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December 6, 2011

Diseases, drug overdoses, deaths, fights, injuries, arrests and destruction of property in Vancouver and Victoria Canada, New York City NY, Salt Lake City UT, Burlington VT, Oakland CA, Los Angeles CA, Denton TX, Atlanta GA, help make the Occupy crowds look just like any Tea Party gathering.  That is, at least, because the MSM refuses to share this information.

Tea Party – Occupy similarities and differences:

Tea Party gatherings are generally permitted for 2-6 hours and conform to local and state requirements for health and safety (porta-potties, medical oversight on premises or standby, security, traffic direction, etc.) required and inspected prior to and often during the events.

Occupy groups occasionally pull the legal permits for assembly, but generally “occupy” the streets, sidewalks and parks in which they choose to demonstrate for days, weeks or months without regard for health and safety concerns.

Tea Party gatherings usually identify where prearranged vehicle parking authorized.

Occupy groups tend to come-as-you-are, parking where they may until the vehicles are about to be towed.  When towing does occur for public access or safety, there is often resistance and sometimes violent protest against the authority.

Tea Parties are organized with a specific purpose and goal, coalition of thoughts, ideals or actions.  The reason is to collect ideas for the advancement of a societal or political agenda.  Tea Party participants want the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights followed.  They want their freedoms restored and responsible, accountable representatives.

Occupy gatherings have proven to be more about whining over what some people have and what the participants don’t have.  “Take from them and give to me”, or “make them pay for what I want” are popular themes.

Tea Party patrons welcome law enforcement personnel because they offer order and calm and keep the participants secure from outside liberal hatred, harm and disruption.

Occupiers want to be free from any authority and allowed to promote their ruckus and sometimes vile rhetoric.

MSM coverage of Tea Party gatherings often concentrate on the one or two infiltrators that spew anti Semitic or racial slurs or slogans while avoiding the same at Occupy settings.

When Tea Party gatherings disperse there is little, if any, trash or recognizable footprint showing their prior existence.

When it comes time to Un-Occupy, there is almost always tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars damage, destruction and clean-up required by taxpayers.

Yup, almost identical in virtue and cause.