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January 13, 2016

Thank God this is the last laundry list of lies from this president standing on the floor of congress and addressing the nation.  After watching the entire rah rah speech, one can only conclude that there was nothing said, other than closing GITMO, that Obama really believes.  Every statement made is, has been and will be denied by his actions.

He is the one who caused the rancor in congress.

He is the one who caused the hatred toward police.

He is the one who has kept the economy growing at a snail’s pace.

He is the one who has diminished the status of the United States.

He is the one who has decimated the U.S. military.

He is the one who virtually killed the space program.

He is the one who made health care unaffordable for most Americans.

He is the one who raised taxes on almost every industry and commodity.

He is the one who doubled the national debt.

Yes, he was worshiped and voted into office as “The One”

He is the one.  And now we need someone to rebuild the damaged country.

Vote wisely this year, please.


January 21, 2015

“To every Republican, I will not only seek out your ideas, I will VETO them!”  Yeah, that’s basically what he said.

President Obama, on four occasions, said he would veto any bill that attempts to defeat his country-crippling programs or reduce his potential for fiscal mismanagement by responsibly reducing the deficit.

Again, the president stood in front of the Teleprompters that could have carried the words identifying our enemies.  Again, he failed to say the words Islamic terrorists, Muslim extremists, Islamic jihadists, radical Islamic murderers or anything that might forcefully pinpoint a linkage to those attempting to establish a world-wide Muslim caliphate without regard for human life.

The president stated that he wants to make junior college free to everybody who earns the opportunity, works hard and gets good grades. He also said that we have the highest percentage of high school graduates.

What he didn’t say is that graduation standards have been lowered to make the students feel wonderful about their accomplishment. He also failed to say that of those high school graduates entering Jr. college, a greater percentage of them now have to take remedial classes. In other words, he wants to make Jr. college nothing more than an extension to the failures of high school.

It is once again, throw more money at a problem, not to make changes to the problem but to prolong it and make it more costly.

If you pay nothing for education, it has no value and it will be treated commensurate with its perceived value.

To continue with some contradictions, he expects to have more people employed by forcing employers to grant 7 paid sick days per year, maternity leave, vacation and personal time while working a full-time schedule of 30 hours/week (34.6 hours is now the national average). He once again suggested raising the minimum wage for the most basic tasks.  Taking away some of their profit potential for small and medium businesses will certainly help them grow.  Raising their taxes is another way.

As expected, he said that unemployment is down.  However, he neglected to say that a greater percentage of the workforce is sitting idle, drawing Welfare because they have been dropped from the fictitious unemployment figures.

Fact check, which will be available later today, will show more contradictions between his words and his actions.

UPDATE      FactChecking Obama’s State of the Union


January 20, 2015

As early as 2007, his campaign speeches promised fundamental change.  The gullible masses accepted, without thought or question, that it would be positive change.  They agreed that it was time to give a man of color a place in history, a place of honor and respect.

Due, in large, to his charisma and oratorical ability the inattentive and thus low information proletariat were mesmerized into voting for that fundamental change.  They didn’t bother to question what fundamental change meant or why it was necessary.  We have, over the past six years, found out the exact meaning of that one single word.  Perhaps they still don’t get it, but their aware and thinking counterparts do.

Take a quick look at just what it did mean.  It meant that despite an ever-growing number of eligible workers, fewer of them are working.  Only 62.7% (down 3.6% from January, 2008) of them are currently employed and 37.3% are now idle entitlement recipients.  It also meant a widening separation between the incomes of the most wealthy and the most poor with little room remaining for a rapidly diminishing middle-class.  That middle-class is headed into poverty and will join others on government hand-outs.  It meant identifying separate groups of people and banding them against one another.  These are some of the fundamentals of Marxism at work.

Additionally, it meant that the Constitution; the personal and state’s rights, the checks and balances of a tri-lateral government and, especially, the restrictions it places on the Executive branch would be cast aside.  The fundamental changes about which he spoke lead only to an imperial government.  This is exactly what the founding fathers tried to avoid.


At 60 days into his first term of office, I expressed my opinion of what I thought was coming.  I think I did a pretty good job.  I doubt that Nostradamus could have predicted all of it.

Tonight, I’m sure, we’ll hear more me, me, I, I B.S.  He will take credit for things he fought against that turned out well for the American people.  He will blame others for what he did wrong.  He will tell us that, in spite of an ever-growing national debt, we need to spend more.  And, he’s going to propose taking more money from the productive few who are working hard to keep the country afloat in defiance of his Marxist policies.

SOTU V 2014

January 29, 2014

Beyond the idle promises that he has no thought of keeping and beyond the threat of his pen to end-run congress, the President had little new to say in the well scripted 62 minutes.

There were the usual contradictions such as the need for abundant natural gas for heating, power and other energy needs.  Immediately following this unbelievably circuitous brook-babble he mumbled about how the Feds have confiscated, and prepare to take more land away from states and private companies that might access the natural resources contained therein.

He asked employers for their advice on how to create employment. He suggested that they bring some of the jobs and dollars now used in foreign countries back to the U.S. to face the burdensome complex, costly and ridiculous regulations they don’t have to contend with now.

He also asked employers to do what they can to increase wages so that hard working families, sometimes working two and three jobs, don’t have to live in poverty. He failed to mention that many of those jobs are part-time due to the 30 hour limit imposed on employers to avoid the costs of Obamacare.

