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August 15, 2015

Yesterday I published an article written earlier in the week <link> where I asked a series of questions.  The one question that I failed to include, but have been wondering about for months is:  “What is to keep someone from swapping out the drives in the Clintonmail server?”

We now find out that the drives have been professionally wiped clean.  At this point, the action appears to be as good as swapping them out.  Time will tell if any data can be retrieved from them by an independent forensic team.

In March of this year I posted an article suggesting a forensic audit of the Clintonmail server  <link>.  We’ll probably never know when the wipe took place.  However, had the server been confiscated earlier perhaps the Corruptocrats front runner might not have the time to deliberately destroy evidence possibly linked to treason or espionage.

Will her memoirs be written from federal prison?  I doubt it, after all her last name is Clinton and the Department of Justice is controlled by Barack Hussein Obama.  We may just have to wait and see.  I expect she is going to be unable to recall anything about her term as Secretary of State when the criminal investigation begins.




August 14, 2015

For months now, we have been hearing that Hillary is conveniently incapable of controlling two email accounts on one hand-held device so she chose to forego a dot-gov address. We then found out that she had at least two and possibly many more email addresses she readily accessed from her phone. She claimed that there was no, none, not any, zip, zero classified email on her private server. She did not send or receive any classified correspondence over her personal email account(s).

Some questions nobody, to the best of my knowledge, has yet asked are:

  1. “Secretary Clinton, did you do all your government business via personal, face to face conversation in bug-swept secure areas”?
  2. “Secretary Clinton, did you conduct all of your government business over secure phone lines and none over your hand held device?”
  3. “Secretary Clinton, how can you be so sure that none of the emails you sent or received were classified when you refused to share them with the very individuals who are charged with determining national security classifications?”
  4. “Secretary Clinton, how were you able to conduct any government business without taking the precautions necessary to secure that business?” and
  5. “Secretary Clinton, would you please define none as you have used it in your statements of defense?”

Of course, we are now learning that she harbored not only Confidential information from her superiors and peers, at the same time she also made Secret and Top Secret information available to clerks, her lawyer, her political advisors and perhaps even her cohort Sydney Blumenthal. NEED TO KNOW be damned.

The White House and several strategic departments within this administration are surreptitiously infiltrated with devout Muslims, some of whom have ties, direct or indirect, to radical groups. Some, it has been reported, have current affiliations with radical Islamic terrorists. That includes Mrs. Clinton’s personal aide Huma Abedin.

Mrs. Clinton’s blatant disregard for national security and general lack of protocol is appalling.  It is only surpassed by the actions of her former boss.  Between the two, our nation is at great peril.

In 2007 I said, it is time for a black man to be president, just not this black man. Today I say, it is time for a woman to be president, just not this woman. And I again hope that President Obama has not sullied the “person of color” image for future presidents of either or any gender.


August 13, 2015

I have to question if the EPA (Environment Pollution Agency?) blunder really was an accident.

This administration has done almost everything possible (with 17 months left, I’m sure we’ll see more) to destroy our country from the inside. The economy is trashed, racial unrest is rising to 1960s levels, poverty is growing faster than the weeds in your back yard and businesses are closing or moving offshore quicker than you can say escalating taxes and excess regulations.

They, the same they who caused the excess pollution, belong to a bureaucracy that makes unreasonable and unobtainable demands on businesses, then fines them into bankruptcy for non-compliance. They are the ones who extort payment from ranchers who divert natural water catches on their own property to useful reservoirs. They are the ones who took a perfectly good standing waste basin and dumped it into an otherwise pristine tributary to the Animas river.

The Animas and it’s adjoining offshoots are (or were) used for fishing, swimming, boating, rafting and other recreation.  The Animas feeds into reservoirs and treatment plants that supply drinking water for thousands of people.  The affected area extends into New Mexico, Lake Powell in Utah and beyond.

Since the 1890s the Gold King mine has leached measurable but relatively minute amounts of toxins into the environment.  This was a man caused inland Exxon Valdez equivalent. This “accident” allowed over 3 million gallons of arsenic, lead, zinc and other heavy metals to poison a river and disrupt life for thousands of residents and tourists. It destroyed the natural habitat for untold wildlife species for decades forth.

“It is not just a scenic destination,” State Senator Ellen Roberts said. “It is where people literally raise their children. It is where the farmers and ranchers feed their livestock, which in turn feeds the people. We’re isolated from Denver through the mountains, and we are pretty resourceful people. But if you take away our water supply, we’re left with virtually no way to move forward.”

I suppose we might call this a crisis that must not go to waste. The EPA will request more money for cleanup. The riverside towns and mom and pop businesses  river will lose revenue. The rich will get a bit richer and the poor will have a bit less.  A few more people rely on the government for assistance and Socialism takes another step forward.

I must ask, “Was it done to the Animas or was it done out of animus”?


August 9, 2015

As with many conservatives, I was excited by Trump’s honesty and ability to say what he thinks without political decoration. I sided with his statements about Mexico not sending their best and brightest. His concern for the national debt and how to overcome deficit spending on dependency producing entitlements, wasteful spending and fraud seems genuine. Even his statements about stupid people negotiating trade bills and nuclear deals might have an air of truthfulness, though I personally believe that the kowtowing, cowering and give-aways are more by prior design than stupidity.

He shows no fear when he accurately states that Obamacare deductibles are so high that it renders the program useless in many situations. He is impressive when he looks an interviewer in the eye, tells him or her that they are reading a misquote or when he stands firmly behind a previous statement which they may not like.

However, when he started with personal attacks by belittling individuals who question his statements or request specifics, (e.g. how to get Mexico to pay for a wall) he began sounding too much like a tyrant. By January 20, 2017, we’ll have had eight years, more than enough of a president who blames, demeans, deprecates, chides or castigates anyone who disagrees with his autocratic mandates.

We need a leader once again, not a despot. We need someone who is truthful and accurate in speech, not someone who caters to the politically correct zealots.

“The Donald” tossed the possibility of my vote in the trash within the first 15 minutes of the first Republican debate. For him there was no debate. It was name calling and minimizing the moderators and his rivals. I hope his current supporters dump him when he tries a third party run. I’ll continue looking for a candidate I can get behind.