For those of you who are yet unaware, Dr. Ben Carson is the bane of the left. He is exactly the stuff from which conservatives are made and the left doesn’t know how to react. Young Ben grew up extremely poor in Detroit. Dr. Carson is a conservative. He is black. He is educated. He is extremely intelligent, capable of and uses, independent thought.

To the left this man is a plethora of contradictions. If you are born to wealthless parents, you are expected to remain poor and dependent on the government. If you are born to parents of meager means, your education is meant to help you become literate, but not educated. If you are raised by a single mother, surely you are expected to piggyback on every possible entitlement. If you are black, well, you have to be a Democrat, the party that can keep you poor, uneducated and of group-think mind.

Dr. Carson is seeking the Republican nomination for president. That, combined with the above description, infuriates the left. The media doesn’t know how to question this man because his intellect is so far superior to any journalist, he or she can’t understand his explicit and forthright answers. The vocabulary of his explanation is beyond their comprehension.

Here’s an excerpt from a typical interview of the man by a, shall I say, left-of-center interviewer.

Ryssdal: All right, so let’s talk about debt then and the budget. As you know, Treasury Secretary Lew has come out in the last couple of days and said, “We’re gonna run out of money, we’re gonna run out of borrowing authority, on the fifth of November.” Should the Congress then and the president not raise the debt limit? Should we default on our debt?

Carson: Let me put it this way: if I were the president, I would not sign an increased budget. Absolutely would not do it. They would have to find a place to cut.

Ryssdal: To be clear, it’s increasing the debt limit, not the budget, but I want to make sure I understand you. You’d let the United States default rather than raise the debt limit.

Carson: No, I would provide the kind of leadership that says, “Get on the stick guys, and stop messing around, and cut where you need to cut, because we’re not raising any spending limits, period.”

Ryssdal: I’m gonna try one more time, sir. This is debt that’s already obligated. Would you not favor increasing the debt limit to pay the debts already incurred?

Carson: What I’m saying is what we have to do is restructure the way that we create debt. I mean if we continue along this, where does it stop? It never stops. You’re always gonna ask the same question every year. And we’re just gonna keep going down that pathway. That’s one of the things I think that the people are tired of.

Ryssdal: I’m really trying not to be circular here, Dr. Carson, but if you’re not gonna raise the debt limit and you’re not gonna give specifics on what you’re gonna cut, then how are we going to know what you are going to do as president of the United States?

Carson: OK, let me try to explain it in a different way. If, in fact, we have a number of different areas that are contributing to the increasing expenditures and the continued expenditures that are putting us further and further into the hole. You’re familiar I’m sure with the concept of the fiscal gap.

“A candidate who knew what they were talking about would have answered yes or no to this simple question. Since Ben Carson seemed to have no idea what the debt limit is, his answer turned into a stumbling expedition for an explanation”. (comment by Jason Easley of American Public Radio’s “Marketplace”)

Biased reporters really shouldn’t ask questions if they can’t understand the answers. Either Ryssdal refuses to hear the explanation or he is incapable of understanding it. Perhaps he didn’t understand his own question.

I understood Carson say that he would not allow the continued deficit spending and certainly not escalate the debt through increased deficit spending (increased budget).  Instead, he would reduce wasteful spending and use the savings to service and perhaps even pay down the debt.

Dr. Carson is not privy to all the internal minutia of government fiscal manipulation at this point.  Thus, it is impossible for him or any candidate of either party to be explicit as to where necessary cuts might be made or in what amounts until he has that insider line. The attempted gotcha question didn’t work well.

Ya just gotta love the understanding, caring, tolerant, inclusive, diverse pool of thought shared by the left.  If this had been Obama or any liberal of color, the screams or racism would have begun as soon as it was aired; perhaps even as soon as the producer scheduled the interview.

The full interview can be found here.

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