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February 29, 2012

After collating and forwarding thousands of pages of information to the IRS in compliance of their demands, conservative groups are given as little as fifteen days to respond with further requests for more documentation.  Financial statements, donor lists, officers and members, text of speeches and other information not commonly required from prospective Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs) are demanded in order to receive tax exempt status.  No such delays; no excessive attestation is reported by black, Hispanic or Muslim, alternative gender organizations or other liberal, progressive groups.  Most of them receive their status within a reasonable three to six months of filing the initial application.

*See a more complete list of unnecessary, unconventional, uncommon and invasive questions required by the IRS of conservative NPO applicants here:

Organizations like the Ohio Liberty Council, Unite in Action and numerous Tea Party organizations have been worked over by the demands of the current Treasury Department regime.  A Kentucky group, loosely associated with Glenn Beck, first filed for tax exempt status in Dec. 2010.  After 14 months, they received a request from the IRS requiring 550 pages of documentation.   They were given 15 days to respond.  Their request is still pending.

The IRS takes up to 18 months before requesting more documentation that must be forwarded to them within two weeks.  The stalling and excessive documentation requests serve only to delay and deny conservative groups equal footing with liberal and progressive organizations.

What could be the need for donor or member lists?  With what we’ve seen happening repeatedly and consistently since Jan. 20, 2009, it can only be to target those individuals.  CEOs continue to be dismissed under pressure from the White House for their voting records and campaign contributions, not their management capability.  Many auto dealerships were closed for the same reason.  “Green” companies on the verge of bankruptcy, however, are awarded hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars only to see the bosses receive huge bonuses before filing documentation of insolvency.

Interviews with organizations in favor of gun control, affirmative action, abortion rights and centralized health care backing the ideals of this administration indicate relative ease and simplicity with the process resulting in speedy ascension to tax exempt status.

Why is this depraved political castigation happening?  This process, as so many proffered by this administration, seems bent on causing undue frustration and anger among people requesting that the government be responsibly held to the Constitution of the United States of America.  It is as if this administration is attempting to spur a violent uprising within the ranks of the citizens so that the power elite can beat us down as is happening East of our shores.  It is just another step in the unending attempt for complete central oversight and control of every aspect our lives.  It is definitely an unwarranted and abusive assault on the free rights of citizens to voice collective opinions not concomitant with the power structure.