces.

*We are told not to touch surfaces or other people.

*We are to be “tested” by having blood drawn and carry a card identifying our status.

*Churches must maintain record of congregants.

*And the list goes on…

Due to a laboratory created (at least enhanced) virus, we are forced to relinquish our rights as citizens and as people in general. We are subjected to the edicts of government officials “for our own good”. The majority of former productive, independent and self-reliant individuals are now dependent on federal, state and local authorities for our welfare and well being. Subsistence payments are slow coming yet welcomed with smiles when they arrive.

When they, the medical and political authorities, allow us to return to our natural state it will be a revised natural state with fewer rights and privileges and more authority over our lives. This is nothing more than conditioning; the social engineering many of us have watched develop over the past decade or so. We are now starting with nothing. They will tell us what we need, can have and can do. They will tell us where, how and when we can do it. And we will appreciate all we are allowed because that life will be so much better than the one we live right now. It will not be what we’ve had because that was excessive and unnecessary. Austerity is in the future. Socialism, authoritarianism is our future now.

As of this writing, federal spending is rapidly approaching 117% of the GDP <link>. That spending will progress and grow very rapidly as the tax base continues to dwindle. At best, the spending will continue and even escalate as businesses reopen and slowly begin to once again pay into the federal coffers.

Of the two major political parties of this nation, one is conservative and wanting to adhere to the Constitution, curtail unnecessary spending by building a broad tax base, taxing lightly but sufficiently to underwrite the limited spending. The other is liberal with your earnings and wants to raise tax on everything in order to spend lavishly on programs that keep us all under government control.

There will be a rebound from the current situation. However, the direction of that rebound will undoubtedly not be on a course desired or expected by the majority of God and America loving patriots. Be aware, be very aware that “We the People” have been manipulated since long before the beginning of this latest crisis. The current situation is being over-amplified to present an opportunity for the dark forces to move harshly and swiftly.

Vote wisely!


May 6, 2020

By now, everyone has had the opportunity to review and complete the 2020 census. The census is, or at least was originally, generated to identify the number of elected government officials required to do an adequate job of representing the citizens of America. This year, as in recent years, there will be no question regarding the citizenship status of the persons filling in the form or those living within the dwellings covered by the forms. Therefore, why bother completing the form?

From census.gov: “The first censuses counted the population and provided information on population by county. In 1790, the census also categorized white males by age: those under age 16 and those age 16 and older. Over the years, Congress has authorized additional questions, enabling us to better understand the nation’s inhabitants and their activities and needs. In fact, one of the nation’s founders, James Madison, suggested that the census takers ask additional questions that would help lawmakers better understand the needs of the nation.”

Since the first few enumerations, many questions have been added as Madison indicated might be necessary. Some of the questions that appeared temporarily were used for statistical purposes not related to government representation. E.g. Where was this person born? For the purpose of representation today, it is not vital to know where the person was born eight, twenty or fifty years ago. However, some questions that no longer appear on the census that are relevant include veteran status and service dates. This might be useful to the government for the allocation of funds to Veterans Services such as medical centers, disability benefits, etc.

One question that has been asked throughout the ages is the sex of the respondent and household members. This year, as in the past, the choices are male and female. This one is sure to raise eyebrows in today’s world. There are many people who choose not to identify in a normal or binary fashion. They will be lost when they cannot fill in one of two boxes. There are, however, more than thirty choices for race/ethnicity.

The one question that is not on the 2020 census that appeared on the last two decennial data collections is arguably one of the most important. That question is: Is this person a citizen of the United States?

For many taxpayers, this is a very important question. Why do we apportion a limited number of elected officials to represent foreign nationals and allocate social benefits to aliens who are possibly terrorists or other subversives?

It is disturbing to me and many patriotic citizens of this country that we do not have an accurate count of the number of people who are in this country illegally. The census should fill in that void. If the question of citizenship or legal status appeared on this document we would have a much better sense of that.

There are reasons why a person is in the country at the time of census. They might be here on Permanent Resident (aka, Green Card) status which allows foreign citizens the right and opportunity to work in the United States. They might be here with legitimate visas for work, study, teaching, travel or any of a number of reasons. Shouldn’t we have a count of those still within the limits of their visas and those who have overstayed the time, opportunity or authority granted by such? Shouldn’t the census give us an idea of the number of legitimate voters in a district, state or within our nation?

Is the decennial census still relevant to the needs of the country today, or is it simply another tool that has been purposefully outdated by our elected officials for political purposes?


April 30, 2020

If you think all this caution, social distancing, stay-at-home, business closings, non-essential surgery cancellations etc. are necessary to keep you and others healthy, you are already on your way to total psycho/sociological conditioning.

