Some time back a fellow patriot introduced me to a mental health professional (To protect his practice, I will not state his name, discipline or the location of his practice and will refer to him simply as X, without license, earned title or level of education).  The introduction included the fact that he was a liberal.  We, at least I, enjoyed a brief political jousting on a couple of occasions and it was clear that there was little common ground between our views.

He refuses to watch FOXNews because they are racist, bigoted, biased Republicans and show nothing but hatred.  I, on the other hand, enjoy watching the red-faced, vein popping expression of tenderness and benevolence I find on MSNBC.  It’s like a comedy channel with made-up news.   They’re liberals.

Recently, I received an email about a writing, with a link to the source, and decided to follow up on the truth and attribution of the authorship.  What I found was, to me, a surprisingly accurate assessment of the President.

I sent an email to my new acquaintance asking for his analysis of the document.  I copied and attached a portion of the book “Malignant Self Love”.  The portion in particular that I found interesting titled Narcissistic and Psychopathic Leaders in History with the sub-head Barack Obama – Narcissist, Or Merely Narcissistic?

In my research, I read blogs claiming that the author, Dr. Vaknin, is a psychopath and an idiot.  (Thus far, I have not identified a foundation for the accusations)  So I chose to forward the excerpt from the book for an honest and objective opinion from a mental health professional.  Below is the actual communication as it ensued.  I have cut and pasted the exchanges with the only changes being the elimination of his personal information to maintain his anonymity.


In a message dated 6/13/2011 3:21:10 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, bob@bizarroworldusa.com writes:

Hello X,

I received an email and in my follow-up research I found the following scholarly writing about narcissism.

Because you are a mental health professional, I am interested in your objective opinion of this PhD’s work.  Please let me know your views.

Thanks in advance for your reply.

Veteran / Patriot



sorry bob,i do not want to watch some right wing propaganda………..liberal and proud of it.


In a message dated 6-14-2011 5:55:01 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time, bob@bizarroworldusa.com writes:

But X, there’s nothing to watch.  It’s an excerpt from a book.  Blindly renouncing what may be true without even seeing or hearing or in any way exposing yourself to it is not healthy.

Denying yourself the opportunity to read another professional’s work doesn’t sound liberal, tolerant, accepting or inclusive.  That behavior doesn’t allow for growth.  It sounds more like ignorant of potential truths and choosing to remain so.

And I thought you were a reasonable liberal.  Now I know!

I’ll continue to look at both sides of humanity and politics and form enlightened and reasoned opinions.

Veteran / Patriot



actually,i did try to read a copy of your daily rant and found exactly what i expected.the ignorant,rageful,expelling of a bitter,racist,narcisstic man who loves to have lots of scapegoats to rationalize the difficult times we live in………….thank you for sharing.Aproud liberal


In a message dated 6-14-2011 12:31 P.M.. Pacific Daylight Time, bob@bizarroworldusa.com writes:

Ooh!  Sounds like somebody needs about 40 hours of anger management and sensitivity training.


Note that there are no specifics identified, simply a string of derogatory and spite filled terms.  As usual, this educated liberal is unable to defend his views and thus has to resort to name-calling and run away from the conversation.  I invite each and every individual, liberal or conservative, reading this blog to explore a number of postings and let me know where I have been an “ignorant, rageful, expelling of a bitter, racist, narcisstic man who loves to have lots of scapegoats to rationalize the difficult times we live in”.  (His words and spelling, not mine)

If I may ask, please leave your comments so that I might correct my ways and become a better conservative.  Pointed, tough, opinionated, expressive – yes, I am.   The rest, I don’t see it in myself.  Please help me out, I can handle it.

It all started with an honest and sincere request for an appraisal of another man’s work which was apparently never read.  It ended with the venom spewing of a compassionate licensed professional who earns his living helping people maintain or regain their mental stability and continued mental health.

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