President Vindictive has always gone out of his way to demolish anyone or anything that does not follow, lockstep, each of his strides.  It’s the way of all tyrants.  Those evil rich must pay more to the poor who deserve everything the rich has left after I take a cut for the government.

Those nasty conservatives.  How dare they challenge me for my entitled position as King of the U.S.A.?  I must bestow severe punishment upon them for believing they should interfere with my socialistic goals.  The press must not utter or print a word of defiance.  Even quiet or unenthused deference from the press requires involuntary scrutiny.

Sequestration presented a ripe opportunity for the Liar in Chief to blame those wascawy Wepubwicans for not giving him everything he wanted.  So what did he do?  He had his henchmen make the most onerous cuts to the programs the people of the nation value while spending foolishly in areas that are completely intolerable to any sane person.

How dare “We the People” call him out for his lack of concern or commanding action when our enemy mercilessly attacks Americans on a diplomatic mission?  How dare we expect him to uphold his oath of office and the Constitution?  How dare we offer a reasoned perspective on employment, taxation, spending, entitlements, immigration reform or anything he wants?

This time it not only hurts, it bleeds profusely.  For those of you who live under rocks or only watch CNN, I’ve listed just a few blood boilers.

Sequestration losers

1.  The Blue Angels will not display their magnificent coordination and discipline for the American public this year.  A gathering of people to enjoy a show of our nation’s finest flyers and a display of patriotism surely is not worthy of the expenditure required.

2.  The President deems budget realignment (of course there is no budget, just unfettered spending) must include White House tours.  The privilege of viewing their White House and seeing their representatives at work is unaffordable for school children and tourists at this time.

 3.  Fireworks displays at military bases to commemorate the independence of our nation – cancelled due to lack of funds.  This action alone should save the government in the neighborhood of $200,000 to $500,000, maybe even a whole million dollars.

4.  Civilian employees working at Walter Reed Hospital and Fort Belvoir’s hospital, caring for our wounded warriors, must take 11 unpaid furlough days starting in July.

5.  Marines and soldiers in the combat arena can no longer eat a hot meal at the end of a 12-14 hour firefight if that battle ends after 2100 hrs.  Midrats are hereby cancelled.  This ought to pick up a couple of bucks and to hell with the morale of our troops.

These moves by the Obama administration constitute an effort to save money.  However, other expenditures making the cut without question and in most cases without congressional approval are: 

Sequestration winners

1.  Wind farm feasibility studies scheduled in Chile will continue without change.

2.  Chaise lounges, outdoor dining and seating sets for the elite folks in Sudan will be delivered on time and (naturally) over budget.  Security for embassy personnel remains in question.

3.  F-16 fighters for the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood

4.  Armored tanks and armament for the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt

5.  $250,000,000 cash payment for the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt

6.  The U.S. taxpayers purchased Russian helicopters to give to the Afghan Air Force.  Not American built aircraft that might provide jobs here, but from an adversary.  However, Obama is making good on his promise to appease the Russian leader before they overtake us by proxy.

7.  Landscape classes in federal prisons continue.  Felons returning to society on early release can show this certificate to the social worker or unemployment specialist when applying for benefits.

8.  Unexplained DHS purchases of mountainous ammunition stockpiles, armored trucks, and foreign made uniforms also continue.

9.  Lying government criminals who should be cuffed and sent to federal prison are put on administrative leave and continue to receive their full pay.  Some are encouraged to retire with full benefits to become lobbyists.

10.  Furloughed federal workers enjoy their time off with their pay coming from federal funds for unemployment.

10.  White House concerts, presidential vacations, celebrity guest gatherings, regular golf outings and taxpayer paid propaganda and campaign events.  ALL MADE THE CUT!

The Exalted Ruler of the once free world continues to run roughshod over the people of the United States.

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