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November 14, 2015

When Democrats are in charge, there is no need for gerrymandering. Without mandate or even authority, President Obama’s minions place “new arrivals” aka refugees, aka illegal aliens in specific districts and states changing the political makeup to favor Democrats. It’s Chicago politics squared. It’s despotic!

He uses tax dollars to move imported refugees and invaders to areas of high Republican voters. Be they the Muslims with potential terrorist ties that he welcomes into the country or the masses invading from the South and assaulting our shores, they are guided to strategic areas of the country. He then authorizes them the ability to vote. Thus, redistricting is not necessary. He’s doing everything to secure the makeup of various voting districts rather than protecting the nation.

When overloading a voting district isn’t enough, party members simply program voting machines or vote counters to elect Democrats no matter what box is penned or which chad is punched. Is anybody still wondering how 103% of eligible, registered voters in some districts voted Democrat in 2008 and 2012? (E.g. According to the League of Women Voters, four districts in Fulton County, Georgia [2/3 Democrat, 1/3 Republican] showed greater than 100% voter turnout in the 2012 election.) One hundred percent voter turnout is statistically impossible.

Does it still concern you why some districts showed NO, none, not any, zero, zip, nada Republican votes in the 2012 election?

Maybe the 2016 election is already in the bag for Democrats no matter who wins the nomination…of either party. But, then again, there are still months remaining before announcing the chosen ones and almost a full year to rig the election.

In addition to the tens of thousands assaulting our southern border, we are accepting another 70,000-200,000 “refugees” from the primarily Muslim countries of Iraq, Somalia, Bhutan, Burma, Cuba, Iran, Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Afghanistan and, of course, Syria. This is not only a national integrity issue, this is a national security issue.

By allowing the uncontrolled and unvetted influx of foreign nationals, we don’t know why the individuals are coming here. Is it for jobs, self-betterment, personal security, entitlements, to set off dirty bombs or simply to change the established voting patterns?



October 30, 2015

For private enterprises, it’s outlawed. Since it’s the government, it’s right, it’s proper and it’s good for you. Nudging is subliminal and it’s effective. A “nudge” is offering what you want to happen and making someone comply if they don’t take steps to consciously reject it.  Nudging, thanks to Cass Sunstein, is now influencing the change promised by Barack Obama.

You don’t need to register to vote, simply apply for a driver license. When states do this, it not only allows people the opportunity to exercise the privilege of voting, it encourages voter turnout. That’s a nudge! Some states are now issuing driver licenses to foreign nationals who cannot even read or understand the driving laws, much less the politics of the nation, yet they may vote.

You no longer have to volunteer to be an organ donor. However, you must sign and file a waiver if you choose not to donate. That’s a nudge. If you fail to opt out of the program when you receive or renew your driver license, your innards can become part of an elected official or other highly influential person as soon as you die or a coerced private physician declares you dead.

This is called the “nudge theory”. Paying a fine to the government for not having health insurance is another form of nudge. Want to make sure that a progressive is in the White House? Just offer a Socialist campaigner and all of a sudden a staunch progressive looks like a moderate, viable and acceptable alternative. Or, on the other side of the aisle, allow a side-show celebrity figure offering inflammatory, bold and definitely not politically correct rhetoric to rally the far right. Now a normal conservative looks good.

The government denies that illegal aliens have any of the rights of citizenship…Welfare benefits, voting rights, Obamacare, Social Security benefits…yet they backdoor the privileges so that you, Mr. or Mrs. taxpayer don’t protest. That’s lying, but the uninformed accept it.

Want to take guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens? Simply make more places off-limits to guns. Wait for a depressed individual with an UZI on doctor directed medication to enter the grounds, then exploit the tragedy. Say, “See, I told you so. We’ve got to reduce the number of guns available to reduce the possibility of this happening again”. Another nudge.

If you’re the President and want to spend taxpayer money the way you want, take on an authoritarian posture.  Tell the American people military pay will be delayed, Social Security checks will not arrive on time and national parks will have to be closed. By doing so, members of congress who vote against your wishes become villains to those in the military, retirees or families planning a vacation. Nudge!

“Americans want” or “Most Americans say” are quiet nudges meant to make people feel left out if they don’t agree. Given that most people want to be with the majority, to be right, the influence can often cause people of indecisive or impressionable minds to go with the professed flow.

Before making any major decision, take the time to research how that decision may be unduly influenced.


May 22, 2013

Let’s forget all about Fast and Furious and amnesty and entitlements for people who have stolen their way into the country.  We need not be attentive to the AP or FoxNews reporters individually and collectively spied upon or trampling on freedom of the press.  Benghazi?  Not a problem, “What difference, at this point, does it make?”  Let us not be bothered by whatever still lurks under the desk in the oval office.  This time it’s probably not Monica. 

Oh hell, let’s just consign to oblivion everything in the founding documents and everything we’ve known about liberty in the past.  It’s all gone.  We have ignorantly relinquished, through our personal votes, everything the founders of this nation gave us as citizens.  Not everyone chose to shoot themselves in the foot, but now we all walk with a limp because of those who did.

Can we now agree there is little left of the America in which we’ve been proud?  We have survived through good periods and tough times, Republican and Democrat administrations.  It is time to revert to what made this nation the global leader in the first place and we must no longer shrink from being a strong and free society.  It is time for “We the People” to regain control of the behemoth government currently usurping our wealth, freedoms and opportunities.  Our government is not only affecting the well-being of our nation, it is destroying the morale of almost every individual within, even those who voted for the change. 

If you think, even for one second, that a government can gather every bit of information about your life for use against you when needed and not be bothered by that you are not American.  You are not one who enjoys rights, freedoms, and self created opportunities.  You are one who wants someone else to think and do for you as you muddle your way through life as an ignorant, uncaring bondservant.  You willingly forfeit all prerogatives to protest for equality or humanity.