He spoke, once again, about immigration reform, though neglected to address how adding millions of mostly uneducated workers from Central America and South America to the unemployment and Welfare rolls will benefit the country. He didn’t say a word about how flooding the market with low-end laborers will encourage agricultural and production employers to raise wages.

He said nothing about how the devastating toll known as Obamacare has shuttered many doors. Silence also covered the flexible but ever gaining taxation of small businesses that stifles growth and expansion. He neglected to elaborate on how he or his administration might reduce the onerous Obamacare, taxes and regulations his administration has imposed on businesses that keep them from expanding or sharing their diminished profit with workers.

Of all, however, I most liked the way he ended the speech. The end of any Obama speech is always the best. The turn away from the Teleprompters is most welcomed.

As he usually does, Obama showcased an example of greatness in attempt to define his own troubled world. He acknowledged the heroics, valor and spirit of Sergeant First Class Cory Remsburg who was incapacitated by a roadside bomb. Sgt. Remsburg spent months in a coma, lost the sight of one eye and much of the use of his left side. Obama honored Cory’s resolve to never give up the fight, for America or for life.

Conspicuously missing from the finale was that in 2009, on behalf of Obamacare, Barry’s Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) suggested, saving taxpayers $540 million by billing veterans’ private insurance companies for treatment of conditions connected to their military service, including war injuries. The Department of Veterans Affairs currently bills these insurance companies for treatment of non-service-related conditions.

Where would our injured service men and women be today, when their insurance companies cancelled their policies and they could not get signed up for Obamacare?

Think about that for a moment!

SOTU 2013

February 13, 2013

Just a few observations of last night’s State of the Union address.  First, there were fewer instances of an expression crossing the President’s face like his previous addresses.  You know them.  The quizzical look of “Who put this crap on my Teleprompter?  I have to fire the guy who’s writing this stuff”.  He also seemingly lost the “I can’t believe the American public is stupid enough to believe any of this” eyebrow raise.  He is now quite comfortable in his own arrogance.

Perhaps he did fire that guy or, given that he has been re-elected, maybe he now actually believes that he American public is really stupid enough to believe the crap he slings throughout the congressional chamber annually.

That aside, he did share with us a few insights that should be of concern to anybody who cherishes freedom and liberty.

The first of which he offered was that he wants to begin the indoctrination of our children even earlier than it starts now.  If the government can start working on them between the diaper stage and the ability to form their own cognitive thoughts, then the government will own them forever.

Starting the process earlier, Big Brother can train them that:

1.  The State is good and parents are bad.  Parents should be spied upon for the State.

2.  Parents are only capable of supplying nourishment that is approved by Michelle.  Values or morals offered by parents must be shunned and any continued attempt by parents to express them must be reported to an authority figure.

3.  Parents may be too restrictive in their quest to raise a child.  Disciplining their offspring using corrective measures designated harsh by the State must be reported to the authority.

4.  Stealing is bad, except if money or items are taken from someone who has more than you do.  One must check with the State authority figure in advance to make sure the theft is not duplicated or the booty is not designated to enhance State revenue.

5.  Killing another human being is wrong if you use a tool that is capable of helping one resist an oppressive government.  If government has fully automatic small arms, you cannot.  If they have weapons capable of semi-automatic fire, you can have only limited ammunition capacity.  You must report anyone willing, wanting or capable of resisting tyranny to your local authority figure.

6.  Punishment for crimes not approved by the state will be handled by a liberal court system.  Your health and well-being will be of ultimate quality, including sex change operations if requested.  You will be detained in the most comfortable setting possible until you get your mind right.


He also talked about managing energy.  He projected how we will become energy independent through forced taxation with public monies going to currently inviable sources owned by his donors.  He spoke of wind, solar and non-renewable energy, lying about how much the production of crude petroleum has increased under his watch.  He used his most influencing words to take credit for not being able to reverse leases granted previous to his rule.

The President spent some time telling our enemies about the decimation of our military.  He announced how he will provide a more sporting atmosphere of fewer targets for Al Queda and Taliban members in Afghanistan.  He described draw-downs and timelines to let the enemy know when they can take over again and how we will retreat to indefensible levels beforehand.

He spoke of how we should accept and accommodate more uneducated, unskilled, minimum wage earning immigrants to take advantage of our generous entitlement programs; education, Welfare (with its myriad offshoot giveaways), Obamacare, etc.

Most importantly though, he told us once again how he is going to grow the economy and re-create a middle class by taking from the evil rich and giving to the chronic and slovenly lazy.

He advocated for a $9.00 per hour minimum wage to drive up the cost of all goods and services making it necessary for the indoctrinated but uneducated, unskilled poor to strike for higher wages.

He simply does not understand how business works.  He doesn’t know, or at best doesn’t care, that a higher minimum wage also means the employer also has to pay more in matching taxes and workman compensation.  Depending on the job title, workman comp can cost the employer as much as an additional 3%-90% of the wage.

Minimum wage should be entry-level and not meant to sustain a family.  That is why private education and higher education must be more affordable.  Education and work ethic will allow a person to rise beyond poverty, not greater government handouts.  Those will only keep people in a holding pattern, awaiting more.


We’re looking good folks, can’t wait until next year.