Not to make light of the deaths, but, as we are availed to more and more data regarding this virus, it is more and more obvious that there is less and less to fear from the virus than there is from the controls put upon us. While this virus is more widespread than the annual flu, it is proving to be proportionately less deadly. More infection; fewer deaths. Therefore, the Coronavirus (Covid-19) is roughly the same threat that we face annually between, November and March. It may even be lower when all the co-morbid deaths are separated from the actual Covid deaths. Yet, for this respiratory ailment we are being forced by the governments (federal, state and local) to completely disrupt our lives and livelihoods. Why?

Undo panic was created early with the mass purchasing and hoarding of toilet tissue. There is no association with diarrhea and this pulmonary malady. This carried over to food stuffs then to fear of proximity. 24/7 news coverage promotes a needless response to a virus similar to those we have encountered and overcome many times in the past.

Deaths are being reported and recorded as caused by Covid-19 when symptoms of the virus are concurrent with other debilitating diseases or ailments. This is like saying that Covid-19 is the cause of death when someone chooses early death (suicide) due to cancer when an autopsy displays signs of Covid-19. Thus, the actual mortality rate of this virus may well be far below that of our annual battles.

The best explanation for isolating and quarantining healthy people is control.

Control over:

*Economy – Financial collapse – unemployment – inflation – printing money – individual poverty – commercial/industrial poverty – recession/depression.

*Purchasing needs – Hysteria-created panic buying – from bathroom tissue to firearms and ammunition. However, some in government say you cannot purchase flooring for projects or jigsaw puzzles while confined to quarters.

*Physical activity – Arresting people paddle boarding off the coast, walking on public beaches or in public parks.

*Dress code – Enforced covering of face when in public – whether alone or with others.

*Healthy people – Quarantined, mandated isolation, assertively to protect self and others.

*Mindset – created fear of environment, evil virus may be out there. Wear a mask, social distancing, no physical contact, limit activity outside home.

Even within the Democrat party, if you are not of the “total control” mindset and choose to associate with people outside your party, you are to be censured; outcast, e.g. free thinkers Vernon Jones, Karen Whitsett.

Was “Jade Helm 2015” a prelude to what’s here today and what might be coming tomorrow? Was it an exercise to identify our reaction to an armed, uniformed presence?


April 27, 2020

A quick bit of history to preface the need for the above title. In 1996, Bob Dole introduced the Line Item Veto Act that passed both the House and Senate and was signed into law by Bill Clinton on Nov. 5, 1996. The Act gave the president exactly the powers that a president should and must have. It allowed for the president to reject items in a bill that were not required for the bill to be reasonable and viable on it’s own.

The Supreme Court ruled in 1998 that line item veto gave the president (in that case William Jefferson Clinton who had signed the bill into law) unwarranted powers. The majority opinion at that time was, the president was required to approve or reject whole legislation and that the Line Item Veto Act allowed the president to “amend” legislation, which was an assault on the powers given to Congress under Article I.

As written, the majority opinion is correct. It would allow any president the opportunity to accept or reject any part or parts of any spending bill that he or she chose. However, the president still doesn’t have the final say on any legislation. Even when the president eliminates portions of a bill before signing, the product must then go back to the Senate for final approval or rejection. Thus, the president does not unilaterally amend the legislation, he or she only offers amendments for legislative body review. The Senate and House can accept, reject or offer further amendments then present the product to the president once again.

In 1998, however, the congress did not include such things as an $80 million study to identify “The Truth About how many Toads can be Handled by people before Warts Appear (TTATHWA)” in emergency spending bills to give relief to hurricane or flood victims. They did not include “federal security for Gated COMmunities (GCOM)” within their districts in bills directed at terrorism abroad.

Paying homage to Rahm “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste” Emanuel, congress has taken advantage of the court ruling by interjecting personal preference spending on pet projects that help the members win re-election campaigns. Knowing that the wholesale rejection of an “emergency relief” bill in a time of crisis would damage this president, majority congressional leaders made sure to include every previously lobbied project into the emergency relief to replace lost income due to the Coronavirus. And, in preparation of possible rejection, party leaders wrote damning speeches for media airing and publication well in advance of sending the bills to the presidential desk. Given that President Trump signed the ridiculous all inclusive spending bill, they will keep the boilerplate letters and speeches in archive for future use.

There was definitely a need for immediate financial relief to workers, but President Trump is where the buck stops when blaming begins on this one. Line item veto power would have saved billions of dollars to direct where truly needed.

With a majority in the House, these Utopian desires could be written as stand-alone bills. They might be written in a few pages that could be read, digested and understood before voting on them. However, in order for any hope of becoming part of the makeup of the U.S., they must be concealed in multi-hundred page documents that are rarely read before voting is called. If they were good, valid and useful additions to American society the authors would gladly accept recognition for his/her contributions. This is not the way our government was meant to operate. Let us hope that there is another argument brought before the Supreme Court to consider line item veto authority for the president.