The term ‘Bizarro’ is an informal expression used to describe a situation that is so contorted it requires a person to cock their head to one side, shake it and take another look.  The works of M.C. Escher could definitely be called Bizarro for they visually defy all reason and logic.

The Morning Rant is a series of cathartic releases  about the Bizarro happenings that besiege us.  Each Rant is based on the truth as known to the author.  They are in whole and in part, Bob’s view of the published and untold news.  They reflect his opinion and should only be regarded as such.    The Rant is not, and is not meant to be fair or balanced.  The Rants are presented as an alternative to the political, national and international Nightly Lies and bird cage liners.  Each Rant is meant to cause question and stir thought about what Bob considers the rapid devolution of the United States.   We are becoming BIZARRO WORLD, USA.


Bob is a U.S. Navy veteran and without question, a true patriot as defined by Thomas Paine.  “The duty of a Patriot is to protect his country from its government.”

Our country, that once thrived on pride and personal independence, is now reliant on the government and the “Elite” for almost everything.  We have, either willingly or unwittingly, relegated our authority as “We the People” to our elected officials and they are horrendously abusing that authority.

The Constitution purposefully limits, via The Bill of Rights, the prerogative Congress and the President can express over the citizens.  Yet we sit back complacently and allow the government to grow, usurping more and more power,  suppressing our individual rights with each act.

It is not expected that everybody reading this blog will agree with everything said.  Perhaps in reading one man’s rants and comments, more people might be motivated to take a stand and help curtail the eroding of our freedoms.

Thank you for reading The Morning Rant.

Your comments are invited and welcomed.

We must take our country back!

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