Click on the link below for more on how we have carelessly relinquished our rights and freedoms and put our personal lives in jeopardy through our votes.

If you think that the current or any future governments getting away with the illegal and frightening moves we’ve seen in the past four and a half years won’t affect you, you must be in the throes of death as you read this or as you hear it read to you.  If the government can specifically target individuals and make their lives miserable just because the individuals do not share, completely, the political views and goals of the nation’s leader, we are all subjects of tyranny.

Granted, the practice started long, long ago.  Underhanded government over reach occupied center stage during the Watergate trials exactly forty years ago this month.  The American public on both sides of the political aisle were outraged at what executive power could produce.  It cost Richard M. Nixon the presidency and it was nothing, by comparison, to what is happening right now.  What is happening is right out of the Cloward/Piven playbook – overwhelm the system, destroy the nation.

When the Department of Homeland Security contracts for huge blocks of ammunition deliberately making it difficult, at best, for citizens and even some local police departments to obtain a practical few rounds, it should alarm “We the People”.  However, if you have willingly forfeited all prerogatives through compliance or complacency, you deserve what you get. 

Today, as currently scheduled, Lois Lerner the head of the IRS tax-exempt division intends to invoke the Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Affairs.  The Fifth Amendment provides that U.S. citizens may not be compelled to incriminate or testify against themselves while under oath.

By invoking the Fifth Amendment, Ms. Lerner is not only protecting herself, she is shielding her superiors from indictment.  This is a very convenient use of the Constitution when there is a political or personal benefit, by those whose goal it is to destroy that very document.

By today’s standard, Nixon did virtually nothing. The poor guy got the proverbial shaft.


May 14, 2013

With all the hoopla about the IRS delaying opportunities for conservative groups to be certified tax exempt, allowing them to accept donations and funding, something seems forgotten.

I know that Democrats, in large, are defending the IRS.  They say that, once again, any investigative committees would be partisan and a great Right Wing Conspiracy.  They, including President Obama, say that the IRS was not selective in their scrutiny, in spite of the fact that the IRS has already admitted it and apologized.

However, I have not heard a single word about how the harassment kept Tea Party groups and others from raising money to defeat the Liar-in-Chief last year.  Not a word has been yet spoken about that.

Also obviously silent, is Organizing for America.  They are not complaining about any undo holdup or requests for burdensome paperwork due in 15 days like conservative groups.  There have been no accusations of lengthy delays before receiving multi-page requests for unnecessary or unwarranted information.  To date, no mandates for donor list, contributor list, volunteer names, etc. for them.  And, unlike conservative groups, some of which still await NPO status after 2+ years, OFA was granted their tax waiver within 90 days.  Could that be because it’s Obama’s baby?

I predict that he will be the board member with the strongest and loudest voice for OFA when he terms out at his present do-nothing but vacation and party occupation.  I say board member because it will make it easier to continue deflecting responsibility and accountability away from himself.  As Executive Director, he would have to take all his loyal devotees from the government in order to survive.  He needs to keep as many of them as possible in place.  It will be much easier for him to sit in the wings, perhaps as Chairman of the Board, and have his strings are pulled as they are now, conveying the wishes of his hard-core, one world government handlers.  When it all crumbles, the Executive Director is fired, replaced and the shenanigans continue.

At any rate, the man who wants to tax everybody and everything got his tax waiver approved in short order and without hardship.  But there was no partisanship!


August 13, 2012

During this tough campaign season there is a call for Mitt Romney to release tax returns for the past decade.  The din coming from the left and their media is all but deafening as the administration urges and energizes them.

The IRS has never questioned his filings – and they would be the first to do so.  The noise about taxes is for no purpose other than to turn the ignorant masses’ attention away from the fact that with all the spending done by Washington in the past three-and-a-half years, the country has not improved.  It has, in fact, deteriorated.  Some of the few jobs created through stimulus programs with annual salaries less than $40,000 cost the taxpayers over $200,000 each.  If I were an employer I would happily employ a bunch of people for a year to keep over $100,000 each.  Many of the jobs were also only temporary or were gubment gimmees.

All the while, we have a president who has spent upwards of three million dollars to seal virtually every document concerning his past.  He refuses to release his college records (grades or classes), scholarships or anything.  All are locked away from the eyes of the public.  His army of lawyers have seen to it that the reasons why both he and Michelle’s law licenses are on “inactive” status.  They have been long before they moved into the White House.  Rarely, very rarely, do politicians deactivate their licenses.  In fact, all members of congress who have passed the bar and are in good standing still hold their licenses.

The President’s place of birth is still in question because the birth certificate(s) that have been presented have been debunked as altered.  The Social Security number he is currently using was purportedly issued to a person with a mailing address in Connecticut.  Obama never lived in that state and refuses to identify why the card was sent to such an address.  There is much speculation regarding the possibility of other Social Security numbers having been used by Barry Soetoro, an alias used by Obama, and Barack Hussein Obama.

Liberal Democrats can’t really be bothered by the prospect that Mitt Romney may have cheated on his taxes 2, 3 or 5 years ago.  After all they accepted, and some even hailed, Timothy Geithner as the head of the Department of the Treasury even after he admitted that he didn’t pay the taxes due on some of his income or that of an employee, in spite of the fact that he withheld those taxes from his employee’s pay.

Democrats aren’t interested in seeking truth.  They’re not even interested in Romney’s taxes.  They are only interested in disrupting the system when things are not going their way.  They want to steal the brownie from your lunch when you look away.

I say, “Let’s have a full on document exchange”.