We know that he has no business experience.  We know that he has no management experience.  We know he has no supervisory skills.  We know that he has no military experience.  We now know that he has no command of the cognitive process.  We know that without Teleprompters he couldn’t say good-bye to his children as they leave for school in the morning

We also now know that the reason this man wears loafers is because when he wears dress shoes, he needs to collect his cabinet to advise him whether he should tie them right over left or left over right.  He has a significant problem recognizing any “right”.

The American public elected a person to the most powerful office in the entire world who is incapable of making a correct decision with timeliness.  He can excite a body of individuals, but he cannot direct them.  He can organize them, but he cannot lead them.  Once again, Obama has shown that he is nothing more than a marionette; a figurehead commanded and controlled from behind the golden lamé drapery.

After nearly nine months of hard-core intelligence gathering on the part of the military, corroborated the by CIA and about fourteen other alphabet agencies; after receiving confirmation from multiple reliable sources that Bin Laden was in the stronghold / safe house, Obama needed a full 16 hours to make the decision and give the order to apprehend him.  According to numerous and varied sources, Obama could not make an immediate decision.  “He needed to sleep on it”.

The man, Bin Laden, was pursued by U.S. personnel of various ranks, under multitudinous agencies for over nine and a half years.  Reportedly, after he was sighted and the sighting confirmed, Obama had to sleep on the decision to act.

SIXTEEN HOURS!  Now that is some nap.  It took him twenty-four times the length of the final operation (16 hour decision time – 40 minute operation) to make the decision to move forward.  Was Obama hoping that there would be an information leak allowing Bin Laden to escape?  Another plausible scenario might be that Obama had to await orders from his superiors, his handlers, for him to give the okay and let the professionals plan and conduct the mission.

He made the decision to condemn Sgt. James Crowley and the entire Cambridge Police Department for acting “stupidly” before the police report was written.  He decided in a pair of seconds that the Black Panthers did not intimidate voters in Philadelphia after viewing a video tape and hearing them do exactly that.  Allowing highly trained and focused professionals to take down Public Enemy #1…16 hours.  Hmmm!

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  1. Says:

    I hope all the dummies who voted for this man will at least pause and
    reflect on what they have done to our country.



    […] been quite the opposite. There is as much spin and deception coming from the top billed actors <link> as there is from the stammering press secretaries and spokes persons of the various agencies as […]


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